Signs Of Gaming Addiction In Children–How To Deal With It Beyond 2020?

Introduction to Gaming Addiction In Children

Though addiction in Australia has been grown rapidly in recent times, fortunately, treatment is available. The best solution to overcome addiction is to consult a Gold Coast Psychologist. Having years of experience makes them experts. They can understand your situation easily.

Addiction in Australia is one of the major problems. Millions of Australians and their families are recently fighting with addiction disorders, the majority of which do not take treatment.

Through the challenges, there are a large number of rehab options available that can get Australians. There is also a facility of rehab camps which is available on the road.

What Is Addiction?

Addiction is a physical or psychological requirement to do, take, or use something, which might be detrimental to you and causes a negative impact on your health. It is a complicated condition and also a brain disease.

Though a number of effective treatments are available, people can recover from addiction and lives a normal life. To overcome the addiction we can consult Gold Coast Psychologist.

Types Of Addiction:

There are various types of addiction. Different people have different addictions. Depending on the environment in which they have grown up and dealt, they get addicted to that type of addiction.

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But there might be the possibility to get addicted to behaviors such as work, gambling,

In Australia, almost 6,000 people die from alcohol-related diseases every year.

What Is Gaming Addiction?

According to the WHO, gaming disorder is a “pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior” in which people lose control of their gaming behavior, give priority to gaming over other interests and activities, and continue gaming despite negative consequences, such as impairments in their family relationships, social.

Gaming disorder is now officially categorized as a mental health disorder. The WHO declared it as a “clinically recognizable and clinically significant syndrome”.

Nowadays online gaming addiction has been grown all over the world. It is mostly found in teenagers from 11-19 years.

This addiction increases day by day because of the easy availability of online platforms such as smartphones, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and so on.

It is quite difficult to prevent children from spending hours in their rooms or sitting in front of the television.

Children do not follow their parent’s orders. Currently, there is a trend of committing suicide if their parents stop to play the game.

To provide mental stimulation video games can be used within school curriculums and it is being funned to pass the time.

In Australia #Banpubginaustrallia is currently trending. Pubg is a highly addictive game, destroying family, health, relationships and it’s a wastage of time. People have started the petition to ban Pub-G.

Because of the pub-g game, many people in Australia lost their job. Due to this many people ultimately committed suicide as everyone disowned them.

In 2016, a survey found that 98% of Australian children had computer games available. Most children in Australia have an addiction to playing online video games.

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Video Games – An Addiction”

Online gaming can provide children with feelings of achievement, and Internet Gaming Disorder may be less sensitive to rewards. Hence, they require to spend more time gaming to feel rewarded. Hence this sets up a pattern of addiction.

Risk Factors In Gaming Addiction:

  • Difficulty in taking decisions

Children find it difficult to make the right decisions about how to spend their time.

  • Poor social skills

Children can find it difficult to connect with children in real-world activities.

  • Difficulty in controlling emotions

Children find it difficult to overcome distress and children may opt to play video games.

Parents can take the help of a Gold Coast Psychologist to overcome the game addiction. They will surely help your children to come out of this addiction.

Signs Of Gaming Addiction In Children:

  • A preoccupation with video games

As video games are a popular time pass for children and adults as well, it can be difficult to know what constitutes playing them for “too long”.

Children having online Gaming Addiction can spend up to eight to ten hours per day and up to 30 hours per week playing video games.

  • Spending more time on gaming to satisfy the desire

Check whether your child is showing the need to play video games for a longer time in order to get satisfied.

  • Becoming emotional if not allowing to play games

By playing video games your child becomes worried, angry, and unhappy when you (parents) take away access.

  • Continuing to the game despite problems

Though a child may be aware of the negative impact of their gaming like insomnia, feeling tired, unable to fulfill their responsibilities, and feeling moody, an addicted child may continue to game despite their problems.

  • Deceiving family members when they are playing

Not telling the correct time to parents. And still lying about most of the things like homework, outdoor playing, and so on. Keep watch on their spending hours on games.

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  • Using games to relieve negative moods

Gaming Addiction may have a long-term impact on your child’s future and your child can start to fight with life in the real world.

Treatment For Gaming Addiction:

  • Give education about the benefits and drawbacks of video games that you provide to your children or adults.
  • Tools to deal with cravings and desires.
  • Restructuring logical beliefs about the ability to control behavior.
  • Improving self-respect.
  • Improving emotion regulation.
  • Improving communication style and self-confidence.
  • Families should help to set boundaries and limitations.
  • Relapse prevention.

Gaming addiction is not a major disease. With the help of parents and child psychologists, children can overcome addiction. All they need is their support and guidance.

Parents can take help from Gold Coast Psychologist if you feel that your children are not overcoming their habits.

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