What You Need to Know About Garage Conversions – 5 Important Tips To Know

Introduction to Garage Conversions

It’s no secret that garages are a dumping site for many people. From unused furniture to old belongings and miscellaneous objects, garages harbour many unnecessary items that homeowners don’t want to throw away.

Luckily, you can put this space to good use by converting it into usable space like an extra room or increasing the size of an existing room. However, before starting your garage conversions, there are a few things you need to know. These include?

1. How much does a garage conversion cost?

Typically, garage conversions are expensive, but their benefits far outweigh their costs as you get to enjoy extra living space.

For a standard garage conversion, expect to pay anything between $20 000 and $75 000, depending on the specifications of your garage space.

2. Factors that affect garage conversion cost

Your garage conversion cost can differ significantly based on whether:

  • Your foundation needs reinforcing
  • Your garage’s ceiling height needs raising
  • Your garage needs insulation
  • You opt for an external or internal garage – external garages are more expensive
  • Your floors, walls, and roofs are in bad condition Simply discuss with your contractor to get an estimate for your garage conversion.

3. How long does a garage conversion take?

How long your garage conversion takes depends on the scale and scope of the project. Generally, a single garage conversion can take anywhere between one week and one month. But, expect delays, particularly if you need permits or approvals.

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4. Do you need planning permission for a garage conversion?

Usually, you don’t require planning permission since garage conversions are internal. However, if you want to significantly change the exterior of your home or convert your garage into a separate house, you may need planning permissions.

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You can check with local building regulations or speak to an expert such as Levi Design Build to identify what planning permissions you might need.

5. Garage conversion uses

You can convert your garage into another lounge, a larger kitchen, gym, office, utility room, or bedroom. Additionally, you can convert it into an extra bathroom provided you install adequate ventilation to prevent moisture problems.

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