Generator Cover to Safeguard Your Valuable Unit – 3 Valuable Points

Introduce to Generator Cover

A power generator is a valuable possession, and most households and offices have one or more of various types of light and heavy-duty generators. But when it comes to protecting the generators with a good cover while not in use is not a consideration that many people make. If you have a generator at the office or home, usually kept outside, it is important to protect this unit to ensure its long-life and cut down the maintenance cost over time. Ensure that you buy a suitable one and it will last for a long time.

When you leave your generators outside, you are exposed to much environmental harm like the sun’s heat, UV rays, snowfall, rain, dampness, moisture, and so on. A good protective cover will safeguard the unit from all these risks and help extend its life.

Choice of a good generator cover

Choice of a good generator cover
Choice of a good generator cover

To ensure optimum protection to your Genset, make sure that you choose the right fitting cover. The cover should not easily slip off or be blown off by winds. If it is smaller or bigger than the generator, you compromise on the complete coverage, and it will not serve the purpose. Having the right fit will help you reduce any moisture building up inside the unit and prevent any mold, dust, or mildew, etc. You also need to ensure that the unit is covered fully from top to bottom to avoid any water seepage and other threats.

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Taking measurements

To order a good fitting generator cover, you need first to take the unit’s measurements and identify which size cover will be fitting it well. Here are some tips to take the proper measurements of your Genset.

  • Height: Take a perfect measure of the Genset from the group level to the unit’s topmost portion.
  • Length: Measure one side of the Genset to the other across the unit. Take the measurement edge-to-edge.
  • Width: Take the front-to-back measurement and end-to-end measurement of the unit.
  • Depth: Measure the side of the generator.

Once you have noted down all these measures, you can do online research to see which standard size generator covers fit your needs perfectly. If you are using a well-known brand of the generator set, then there is also an option to custom search for covers matching your unit’s model. If you are going to a local store, make sure that you take the measurements properly and reassure that it is the best fitting one for your unit. Also, check with the store whether you can exchange it for another better one if you find it not fitting well to your unit after trying it out.

When searching online, you can see a wide range of products available as generator covers to put you into confusion. With your ideal measures and material choice, first, shortlist a few good products and then conduct a side-by-side comparison of the options to see what features distinguish one from another to identify your best choice.

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