What Color Flashlight Is Best For Feral Hog Hunting? 2 Important Points

Introduction to Flashlight Is Best For Feral Hog Hunting

Hunting hog season is always a time to anticipate and wait for the best results. That means targetting and shooting as many hogs as possible. But those animals are not an easy target and you have to use all your resources. Perhaps the most complicated issue is that hogs´ tactics to skip hunters include going out at night. Hence, it is the best time to reach them.

That forces hunters to carry night equipment that starts with flashlights and a thermal clip-on scope or night vision clip-on. That is the way to obtain a competitive lighting advantage and keep them under control.

By using clip-on scopes, it is possible to amplify your range of vision beyond the capacity of the human eye. Once you locate the right target, a flashlight helps to execute a clean shoot that goes straight to the hog. However, a flashlight can also scare the pigs and let them discover hunters´ presence. And the key factor is to select the proper color of the flashlight.


First of all, you must know that hogs perceive lights differently from humans. They are not colorblind but have a strong limitation regarding the wavelength they can perceive. They can only perceive the lowest ones such as that of the blue color. And as the wavelength increases, they also reduce their capacity to visualize it.

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That limitation comes from the structure of their eyes that only includes two cone cells. That differs from human eyes that contain 3 cone cells which are responsible to allow recognizing also high wavelength colors.

  • The measure of wavelengths

To better understand the wavelengths, notice that one of the most common units to measure them is nanometers. We find that green and red flashlights can be manufactured with a range that goes from 520 to 620 nanometers. That makes them ideal to go below the perception of hogs. However, pigs are still attracted to bright zones, no matter the color or tone.

  • The importance of the right brightness

Using the right brightness level allows that hunters can spot the hog without spooking them. In this sense, the green color seems to have a better balance for that. That is why this color of light is currently the most popular option among hunters. However, some of them still prefer the red color and others do not prefer any light at all.

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The frequency of the light is about how many times per second a wavelength is repeated. That determines how much energy it issues. This element is oriented to ease the visibility of hunters. In this sense, when its frequency gets into the electromagnetic spectrum, it will allow us to measure if humans and the hog can see the light.

The point is to find the right balance between the visibility for humans and the convenience of hunting hogs. In this case, the green light is perceived more easily by humans and creates more contrast during night hours. Since hogs are dark-colored animals, this color seems to have a better chance to help you during the process. That is important not only for the shooting and hunting moment but for the entire experience. Hunters also use their flashlights to see their backpacks, the terrain, and as a guide during dark times. On the other hand, it is harder for hogs to perceive that color.

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Final words

When deciding the color of flashlight for feral hog hunting there is no a one size fits all hunters. Firstly, flashlights are the most versatile lighting option in the market. You can carry them in your hands as well as mount them onto your riffle. As set above, the color of the light also has different ranges that allow you to choose among different options. In any case, you should start by checking the labels to confirm that the light, red or green, has a minimum wavelength of 520 nanometers. And most importantly, check which option gives you better results in the field. That includes your personal use and the process of detecting and shooting at the hogs.

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