5 Best Ideas To Give Your Sweet Home An Ethnic Look For Upcoming Festivals

Introduction to Give Your Sweet Home An Ethnic Look

Indian art and craft have enamored people from all across the globe. India is a hub of culture, heritage, and history. Indian art, culture, festivals bring in people from all over the world, to enjoy some unique natural beauty of this world.

Festivals not only bring people from outside India but it’s the time when relatives, friends, and family are going to get together and celebrate.

Dussehra is one of the great and one of the biggest festivals of India, which is celebrated in almost every part of the country with joy, pomp, and devotion. Actually, the main occasion is Navaratri, which is also called Durga Puja by Hindus, in the honor of goddess Durga.

In the mythology goddess, Durga killed an evil naming ‘Mahisasur’ on the tenth day of this period, which is called Dussehra. In some parts of India, Dussehra is considered the focal point of this festival.

India is not only for some selective festivals. According to a lot of people, India is the country of festivals. So, it is most obvious that in these times relatives, friends from all over the country and world want a get together with loveable persons and family members.

So in these times cleaning and renovating the house becomes one of the major and most vital work for us. Here are the 5 best ideas to give your sweet home an ethnic look during these festivals.

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Clean and make space:

Give Your Sweet Home An Ethnic Look
Give Your Sweet Home An Ethnic Look

A spacious room is loved by all. But most of us love to use things but can not put it back at the same place from where we took it. Thus day by day it occupies a lot of space in our room.

So, in this condition, we need to take care of our room as a temple. We should clean our room renovate it and throw that thing which you don’t use.

(You can give away those things to some needy poor). A clean house attracts positivity, removes all negative source of energies, and fill with blessings of God.

Disposing of old and useless things:

We all have an intension to keep some previously used things in our room. There can be three reasons for it:

Firstly, after using it we don’t care about these things and sometimes we just erase these from our mind, that this kind of things we have used in previous days. As a result, these occupy some places in our room.

Secondly, we all like memories. Some of us really love to live with old memories. Probably something is related to old memories may be old gifts, pens, cards, toys, and many others are just take a huge place in a room on account of becoming someone’s memory of past days in the future days.

And lastly, the collecting mentality. Some of us like to collect things from childhood like tickets, coins, passes, toothpick, paper cutting, rank cards, cards, invitation cards, etc. These things can be the reason for the blockage of spaces in the room.

So, to make your room clear and organize it in a beautiful manner you must be taken care of the upper mentioned things. Point out those things that are no use in the long future, and dispose of those things in a proper manner.

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Use room freshener and scent:

To make your house more attractive and amazing you have to use some abstract things like room freshener, scented flower, etc. But keep in mind that the scent must be lighter.

Actually, light scent blows our mind and makes us nostalgic. Thus we can take some lighter scent throughout a long period of time. On the other hand, if you use some hard or wild scent in your room/house it will be a reason for the headache of the visitors as well as your own family members also dislike this.

Because, as we know the chance of air passing in the room is not so higher, thus your room will turn like a gas chamber, and the people will feel suffocated and exhausted. And it will create a bad impact on your visitor’s mind.

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Use LED lights to make your room more attractive:

Give Your Sweet Home An Ethnic Look
Give Your Sweet Home An Ethnic Look

Throughout the year we all use white light like tube light, bulb, etc. in our room. So, it’s so natural for us and as well as for our visitors. Son in these festive seasons you must focus on decorating your room with some extra and unique lights which will really attract your visitors and blow their mind to an unknown destination.

Here we will suggest you to use some unique LED light ideas to make your room attractive in these festive seasons. There are a number of benefits of using LED lights. These are:

  • LED lights are the cheapest light in the market. So you can buy a huge amount of light in your budget.
  • LED lights are flexible. Among all the lights in the market best flexible light is LED light, unlike tube light or CFL light you can use LED light for several purposes and make it portable easily. As it just only needs a plug point to light. On the other hand tube light or some other light need some proper stand, high voltage, and some other things. So in point of portability LED is the best option to decorate your room to blow anyone’s mind.
  • LED lights are less power consuming. LED is the only light which can turn on only in 2 volts. So to save electricity and the consumption of power LED is the best choice for you.
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Use fresh flowers:

Give Your Sweet Home An Ethnic Look
Give Your Sweet Home An Ethnic Look

The flower is a thing that is loved by each and every person in this world. And as per the Hindu ritual flower is the ornament of god and goddess.

So using flowers in your room expresses the creative thoughts and softness of the householder. Most naturally everyone will admire the house holder’s creative thought by seeing an adorable manner of decorating unique flowers by unique ideas.

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