The Technology Future is Cloud Beyond 2020, Where are you?

Technology Future is Cloud

Data is growing value in the world with each passing day. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that we are living is a data generation, where leaders know the importance of it and use different measures to harness the insights from it. In other words, from innovation to organizational decision making data is the guiding force for an organization in the modern world.

Data As We Know It

Even in our daily lives, we are nothing but surrounded by data in everything we use. The more websites we interact with over the Internet, as well as the more technologies we utilize for our benefit to a customer.

The point is that big data intuition is an important asset in today’s times and with the growing digital presence of companies the world is generating more data than ever.

Be it organizations trying to make the most of their marketing efforts or rolling out features to their customers, we have data to back up everything and anything.

There was a time when the entire decision-making process was more intuitive than ever. In other words, leaders did what they felt fine and with their genera; observation of the market. While this worked out for some, it created more than a few problems for others.

One of the biggest examples of this is taking a look at the top companies in the world a decade back. You’ll find names that you have heard at some point in your life. However, when you find such a list now, you will be surprised. While a handful few from the previous generation make to today’s list, they have a unique story to tell.

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While all the companies generate data, the companies that learned to leverage it are the ones to sustain their position in the market. And many new companies came up because they discovered that the secret to the market is nothing but data.

Such companies included data analytics as a part of their strategies and made the most of the data that they had. This, therefore, helped them answer several questions related to their organization and uncover insights that were robust.

Data also becomes a fundamental entity that helps understand the customer better and provide them with an unparalleled experience. In other words, when you see companies competing with each other in the market, you know they are using data to back their strategies and make new plans to create an impression in the eyes of the customer.

The point is with so much data around and insights to be derived, organizations need a platform where they can make the most of their data. While traditional systems meant creating a relational database and monitoring the reaction of today’s customer, times have changed.

Enterprise on the Cloud

Today, organizations and enterprises need a more agile solution, which can help them make decisions and create any interpretations of the data they are looking for. As enticing as it sounds, doing all of this is an in house system that lies on the premises of the organization is more difficult than ever.

There is an urgent need for physical space and computation power. In other words, the hardware requirements are stringent and the budget that organizations have is low.

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This restricts the ways that organizations are harnessing the data only to a handful few. Therefore, for the longest amount of time, data analytics, and deriving insights from the data was only restricted to large enterprises that had sufficient capital and money.

Thanks to the cloud, today, even a new entrant can think of competing in the market with data-backed strategies at their rescue. This is creating a whole new world because there is no monopoly of any big player in the picture and small enterprises are presenting their best foot forward in the market with data behind their every decision.

As companies move onto generating more data, a cloud data warehouse is what they will need. Platforms like Cloudera, Snowflake, and others exist that help organizations achieve their dreams of a seamless data management system without eating up all the business costs.

These platforms bring the best of enterprise cloud for business. Right from providing different spaces for different kinds of data such as transactional and non-transactional. It will help them to perform computations by leveraging the latest technology and data warehouse platforms based on the cloud are a complete package.

This even brings the best technological innovations to the customer. For example, while artificial intelligence and machine learning seem like technologies that require a heavy investment and a dedicated resource, it’s much easier to use them using a cloud platform.

For example, take Cloudera, apart from being a data warehouse and helping businesses integrate data, Cloudera is also bringing machine learning and AI-backed technology that can be leveraged by enterprises. Therefore, it is an end to end system that is taking enterprises to an entirely next level with the latest technologies and more.

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As we move into the future, the focus will shift entirely to these platforms, which provide an end to end solution with the cloud. This will help the Java web development services firms to provide their customers with the highest levels of experience; the cloud is where everything will be.

The point is, if you are still relying on an on-premise system, it is high time that you make the switch. Start migrating your data to cloud platforms and test hybrid strategy. Most of the ETL tools also run on hybrid cloud solutions helping organizations take a step towards data-backed solutions.

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