FUE vs FUT: 5 Convenient Method to Choose One

Introduction to FUE vs FUT

Hair fall is one of the problems affecting both men and women globally. Fue hair transplant is becoming one of the popular options for hair loss today.

The hair transplant method has several options, such as FUE and FUT; the most efficient permanent is hair restoration.

Both of the techniques are approaches to hair transplant that have their function on the hair. However, fue hair transplant is the best option in terms of safety, satisfaction, and efficiency. 

Differences between FUE vs. FUT

FUE vs. FUT is the two most popular restoration methods of follicle units implanted in your hair. Let’s check the difference now for the two hair transplants.

FUT Method

It is known as the strip method of hair transplant. The donor follicle is a procedure extracted in the form of a strip for your skin.

The safety method performs the excision back of the lower option of the scalp around the side of your ears,

It has a small surgical that is used in the close incision. This can be grafted for a single hair, consisting of the little surrounded tissue’s full hair roots. The surrounding of the hair retains the original length.

FUT is complicated to the technique for the potential for fulfilling the results. It also means for all of the patients, because they have a large strip-like scar on your head.

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The main benefits of the FUT quality of hair, which being transplant with a better standard for harvest with FUE.

FUE method

This method of donor follicle helps you with a precision rotary punch device. It is removed for the small circular surface of the scalp over the significantly more extensive area.

The individual grafted to be taken for the broader donor for the growing hair.

The small extraction of the fue hair transplant is less than 1mm comprehensive. The newest technology uses infrared technology’s automated smart technology to align the punch tool for greater accuracy.

The punch size is small enough to fit the individual of the FUE for the unit of a naturally occurring group of the 1 to 4 follicles.

FUE leaves the other side of the visible scar on your head, making it the right choice in the list. The fur hair transplant’s side effect is the amount to more than a tiny pinprick due to the small size of the scar.

FUE process is repeated for the surgeon to undergoing the procedure quickly. The rejuvenated hair is allowed to grow entirely naturally.

The hair transplant clinic is claimed as one of the benefits of the FUE treatments of the scar left.

FUE to the fut hair transplant to establish a declaration in hot water with relevant medication authority.

FUE hair transplant works to harvesting hair all over the head to include the upper and lower region. The hair is permanent to find in the middle of the portion to the leadless living chance.

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A patient who has their short hairstyle subjected to the previous transplant is conducted to the FUT method advised to get FUE for rude hair person. 

FUE no shave

The fue is a shaved procedure to an extension of the fue techniques. The process for the buzz donor is grafted for an extension of zero guard length.

The hair grows back for the following weeks. When you are using FUE, no shave is harvested from the donor area to cut individual hair follicles with tiny scissors. 

Scarring: fue vs. fut

Let assume the candidate is both hair types to consider hairstyle as the most crucial factor of the procedure. This could be the best shave on your hair at any time FUT may not work for you.

FUE is not scarring for an insignificant reason for a particular method to ensure donors are over-harvested. 

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Graft quality: fut vs. fue

Fut vs. fue uses a different method to harvest a graft because of the character of strip surgery producer fatter graft of the FUE type.

Fue is a good technique of a minimal transaction for the harvesting of the follicle. The procedure is excellent for hair for transplantation.

Both of the methods can appreciate the merits of type for real consideration of investing for the patient.

Which method to opt for?

When looking for the hair loss thinning, the confusion to diffuse; if so, FUT is practically the best choice you can try.

Most of the people who want redistribution of the growing hair many need a maxim of the coverage style will opt for FUE.

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The similarity of both fut vs. fue maybe can mislead. The procedure can be included in the fue hair transplant to consider a shorter hairstyle.

FUT is a treatment to design the system you want for better quality. I hope this post helps you to get different from fue vs. fut.

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