Why Should You Feed Dubia Roaches to Your Pet?

Introduction to Feed Dubia Roaches

Dubia roaches can be eaten by reptiles, birds, and even some other animals. It’s often the go-to food for geckos, frogs, and bearded dragons. In this guide, you will know about why dubia roaches are great as food for your pet.

A lot of pet handlers often recommend dubia roaches to feed to reptiles and some insectivorous birds. But, dubias are not common. Usually, reptile and Pacman owners prefer to feed cricket to their pets. But, dubia roaches are better than crickets. They are bigger and offer wholesome nutrition. Hence, they are as great as the main feeder for your pets.

Dubia roaches are not easily available and only selected pet shops sell these insects. Despite their high nutritional values, they are not popular. If you are still unsure about dubia roaches, here are some facts that you need to know-

Dubia roaches are higher in nutritional value

higher in nutritional value

Insectivorous animals like reptiles and birds require a healthy dose of protein for their complete physical development. A dubia cockroach can give 61% protein of the everyday prerequisite to your pet. Furthermore, they contain a great deal of meat and can satisfy the taste buds of your reptile pet.

Pet which loves meatier insects and food to chew can have a feast regularly with dubia roaches. They contain a sound measure of calcium, fat, debris, and different supplements. Consequently, your pet gets a fair feast with these insects.

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Be that as it may, it is in every case better to gut load the bugs with supplements before taking care of them to your pet. Because a dubia alone cannot fully supply everything your pet needs. So gut load every time you feed dubious to your pet.

The Dubia roaches also offer a healthy dose of fats to your pet. Moreover, they have a higher proportion of calcium and phosphorus-1:1.5 and Ca: P apportion extending from 1:1 to 2:1. It is quite satisfactory for reptiles and is enough for the development of the skeleton of your pet.  The creepy crawlies can furnish your reptile with the perfect measure of calcium and phosphorus.

At long last, the sustenance thickness of Dubia cockroaches is noteworthy. It has a great deal of protein, fat calcium, phosphorus, meats, and other wholesome components to make a full meal for your pet.

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Dubias are easy for headlining


Dubai roaches are upkeep benevolent. The bugs don’t require costly mindfulness and require just a shopping centre measure of water and basic grains like oats or grain and so forth to keep them alive in bondage. They can eat anything aside from potatoes. They love sugary and rotten food. Consequently, you don’t have to spend a great deal of cash on keeping them alive. Also, the cockroaches can live inside a straightforward compartment with no issue. Thus, it is a simple choice for your pet.

They do not bite or attack your pet and are enough to grab the attention of your pet

do not bite or attack your pet

Dubia insects won’t assault, nibble, or in any case, bother you or your creatures. Hence, if you have a timid pet, you can easily opt for harmless dubias. As cockroaches go, Dubia insects are not especially quick. They’re just about right for catching the eye of insectivorous creatures like hairy monsters, chameleons, and 8-legged creatures without being excessively quick or overpowering. They will meander if you permit them for your creatures to chase. With a little key situation, they will climb branches for arboreal animals, scale screen dividers looking for warmth, and hurry around on the ground looking for cover. If the roaches are faster than your pet’s capacity, Dubias can be eased back by placing them in the fridge for a couple of moments. For creatures that like them quickly, the insects can be taken legitimately from a high-temperature walled in the area and set in the creature’s enclosure. Grown-up male Dubia is discernibly quicker than females and adolescents. At the point when essential, the cooler stunt works incredible on them.

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In short, dubia roaches are high in food value and are easy to handle for a pet owner. Therefore, they can be the main feeder insect for any of your pets.

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