Gaming Industry Is Reaching Peak Popularity in Crisis Time in 2020-21

Introduction to Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is at its peak during the coronavirus outbreak. The industry took huge advantage of pandemics while for other industries, it was a crisis time.

The game industry entertained users sitting at home. While the casinos were shut down. There was a huge demand for online games so various software companies developed game apps in large volume. The game app developers catered advanced services to its users to keep users engaged.

The market was down but the game app users were enjoying online games inside their house. There are 3 top online game players which did their best during a pandemic.

As per statista, In 2020, there are a total of 15.2 billion mobile games downloaded all over the world in both apple and google play store out of which 12.4 billion downloaded on Google Play store. The figures clearly state that there are billions of game app users.

Because of the pandemic, billions of online game players took advantage and even paid for subscriptions. Various developers and Mobile game development company developed online game apps to entertain users during the quarantine.

If you want to know which online game players flourished during the crisis, you are in the right place. In this article, we will talk about how the gaming industry is reaching peak popularity in crisis time by giving examples of the top 3 online multiplayer. 

What are those Top 3 online Multiplayer Game industries? 

There are countless online games for android and iOS platforms but the following are the top 3 online game industries that are reaching peak popularity in crisis even: 

  • Fortnite

Fortnite has received lots of recognition in the year 2019. The game allows us to choose a favorite character and explore the entire world.

The industry has generated billions of dollars to date so it has become an industry itself. The game app does not decline its installation during the time of the pandemic.

Everyone whether it is a player, developer, advertiser, or anyone has a game app to enjoy the pandemic. The users believe that this is the best thing to spend their time on. There are thousands of active users. 

  • Half Life 3- Alyx

The game is not an online multiplayer game but a third installment in the half-life game. There is a sci-fi shooter that is built on a source video game.

Its HL1 and HL2 levels were released nearly 20 years ago. The game is known as a revolutionary game and has become an industry product.

The game is made through VR which carried on the story where it was completed 20 years ago as you see its previous parts of the game series. The users really loved the HL3 version and earned lots of recognition in 2020.

  • MineCraft

Minecraft is an amazing online game and very different from other online games. This game has millions of active users around the world. There are billions of fans,  franchises, and communities.

The game is open to exploring without any border for players. The game attracted billions of users during quarantine and made their quarantine time highly full of experience. The game has a well-created design that diverts the mind of quarantine users. 


During a pandemic, there are only game industries that highly engaged users and made their quarantine days full of joy.

The game industry catered best services during covid which also helped society to stop the coronavirus cases. The game apps encourage users to stay at home and enjoy their game. In this article, we discussed 3 top game apps that really made our quarantine amazing. 

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