Essential You Need to Know About Full-stack Developer in 2021

Introduction to Full-stack Developer

A full-stack Developer is a “do it all” developer. As well as able to code on the front side as back, he knows the whole development chain of software or a website and is comfortable with several languages ​​and technologies. You can also check this Full-Stack vs Specialized Developer.

The mission of Full-Stack Developer

A Full Stack Developer must be a generalist. He may have to work on each stage of the creation of a site or an application: from development to production.

The front-end refers to everything a user can see when using a site and can be developed through frameworks such as Angular or Vue.js.

A Full Stack Developer is also able to develop the back-end of a site, that is to say, the “hidden” part.

It is not visible to the general public and includes, among other things, databases, or API calls (Application Programming Interface).

A Full Stack Developer is therefore competent in all areas of development and participates in the creation and maintenance of a site or application.

“The Full-Stack Developer is a developer who touches the entire development chain of a software or application.”

Course To become a Full-Stack Developer:

If there is no standard course, and if there are many self-taught profiles in this position, higher education training remains a plus.

In order to acquire a good foundation, training Bac +2 (BTS / DUT) or Bac +3 (License) in computer science will be good starting points.

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For a full stack Developer, the most important thing is to master various languages ​​and frameworks in order to be versatile and efficient in the different stages of production.

Skills of Full-Stack Developer

As with any other developer position, being self-taught and knowing how to train is a real plus for strengthening your skills and staying in tune with the times.

To do this, the Full Stack developer continuously trains on new technologies or languages ​​through official documentation or websites with tutorials, articles, or forums such as Stack Overflow.

> “You always have to be curious and not be afraid to discover new technologies or work on projects that seem difficult. ”


Often required to work with other developers (Full stack, front-end or back-end) and he must therefore know how to work in a team.

He also works with integrators in charge of the graphics and design of a site or an application. In smaller organizations, a Full Stack is often supervised directly by a CTO.

In larger companies, and depending on the project management methodology, a Full Stack Developer can be supervised by a Scrum Master or a Product / Project Manager.

“The mistake that should absolutely not be made is to forget that we are working as a team and those other people will have to work with our code. “

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For a junior profile: count a salary of between 2,800 and 3,300 € gross per month depending on the sector and the company.

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For a senior profile: if it is still a young profession, an experienced profile can expect a salary of up to € 5,000 gross per month.

Internationally: In the United States, the salary of a Full Stack Developer varies between $ 8,000 and $ 12,500 gross per month depending on experience and the languages ​​mastered.


There are many opportunities for advancement as a Full Stack Developer. Most of these promotions will lead to steering or managerial positions such as Lead DeveloperProduct Manager or even CTO!

So, that was our blog on the full-stack developer. If you want to become a full-stack developer, this is a complete guide. Thanks for reading our blog.

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