How to Get the Best Sound from Your Record Player – 3 Best Points

Introduction to Get the Best Sound from Your Record Player

How to Get the Best Sound from Your Record Player

As a vinyl enthusiast, having a smooth, clean audio experience is of the utmost importance. That being said, those who have just purchased a record player may not be aware of all the care and maintenance required for an optimal sound experience every time you play your favorite records. If you want to get the best vinyl record sound from your record player time and time again, then read on for a few helpful tips to ensure top sound quality now and in the future.

Setup Contributes Heavily to Your Sound Experience
Setup Contributes Heavily to Your Sound Experience

1. Remember that Your Setup Contributes Heavily to Your Sound Experience

Record sound quality isn’t always representative of your record player or the quality of the records. In fact, your current setup could be contributing to less-than-ideal sound quality. So, when you get your hands on the record player of your dreams, how are you supposed to place it in a way that makes every session sound great?

  • Keep Your Turntable Level

    If your record player is angled, then you’ll find that it can affect the sound quality and make it more difficult for it to function optimally. Whether you’ve decided to place your record player on its own dedicated shelf or on a small table, make sure that your turntable is as level as possible to promote better audio quality.

  • Avoid High-Traffic Areas

    Record players can pick up minor vibrations, causing feedback while you’re listening to your records. No matter where you decide to place your record player, make sure that it’s far away from high-traffic areas where disturbances are common. Otherwise, every move may be reflected in the audio coming out of your speaker.

  • Stay Away from Speakers and Other Sources of Vibrations

    Placing your record player near your speakers is another common mistake that many new owners make. As per the previous suggestion, keep your record player away from your speakers and other major sources of vibrations in order to avoid feedback.

With the right record player setup, you can maintain high-quality audio seamlessly.

2. Record Sound Quality & Record Care

Record Sound Quality & Record Care
Record Sound Quality & Record Care

Caring for vinyl records is arguably the most important thing to focus on if you’re concerned about sound quality. After all, if your records are in poor condition, there’s nothing you can do to return them to the state they need to be in to offer you the sound you’re looking for. The good news? Caring for your records is easy with the right guidance. To ensure that your records remain in excellent condition, you should:

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  • Clean Them Regularly

    Records that have been allowed to accumulate dust and grime will not play properly. Always have record cleaner, record brushes, and a soft, lint-free towel that you can use to wipe away moisture and any remaining dirt. Remember, records get dirty over time (even without constant use). Clean them as often as you need to!

  • Keep Them Protected

    Storing your vinyl records in record sleeves prevents dust from building up on your record. Keep your records in sleeves at all times until you’re ready to take them out and play them.

  • Store Them Properly

    Some new vinyl users may store their records on top of one another or even at a slant. Unfortunately, this positioning can cause warping that will ruin your records. No matter where you choose to store them, make sure that your records are covered in a sleeve, standing upright, and placed vertically rather than horizontally with enough room so there’s no extra pressure being applied to surrounding discs.

If you follow these key rules, you should have excellent records that sound stunning for years to come.

3. Keep Your Stylus Clean

Keep Your Stylus Clean
Keep Your Stylus Clean

You may take excellent care of your records, only to find that overall sound quality seems to be lacking for every record you play. What gives? Another important focus for vinyl record lovers is the stylus on your record player. When your stylus gets dirty, it can impact the sound of every record, regardless of its condition. If you’re experiencing sound issues, then wipe down your stylus to clear it of any grime and try again!

Better Sound Comes With Proper Maintenance

Loving the sound of vinyl records requires you to leverage your passion for them to properly care for your equipment. If you want great sound, it’s as simple as:

  • Setting up your record player so that it’s in an optimal position to put out great sound during each play
  • Taking proper care of your records so that they can offer excellent sound quality when played
  • Cleaning your stylus and maintaining your record player

As long as you focus on these three items, you can guarantee that your record player will provide you with the crisp, clear sound that every vinyl record enthusiast wants from their collection.

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