6 Features Of Pentaho ETL That Make It The Best BI Tool For Businesses

Introduction to Features Of Pentaho ETL

The world around us is evolving like never before. Gone are the days when decisions were purely driven by intuition, especially when it comes to businesses.

Today, the tables have turned and only those manage to survive in the cut-throat market competition that has evolved themselves as an intelligent organization.

At this point, it is wise to wonder where this intelligence comes from, after all. Since it’s not purely guided by human decision making, there’s a different aspect.

This change of perspective of looking at the business process is pushing organizations to explore the unexplored and take calculated risks in the market. Moreover, it is also helping them plan their next move in the market.

Data for Business Intelligence

We’re talking about data as an enabler for business intelligence in the modern world. Undoubtedly it has become one of the most important tools that help give a reality check to businesses no matter what their beliefs.

Data is an asset and the secret to successful business execution. It helps in gaining visibility to an entire business spanning across multiple departments and hierarchies.

But business intelligence is not just limited to data. Instead, it a more comprehensive step involving the actions taken upon data. For example, you can collect data as customers interact with your business.

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Let’s say that you have your business presence established on platforms like social media, website, and marketplaces among others. It is only natural that your customers might be interacting with you from all of these sources.

By interaction, this could mean, purchasing products via multiple touchpoints, reaching out to your customer support, browsing your products, or simply engaging with your social media posts.

The point is the greater online or offline presence you have in the world, the more data will you generate. However, this data will not only be scattered on different platforms, but also in different formats. The question is if you want to implement business intelligence for your organization, what do you do with this data?

The most promising option is to analyze all the data and make sense out of it. After all, what good are numbers, if they don’t add up to something? The more you try to make sense of your data, the better will you be able to make decisions or generate insights for your business.

These insights generated can help you solve a particular business problem or take your entire organization up the ladder fo growth. It can also be the key to determining the idea of your product. Data analytics combined with other technologies and tools can help you achieve all of this. It can help you answer questions like-

  • How is my product performing in the market?
  • How will demand change during a particular season?
  • Which of my products is bestselling?
  • What are the desirable traits people want in a new product?
  • How can I optimize my costs?
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Among others, these are some of the questions that deriving insights from the data can help you answer.

Pentaho- A Solution for Business Intelligence

However, the problem remains to find a tool that can help you achieve all of this and advance towards business intelligence. One solution to the problem is using Pentaho.

It is an ETL software that basically puts your data to work. You can use Pentaho data integration to derive-data-driven advantage for your business and stand apart from the market competition.

Let’s take a look at some of its advantages-

Seamless Data Integration

Pentaho has a seamless data integration. If you’ve ever heard about an ETL, understand that Pentaho is the best of them.  It manages all the operations related to the extract, transforms, and load operations robustly without room for errors. It aims to streamline the data pipeline and remove the complexities from data.

Custom Visualizations

Different departments in your organization might need a different set of interpretations of the data. In other words, multiple visualizations of the same data are required to understand different aspects of it.

In such cases, Pentaho can be a real asset. The real intelligence of business only comes in terms of their ability to look at different angles of the same data.

Pentaho can help you generate custom visualizations based on the data. It also provided real time analysis and can help generate predictions based upon it.

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Interactive Dashboard

One of the most distinguished qualities of Pentaho remains its dashboard. The analyzed data is presented in the dashboard seamlessly and makes the entire experience of business intelligence quite user friendly for organizations. This directly helps organizations make strategic decisions and give more power to the business teams.

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Advanced Analytics Platform

Understanding business analytics is a key aspect of business intelligence. With Pentaho in the picture, organizations can freely combine different types of data on a single platform.

This provides an overall view of the business and helps seamlessly perform analysis. Moreover, it covers every aspect of the business, for deeper and more competitive analysis.

Pentaho can be a boon for businesses as it helps them distinguish themselves among others in the market. It provides an organization with a holistic view of their business and shows them the key areas of optimization.

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