4 Best Ways to Fill a Paintball Pod Correctly

Introduction to Fill a Paintball Pod Correctly

It’s not as easy as we hear on how to fill a paintball pod. Proper thought and clear understanding are needed to fill the pod of paintball. Without a proper method, the pod may not be adequately packed.

The improper loading is done again and again by lots of men and women, but the consequence is nothing except the burning of time.

If you do not adequately load the pod, paintballs have altered their locations when moving the pod and therefore create noise.

Besides, you must have to choose the highest quality paintball otherwise upon shaking its lid will be removed which makes your stain remain lost.

Besides this, an inappropriate filling will lead to spots on the lid, so I’m going to talk regarding how to fill a pod properly.

Pod of Paintball

Pods of paintballs also called paintball tubes are Thin and narrow tubes made up of tough plastics are called pods. Players use this to bring carry out more paintballs in the ground.

Based on their sizes, pods bear distinct amounts of balls. The pods will hold from fifty-to-one hundred and fifty paintballs.

It is important to have pods filled internally with the paintball in the field while you are playing a paintball game.

4-best steps on How to fill a Paintball pod correctly

  1. Stuff needed for the paintball pod to be filled
  2. How to cut the paintball package
  3. How to fill a paintball pod?
  4. Adjustment of the balls in the pod.
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Let us discuss these steps in detail:

Stuff needed for the paintball pod to be filled

First of all, you need Paintball pods or paintball tubes whatever do you like to say.

Second, you need The number of boxes you need to load with paintballs

Third, you need a big box to place all paintballs

Repeating my words, The pod must be of good quality, so that it will open only when you exert some power. If it is of low quality, the lid of the pod would be destroyed.

How to cut the paintball package:

Paintballs placed inside the tube is made of polyethylene sheet. This sheet is clear and waterproof. It should be strong enough that one couldn’t open it without applying any force.

S0, a proper way is required to remove the sheet. For this, make a hole in the sheet of width that corresponds to the width of the paintball tube.

You can make a hole with a Scissor but if it is not available, you can use your palm too.

Several paintball players remove the sheet in a transverse direction while others remove the sheet from one edge to another edge vertically. However, this is not a good way.

How to fill a paintball pod?

As I said before, you cannot fill the pod Properly without proper thought and clear understanding. Without a proper way, the pod cannot be adequately packed.

The improper filling is done again and again by many men and women, but the consequence is nothing but the burning of time.

A good way to fill the pod is to bring the pod’s opening into the space you’ve developed before. Otherwise, on the floor, there is a risk of scattering paintballs. Maybe that’s disappointing.

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Once the pod has been completed. Make sure that the paintball packet is inside the pod so that you haven’t missed paintballs.

Take Both these things in front of your eyes but keep an eye that the paintball pack should be at the upper level and that of the pod should be remained at below level.

Press the pack in order to get all the paintball inside the tube. But be sure not to overload the pod. It must have enough space that upon shaking you can be able to drop balls manually one after one. If you have emptied the packet, place the pod on the floor and the pod will be in your hands.

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Adjustment of the balls in the case:

Finally, we are at the last stage. Here what you want to know? Amazing

Shake the paintball tube to make sure there will be no noise. If it is ..Then it means there is a space between the paintballs and required some extra paintballs to be filled. Improper filling.

So, the first step is to shake gently Make sure you have your palm on the pod’s opening. It’s necessary because upon shaking balls altered their locations and we have more adjustments to do at this step.

Now Second step is to take one ball put it in the space you have found while shaking the pod. Do this same process many times to get better results (no extra space).

Now if you’re are comparable also sure about the desired results, then covering up the tube and move again to make sure there will be no sound.

If you’re hearing the sound again take one more ball and arrange it inside the tube smoothly. Shaking again. Also if the bullets are rightly loaded then there will remain no sound.

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If you’re not performing well, no problem repeat the same process until you have got the best results.

Results: Making an error is fine:

As you all know, making errors is okay. You will never learn anything differently if you do not make any mistakes. I think the measures mentioned above will support you a lot on how to fill a pod correctly. But you have to work a lot. By following these guidelines or listening to or watching videos, you can,t easily do it.

  • You can save lots of time by making these moves.
  • Every kind of noise, and thus extra space, may be avoided.
  • Always sure that you utilize a tube of good quality. If the case, especially its cover, is weekly, don’t attempt to utilize it.

Now want to be further vigilant, You must clean off your palms to prevent some form of dangerous material from swelling. But you don’t need to be more cautious about wearing safety wears like safety gloves, masks, or an apron.

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