First Day at Andaman: What to Expect in 2021?

Introduction to First Day at Andaman

The first day will be hectic at Andaman. you might be taking an early morning flight to go to Andaman. Early morning flights will have less fair depending on the session.

But most of the time, this rule applies. I tried with an early morning flight. That started from Kolkata at around 6 AM in the morning and reached Andaman at 8:30 AM.

Here is a schedule: The detailed schedule is given here-

1st half rest+lunch at hotel
2nd half

  • Water sports complex
  • Port Blair jail+light and sound
  • Gandhi National Park
  • Dinner at AFC[Andaman Fried Chicken]

Andaman tour plan from Kolkata

As soon as you reach Andaman. You need to understand their people, culture, and lifestyle. Find more details here

Here is my opinion. People are simple and very helpful. But before you trust them, you need to judge them. Culture is very much open minded and the lifestyle is basically simple. Their day starts at 5 AM and may go till 9 PM.

So once you reach there, go to the hotel directly. The second thing you have to do is to arrange food for you and your spouse.

I opted for the in-house canteen option.  Breakfast options are ok in most of the hotels. I grabbed 3 poories.

And we were tired and wanted to hit the bed as soon as possible. So ordered lunch again in the in-house canteen.

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However, if you can manage to be awake, please visit abedin market. You will get lots of options to eat. The rates are nominal and pocket friendly.

Andaman tour plan from Kolkata

We had a sound sleep till 1 PM. Then we took our bath. Order served in our room. Room service was prompt. The service boys were also good. It was little spicy food. Otherwise ok.

At around 3 PM we started for the water sporting complex. It is having different gaming options. you can start your activities straightway.

But we just had a feeling about the gaming. We enjoyed it till 6 PM. Then we started for jail visits and a light and sound show.

Jail is awesome proof of architecture. Parking could be an issue so you have to be a little careful about the location of the car.

However, in our case, it was not an issue. We visited all most all the rooms and went to the top. As I am a history lover, I was almost visualizing the freedom fighters.

It was a nice experience. We roamed here and there to see how the people use to work and produce different products. We visited the

  • hanging room
  • Paramvir chakra memorial
  • gallery etc.

More details here

Once you have read this, I am sure during your visit, you can very well visualize the scene. I would suggest read the Indian history, Indian freedom fighter and  Kalapani punishment .

This would be a real true guide. However, there are trained guides available in the jail. you can hire one for a quick story and visit.

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First Day at Andaman
First Day at Andaman

Andaman tour plan from Kolkata

Once we finished the jail,we headed to words Gandhi National Park. It is said, this park is around a big lake which was the source of drinking water even a few decades ago for Port Blair residents.

We roamed around it. There are lots of Japanese temple around. The visit is a nice start for couple.Most importantly neither police nor the locals will disturb you. The walk is more than worth its ticket cost-rupees 10 INR.

Plenty of snacks options available to eat. Sweet corn, burnt corn, and “ghoti garam”-a popular Bengali dish are on the option too.  We tried ice cream as well.

At around 9 PM, we started our journey to words popular AFC-Andaman fried chicken[Similar like-KFC]. We asked them to customize our order with less spicy. The service is not as good as KFC but was satisfactory. You must try this, once you are in Portblair.

At around 10:30 PM we came back for the hotel, It was pitch dark everywhere with few street lights and barking dogs.

We understood the part of the lifestyle. We had to quickly go to bed as the next day was planned for a really long drive.

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