New Generation Deserves Free Education to Save Planet Beyond 2021

Introduction to Free Education

Around one in every ten people globally will not be able to read this article. And if advance or digital education wasn’t available, none of us would be reading this; in fact, this article would not exist at all.

Giving to all researchers one of the free dissertation topics to ponder over which is free education for the new generation.

Why Education is Important for Us?

Education has been arguably the most essential core aspect in shaping up a progressive human being. It has forged empires, miracles of science, and has paved a path towards leading with a higher standard of living.

For centuries there has been a constant debate on education offerings. Many organizations have pronounced education a mandatory part of our lives due to its miraculous outcomes upon the individuals of society.

The Current Status of Illiteracy

The title statement can be justified by paying heads to the facts and figures that measure the progress of the peoples based upon their level of education.

  • The world statistics have predicted a significant relation between the crimes and rate of literacy. The percentage of US prisoners who are uneducated is above 70%.
  • Modern statistics show that no country currently in the world is prospering without having an adult literacy rate above 40%.
  • With the current percentage of women’s education level, even a decent 20% increase will lead to 20% less infant death which mostly occurs due to the lack of knowledge especially in Africa and the Middle East.
  • The illiteracy rate is currently costing the Asian economy more than $1.9 trillion annually.
  • The literacy rate has been a victim of the decline of about 21% for 3 consecutive decades.
  • More than 123 million people who are deprived of basic and advanced education are youngsters.
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Expensive Education is Drastically Hampering Progress

Students spend massive amounts of savings and earnings for their bachelor’s and master’s degrees. They are likely to avail loans for which they will be indebted for many years and instead of improving their lifestyle, these students will spend a considerable chunk of their job earnings in repaying the loans and law dissertation writing service, Buy MBA dissertation which majorly are of hefty interest rates altogether.

The average in debt number of students in North America is $37000 which is expected to widen the gap between lifestyles in the future. The UK students have an average in debt of 50,000 pounds.

The Revolutionizing Generation of Today and Tomorrow

Today’s Generation Z and the millennials have been proven to be more curious and more observant that their ancestors and their precedents. They will make an ideal generation to benefit from free education. The last two generations are more likely to innovate and contribute to society.

Benefits of Declaring Education Free of Cost

Some of the major benefits can be attained by making both basic and advanced education free of cost.

1.      Improved Morals and Ethics:

Free education will instill in people the meaning and the abiding of morals and social ethics. From a subtle difference between right and wrong to honoring and contributing to the act of charity Humans will become more civilized.

2.      A Healthier Society

Education with zero cost means more doctors and more medical facilities along with advancement in the pharma-industry. This would also improve life expectancy.

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3.      A Healthier Environment:

With the availability of free education, the future individuals will be more focused on environmental issues and will embark towards shaping a healthier planet. These individuals are likely to work against air, land, and water pollution, global warming, and wildlife.

4.      Gradually Declining Unemployability

The percentage of unemployability is likely to plummet in the long run as more innovative ideas will lead towards the invention of new products and new factories which will be requiring a new workforce.

5.      Higher Standards of living:

Educated people tend to possess a wide set of skills that can make them eligible for white-collar jobs, leading to an improved standard of living and eradication of poverty.

6.      Technologically Advancements.

Advance free education will enable more people to observe differently and generate more innovative technological ideas for solving societal issues. More educated people mean more ideas being brought to the table.

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7.      A Safer Society

Studies have shown that the prevalence of education resulted in a massive decline in local crimes, hence resulting in a crime-free society.

8.      Progressing of Peace:

Terrorism and violence across the world are expected to decrease dramatically with the prevailing of cost-free education.


While education can truly transform society, an expensive education seems to be doing the opposite. The current and the future generation must be given free of cost education in order to enable them in making this world an improved version of its present state.

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