8 Ways to Create Quality Videos in Minutes with FlexClip Video Maker

Introduction to FlexClip Video Maker

Doing a good audiovisual job requires several elements, images, videos, music, graphics, and two other things, time and creative ability.

Those who are dedicated to audiovisual production know that the result of a video edition is closely related to the elements’ quality.

It costs us a considerable amount of time ourselves. So I am going to introduce an online video maker FlexClip that enables you to create stunning videos in minutes.

What is Flexclip?

It is an online video editing tool and slideshow maker. Simple, isn’t it? Well, not so much. These are some of the things that this tool offers:

  • Based on the web browser and without the need to download any software.
  • Rich animation elements can be added to the video.
  • Millions of royalty-free video, audio, and image resources.
  • Multiple video editing tools such as video and audio cropping and images, various settings and filters, aspect ratio change, voice-over recording, and adding watermarks.
  • Also includes a built-in online screen recorder.

So far, everything is normal. Like many other platforms that offer similar tools. Well, no, because there are several factors that, in my opinion, place FlexClip above many others.

My analysis of Flexclip :

To be clearer, I am going to list the following features for you.

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1. Web-based Application

By working in the browser, we free our computers from a large part of the editing process (hardware), including the rendering of the video.

This is most noticeable when we use several layers in the edition, such as background video, overlapping logos and texts, animations, and images.

I have to admit that I have tested it on more or less powerful desktops and laptops (without exaggeration). I have not noticed any performance or CPU usage issues.

2. Editing possibilities

Although the editing possibilities are very basic, you can do almost everything you would need to make a promo, a header for an online program, even spots with a little patience and experimentation.

Flexclip is obviously not only a video editing program but also a slideshow maker. What’s more, I assume that Flexclip is designed so that almost any user with a knowledge of video editing can produce their clips with a very good appearance.

Of course, if you use Flexclip as a base and then refine the produced video with an editing program such as Adobe Premiere, the result can be very good.

3. Video, image, and music libraries

The libraries offer more complete resources than I expected, and in most cases, of good quality, with a decent thematic range. Besides, they are not videos or audios that we can find on the websites that offer free content.

With this, just by using the music and video libraries offered by the application, we can produce clips without fear of watching the videos that we have used in a multitude of third-party videos.

But it also offers the option of uploading your own music, images, and videos to the application to use them in the production of the clip.

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4. Templates

This is a very important part, especially for those who do not have too much experience in editing or enough creativity through design to create a production from scratch.

It is another quite acceptable point since it has many templates classified by subject and can be modified. Definitely a good starting point to create a good clip. Maybe it lacks some flexibility in modifying template elements, but it doesn’t matter a lot.

5. Video rendering

Once the editing project is finished, we have to export it. Regarding the formats, it is mp4. I only have one but…, that the maximum resolution is Full HD, that is, 1920 × 1080.

I would have liked it also to offer 2k or 4k, but 1080 seems like an acceptable resolution. Of course, the video can also be produced at lower resolutions. Ah! and a watermark or logo can be included in the video produced.

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6. Graphics clips, watermarks, logos

Although it has enough logos, I particularly find them somewhat scarce. But since this is an “accessory” part, I am hopeful that Flexclip will continue to create more items of this type in its library.

7. Ease of use 

It is quite easy to use, especially with a minimum knowledge of editing or presentation creation tools, such as Powerpoint. In a very short time, you can use the tool and obtain good results.

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8. The price 

Flexclip works with the subscription model. They do not sell the program if not for a monthly or annual fee, in addition to a free version, which is ideal to see some of the program’s possibilities, but only for that, since it is quite limited. The prices they offer are adapted to the needs of the user. You can look at them on the Flexclip website.

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In a word, FlexClip helps create fancy videos in minutes. Why not give it a try? If you have any comments, feel free to leave them below.

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