A List of 8 Flowers for New Year Gift

Introduction to Flowers for New Year Gift

Without even realizing, the New Year is already upon us. In just two months, the dawn of a new year will shine in the hopes of a brighter future. And there are no better means to mark the right beginning than gifting flowers. 

Every year, the Flower Company florist Toronto delivers thousands of flowers on two occasions. The first one is on Valentine’s Day, and the second one is the New Year.

Both these days are like festivals for young people. And we make it our job to deliver these flowers on-time with perfection.

But which flower should you pick for New Year? No idea? Don’t worry; you aren’t the only one. There are many people who gift flowers without having an idea of what they mean and represent. 

So, we are here to change that. New Year is an auspicious day that you will spend with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Hence, an appropriate portrayal of your emotions is a must. Use the language of flowers to spread joy all around and gift beautiful bouquets that bring happiness and a promising future.

While there are countless things you can gift on New Year, flowers are a universal gift that everyone loves to receive.

They conjure a smile that is far more precious than any materialistic gift. So, before we get to the list of flowers for New Year, let’s dig a little deeper into the emotional language they speak.

Language of Emotions Spoken by Flower

You might not know this, but flowers speak a number of languages. Different flowers have a distinct meaning, but their colors also tell a unique story as well.

Overall, we can say that flowers are the physical form of our emotions. And having the luxury of gifting them to our loved ones is priceless.

People gift flowers to others because they wish to express their love and affection towards them. You can also use flowers to express your gratitude to someone who has been with you for a long time.

Telling a person that you want them in your life and wishing them luck is best with flowers. So, come and explore flowers at Flower Company, the best florist in Toronto and help choose the most suitable flower for this New Year‘s present.

List of Flowers for New Year

Just know that if you specifically want to follow the theme of flowers for New Year, the options are somewhat limited.

But if you go to the right florist in Toronto, you can make sure that you don’t run out of flowers to gift the people you adore, respect, and value.


Also known as the flower of expression and celebration, Gerbera flowers are the most popular choice to welcome a New Year.

As this flower is available in a whole different range of colors, you can choose any of them or mix them together to make the perfect blend of emotions. It is the most appropriate gift for friends and colleagues.


The king of all flowers, the rose is a flower that can be gifted at any occasion throughout the year. But the reason they are the second choice in our list is that they have a romantic value rather than being solely the symbol of freshness and novelty the New Year brings.

You can explore your choices with a florist in Toronto and pick the color of roses that represent your emotions. People often consider proposing on New Year’s Eve special. So, don’t forget to bring roses with you!


It is a flower that reflects affection for family members. Due to the variety of colors for chrysanthemums, it’ll be ideal for filling the home with colors and a fantastic fragrance.

The bouquet of these flowers for your family will make them feel appreciated, and they’ll know that you wish the best for them all.

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In the language of flowers, tulips mean true joy and happiness. There is no doubt that these flowers are the best gift to present to anyone on New Year.

You can think of giving a bunch of tulips to your co-workers, family members, and friends to bestow contentment and delight to its best.


The birth flower of December is also a great choice to mark its end. You can find them with the best florist in Toronto, Flower Company, and gift them to show that the lessons will never fade even though the year is ending. Its trumpet-like visage gives a cheerful vibe and is considered goodwill for the year about to come.

Snow Drops

When the winter season begins, they are the first flower to bloom. It marks a new beginning, which is a perfect synonym for the New Year.

The white color resembles snow, and it symbolizes purity, sympathy, and hope. Giving this flower means that you hope that the New Year will be good to your loved ones.


Lilies are a fantastic choice to welcome New Year 2021. They have a traditional value as a flower of rebirth and fresh life. When you want to show someone that the New Year will be lucky for them, lilies are a perfect choice.


The daffodil flower symbolizes a new beginning, and that’s why it is the most common gift for New Year. It is also related to love, desire, and affection.

People often send this flower with the thought of reassuring friendship and happiness. But remember that giving one bloom is unlucky. If you wish to send this flower, gather up a bunch, and celebrate your new relations with the New Year. 

In a Nutshell

To buy flowers of different species, types, and colors, you will need to get in touch with the best florist in Toronto. Get help from dedicated florists who can guide you about the best pick for the New Year’s gift. Explore the range of flowers, plants, and gift baskets that you can give as a present.

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