Food For Mood – 9 Best Tips

Introduce to Food For Mood

As more tryptophan breaks in the brain ,many serotonin is adjust in the brain, and mood serve to better. Serotonin which known as a mood moderator ,is made naturally in our cerebrum from tryptophan with much support of vitamin B. Foods tried to progress serotonin levels in the cerebrum with fish and D vitamins. Explores the bonding between how we fell and what we eat , with the ideas how we can adjust healthy eating in our daily life.

How can Food Effect Mood

At first we should know that what food we should and shouldn’t be eating. Really its can so confusing in our daily life., specially when its feels like the suggestion replaces regularly. Though the proves advices that as good as resorting our physical health ,what we eat may also increase the way we want.

Increasing the diet may support to:

  1. Our Food to be increase
  2. Give us more power
  3. That support us think more clearly.

Eating Daily

If our blood sugar fells we might feel so tired and so depressed. When we eating r daily and picking the food that feels like that the energy or power will help to steady our blood sugar levels slowly.

Good grains and carb!

Brown rice, oats barley ,pasta, cereals all gives us the preserved release the energy and are really good for the meal plans.

Quick tips

  1. Eating breakfast starts the day off to a nice start.
  2. Instead of eating a big lunch and dinner ,try to eat little parts spaced out more daily throughout the day.
  3. Try to avoid the foods which can rise our blood sugar rise and fall instantly , like as sweets, alcohol, crispy biscuits dinks, sugary snacks etc.
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Staying Hydrated

If we don’t drink enough liquid ,we face the difficulties to congeal or drink carefully. We might also began to feel constipated ( which puts no one in a good mood)

Quick tips

  1. Water is a very healthy option for us.
  2. It suggested that we have to drink 6-8 glasses of liquid in one day.
  3. In as a morning drink ‘tea’ ,juices , coffee and smoothies all count towards our intake (but be alert that these may also contain caffeine or sugar.

Getting our 5 a day

Fruit and vegetables contain a lot of the minerals , fibre and vitamins that we need to keep us physically and mentally healthy.

Eating the different coloured fruits of variety and vegetables every day that means we will gain a well range of nutrients and proteins.

Quick tips

  1. Fresh ,tinned ,dried, Frozen and juiced (one glass)

Fruits and vegetables all calculate our 5 a day .

  1. As a common rule, one portion is about a modicum ,small bowl bow or a small glass.

Gaining enough protein

The proteins holds the amino acids, which made up the chemicals our cerebrum need to increase our thoughts and feelings. It also helps keep us feeling fuller and longer.

The proteins are : eggs, cheese , fish , legumes(lentils ,beans, peas), ,meat , soya ingredients , nuts and seed.

Eating the right fat

Our brain wants fatty acids (such as omega-3 and -6) to hold it working good . So better than avoiding all fats , it is important to eat the right ones.

Healthy fats are found in poultry, oily fish, nuts(specially almonds and walnuts) ,sunflower and olive oils and also refine oils ,seed(such like pumpkin and sunflower)

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,milk, cheese, yoghurt , avocados etc.

Mood Boosting Foods

  1. Salmon is an excellent source of omega -3 fatty acids. That are highly opposite inflammatory. Also it is high in protein, vitamin D, vitamin B12 ,that increase our energy .
  2. Dark Leafy Greens are high in a good variety in nutrients. It has fibre that can help to balance the blood sugar. It has B vitamins also .That can help to boost our brain functions.
  3. Turkey is ran amino acid that help us to produce the mood boosting serotonin. Turkey also contain a multitude of B vitamins- include also B12.
  4. Eggs is one of our favourite food that can boost us also us. Eggs are full of protein, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. Eggs are to easy to transport when we are on the go, and there are many ways that you can eta them:

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Hard boil as a snack in morning

As an Omelette we can eat

Poach them on toast with the avocado

  1. Chocolate makes us so happy. Grab Chocolate is a inspiration of many snacks.

a. Dairy free chocolate recipes

b. Simple Chocolate spread

c. Best dairy free ice cream recipes

d. Free chocolate sandwich cookies

e. Best real food frosting recipes

f. chocolate flavour cakes

g. chocolate flavour biscuits

h. chocolate flavour cookies or snacks etc.

Food to beat depression and mood swings

While mental health causes have been considered a tabooing in our country, if we see the suicide cases ,specially almost the young , so it is the high time we feel depression as a very serious cerebrum disorder just as that any other aliment and discuss about it.

While a huge number of poor life style habits can contribute to depression , les us remember that different healthy habits can increasing in deal with it as that cases importance of food is often overlooked. The health experts said that certain food or nutrients can not only fresh our mood but also they can help increase our energy levels .

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It can also improve our mental strength and even fight against deadly depression in our cerebrum . So they have suggested some food that help to overcome from depression and swing the mood. Like Vitamin D . It is also known as sunshine vitamin , Vitamin D is c made by the skin with the help of the sunrays .Many scientific knowledge have proved that people who face the depression also had low level of vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important and affective for many brain functions.


There is growing indication supporting the connection between the diet and mental strength and the benefits of positive food choices in the in the prefecture of mental health difficulties. Studies have also highlighted the important role that food and nutrition keep playing in our emotional status. The food people eat plays a different role in their physical life. The importance to babies of breast milk in terms of brain action are well documented . These benefits may play a big role in neurological development and function , behaviour and learning.

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