Gaming Laptop or Desktop Which is better for Gamer Beyond 2021?

Introduction to Gaming Laptop or Desktop

For passionate or beginners gamer you may have a dilemma whether to select a gaming desktop or laptop. Furthermore, gaming desktops were a more preferred option in gaming there before.

This is because of their powerful performance joined with a big screen. Additionally, gaming desktops also have high-resolution graphics. Thus, offers a supreme gaming experience.

Moreover, in recent years laptops have been improved in technology. This allows it to offer committed gaming laptops which come together with high-end GPUs.

Furthermore, they have crazy display-resolutions & high-speed processors which are suitable for gaming. This improvement in technology has made gaming on laptops possible.

When selecting between a gaming laptop vs desktop, there are some factors you need to check out. They include portability, upgrade, customization, screen size, and more others.

The inside tech will guide you on variance in separate components which are important in the gaming experience. The points highlighted below will help you determine on either gaming laptop or desktop. Just follow the difference between the Laptop VS Desktop below


The gaming laptop has a competitive edge accredited to its 60Hz-UHD panels. Moreover, laptops can be plugged into a discrete-monitor intended to offer high-resolution which captures all the gaming details.

Moreover, laptops have a competitive-edge over desktops although their displays are smaller. Thus it hinders the general gaming experience. Besides, one can still use a screen that has a better display.


  • Laptop

The major advantage of a gaming laptop is portability. When using the right laptop, you will have the capability to do more from anywhere. If you are a person who is away from home, flexibility is more beneficial.

Modern laptops are compact than ever, hence one can use them in more places. Some include an airplane, or in your best coffee shop.

Additionally, gaming laptops come with high-end hardware which enables for competitive & AAA-gaming wherever you’re.

Laptops operate on battery and come with an in-built display. It also has an onboard keyboard & track-pad. But, you can too have desktop-like know-how at home when using the appropriate peripherals.

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Furthermore, equipment like mice, docking stations, keyboards, & outside gaming displays can improve the flexibility of a laptop.

  • Desktop

When it comes to desktop portability, they are much bigger hence not portable. Additionally, every desktop needs a power outlet & a screen.

Desktops allow extensive input/output support. That’s the ability to join outside devices. This is available via the motherboard or expansion slot-devices which are connected through the PCIe like a discrete graphics card.

Additionally, the case may also give more connectivity choices like front-facing audio ports and USB. Thus, it will support more monitors, extra USB-connectivity options, non-standard peripherals, and extra dynamic & gaming stations.


  • Laptops

When buying a laptop, you’ll choose depending on the core components. They include storage space, RAM, GPU, and CPU. Sometimes you will also consider the display.

On laptops, there may be flexible customization. But, you will still be using the same hardware until you buy a different machine.

You will also be using the same visual design on laptops until you buy a new machine. With laptops, you’ll have less amount of customization choice, including custom paint-jobs & keyboard backlighting.

  • Desktops

With desktops, customization is the biggest advantage. One can swap-out hardware. Thus, you will have exactly what you need.

With a desktop, you will have a diversity of custom-hardware choices. You will be able to overclock one’s CPU & ensure the best temperatures with a routine liquid-cooling loop.

Furthermore, Desktops offer a highly-regulated performance. It has customized hardware which enables one to confirm that one’s PC is functioning at its best performance.

Furthermore, it has more space which means that there will be more surface area in a desktop as compared to a laptop.

Thus, there will be more space for pieces of stuff like strong cooling solutions. Additionally, you can install fans and all-in-one CPU-coolers.

Furthermore, you can have complex-custom cooling loops that offer you exactly engineered heat solutions for one’s specific tool demands.

With desktops, you will have many aesthetic choices. Additionally, desktops allow for the best aesthetic variant as well.

You’ll be able to select from case color, different sizes, brands, visual designs & specifications in every component.

Hardware Upgrades

  • Laptop

They have a compact design which makes it hard to upgrade. Some of the laptops will allow you to upgrade storage space or RAM.

But, upgrading the GPU or CPU is almost not practical to the average user. This is because on many laptops processors & graphics-cards are soldered to the motherboard and others are hard to access. When you buy a laptop, you will be using the same internal component unless you buy a different machine.

  • Desktop

Most desktops are upgrade friendly. Its modular layout allows the parts to be replaced with ease. This allows one to upgrade the hardware as required.

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Moreover, this will reduce the cost of buying new ones. You will also keep your machine up-to-date with the use of the latest components.


In-terms of performance both modern gaming laptop vs desktop offer incredible performance. But, desktops still offer the best performance edge when it gets to high-end parts & thermal considerations.


Generally, a gaming-laptop will cost one twice as much as the cost of setting up a desktop for gaming. Moreover, with gaming laptops, you’ll have to buy a screen, mouse, & mechanical keyboard. Yet, the cost will vary depending on the kind of components that you will choose.


Laptops have a smaller amount of RAM compared to gaming PCs. Moreover, they have space for more RAM to improve performance.

Additionally, gaming laptops don’t offer scope for fitting more SSDs or Hard drives. The only option is replacing the current HDD/SSD or use external storage.

In gaming desktops, you will have more SATA ports. This allows one to install extra storage in the form of SSDs/ HDDs. With this, you will have the best gaming experience.


The current gaming laptops come with improved sound output performance. The rich sound improves one’s gaming experience.

Moreover, a laptop fan may interfere with its continuous whirring. With gaming desktops, they have many output options.

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The central processing unit in laptops is weaker than in a gaming desktop. Some gaming laptops have in-built desktop CPUs into their tinny-chassis.

Furthermore, gaming desktops that have high-end CPUs offer an unmatched gaming experience. They also enable CPU-customization.


GPU power is among the major things for one to consider when choosing a gaming desktop/laptop. Mobile-versions of GPU are weaker as matched to its desktop counterparts & cost more.

Additionally, GPUs in gaming laptops produce more heat. Moreover, when it’s not cooled, it may lead to damage to the motherboard. GPUs in gaming desktops come with a competitive edge compared to laptops.

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Gaming Laptop Rental guide

Gaming laptops are mainly meant to be used to play games, and not to remain on all day long. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t have their uses. There are many gaming laptop rental services that you can use. 

These are companies that rent out gaming laptops so that you can play games for a period of time. Usually, most gaming laptops fall into this range. A gaming laptop rental is generally much more expensive than a normal computer, but also heavier and bulkier.

We do have a few recommendations when it comes to gaming laptop rentals. The best recommendation is to talk to someone that works at the company renting the laptops. Ask them to recommend a company that they use or maybe get recommendations from friends and family. It may take a while to find one that works, but it’s worth it in the end.

When it comes to gaming laptop rentals, remember that most of them will require you to return the laptops to the place of rental with a full refund. Keep this in mind if you are ever in doubt about what the company’s policies are. Also, you may want to make sure that the rental place checks to see if you actually need the new computer before returning it.


Having the right information between gaming laptop & gaming desktop, you’ll be able to choose the best. But, a gaming desktop seems to have better points which make it more suitable when it comes to gaming.

Furthermore, a gaming desktop cost less compared to laptops & offers a better gaming experience. When considering portability above performance, gaming laptops are the best. Furthermore, gaming laptops are upgraded every day to reduce the performance gap.

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