What’s the Best Framework for Building Mobile Apps in 2021?

Introduction to Framework for Building Mobile Apps

2021 not only brings a new year, but it also brings new technologies in the development of mobile apps. Well, one of the primary processes in constructing a home is creating a frame. This frame can be wood, cement, steel, etc. In short, it is the skeleton where you can construct the rest of the house.

In the context of mobile app development, it is usually known as the mobile app framework. Like the frame of a house, a mobile app development framework acts as the vase for effective coding. Note that a plethora of developers rely on frameworks to bolster the performance and efficacy of the development task.

Using a framework is advantageous as it effectively removes the procedure of designing and developing the app from scratch. You should also be aware of the fact that developers use frameworks to create these apps. With frameworks, they can make the app more secure and facilitate quick development.

Users nowadays look forward to apps that can load at blazing fast speeds and would be responsive even when opened in the background. So here are some of the best frameworks which would stay relevant for the development of apps even in 2021.

React Native

In case you don’t know, React Native was created by Facebook to address the issues faced by the developers within the architecture of MVC. Since its launch, the framework has been able to create a stir in the app development market. To be precise, a plethora of popular brands like Wal-Mart, Skype, etc. are using this framework.

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Moreover, React Native is a JavaScript framework which can be deployed for the development of cross-platform apps. One of the key highlights of React Native is its open-source nature. Furthermore, a developer can use the same codebases to develop iOS and android apps.


To be precise, Xamarin supports the development of mobile apps for Windows, iOS and android. Xamarin is used widely by major companies like World Bank, Fresh Direct, etc. One of the key highlights of Xamarin is that it features a common codebase for iOS, Windows and Android. Xamarin is also supported by C programming languages. Xamarin comes equipped with an application loader along with Google emulator manager. It also has Android SDK manager which exudes practicality.


If you are on the lookout to develop eye pleasing mobile apps, Flutter is an excellent option. In case you don’t know, you can readily uplift the visual effects of the app with the built-in 2D graphics library Skia. Flutter also allows you to develop mobile apps with intuitive widgets, eye-popping animations along with material designs.

But one of the key highlights of Flutter app development is that the visual effects don’t interfere with the app’s performance. Flutter is supported by Google which gives it a great deal of credibility. With Flutter app development, you can ensure that the responsiveness of the app remains intact.


If you are on the lookout for an HTML-based mobile application development framework, JQuery is your best option. It is one of the most popular frameworks for the creation of responsive websites. Moreover, this app development framework is touch optimized and relies on a single codebase. With JQuery, you would be able to design and develop highly customized applications and websites. JQuery is also a class apart when the context is about supporting various plugins. It also features a simple and extensive API support.

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Another great framework to build mobile apps is the Ionic framework. With the Ionic framework, you would be able to build interactive apps. What’s more impressive is the fact that Ionic would help you with the development of hybrid and progressive apps.

Ionic is a very useful framework when designing apps for the web, Android and the iOS. Ionic is better than other mobile app development frameworks because of the presence of the vast UI components. Impressively, it also boasts of a community of over 6 million developers which exudes practicality.


Do you know that large organizations like Wikipedia and DHS program use Adobe PhoneGap? Being developed by Adobe, it is an extremely popular mobile app development framework among the developers. To be precise, with PhoneGap, you can develop cross-platform applications by using HTML, JavaScript along with CSS.

One of the key traits of PhoneGap is that it has the ability to decrease the deployment of complicated languages. It is also one of those frameworks which decrease the gap between native apps and the hybrid apps in the mobile devices. Another important feature of PhoneGap is that it comes equipped with a strong backend and is flexible enough to assist programmers develop highly customized applications.

Mobile Angular UI

This framework relies on Angular JS in amalgamation with Bootstrap to design and develop cross-platform applications. One of the key highlights of Mobile Angular UI is that it remains reliable across various devices. As a developer, you would be able to use various advanced features like switches and overlays.

Note that it is an open-source hybrid app framework. In simple words, you would be availing community support. It is suitable for the development of light apps and uses HTML5. However, it is not a good choice for the development of complex applications.

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Let’s hope that the above-mentioned list of app development frameworks would help you greatly. Out of all these frameworks, React Native is one of the popular frameworks for the development of mobile apps.

For instance, with the help of React Native, you would be able to develop cross-platform apps. React Native also allows you to increase the efficiency of the native apps to a great extent. What’s more impressive is the fact that it comes with a single codebase for android and iOS. In short, React Native is one of the best mobile application development frameworks in 2021.

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