6 Reasons: Why Developers Should Use Golang for Mobile App Development

Introduction to Golang for Mobile App Development

Nowadays, mobile app development is the most popular and engaging area in the field of software development. There are so many languages available for mobile app development and Golang is one of the most emerging programming languages.

It has been around for more than a decade but gained a tremendous amount of popularity in the last 5 years and the apps using Golang are rapidly increasing. In this blog, we are going to discuss the benefits of using Golang for mobile app development.

What is Go or Golang?

Golang or Go is an open-source programming language, it was developed in 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google but launched in 2009.

It is known as the pocket-friendly programming language. The goals behind the Go project were to eliminate the slowness and clumsiness of software development and thereby to make the process more productive and scalable.

It is designed in a way that mobile apps developed with Golang will always be compatible with future technologies such as AI, ML, Cloud Computing, etc.

Also, it has a strong standard library. You can use it for system and network programming, Big data, ML, Audio and video editing, and more.

The technological compatibility and cross-platform support enable enterprises to create rich, high performant, and scalable mobile apps with a minimum budget and time consumption.

The extensive use of Golang for mobile apps is because of its API layer’s authority, strong standard library, and more.

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Major benefits of using Golang for app development are:

1.   Cross-platform language

Golang was developed with the intention to combine the C programming language’s syntax with the features from modern languages.

Go offers type inheritance, pointer arithmetic, operator overloading, and other features. It can be used in various different platforms that work on mobile devices as well such as UNIX, Linux, Windows, and other operating systems.

There has been tremendous growth since the year 2016 due to its pragmatic nature and it is easy to learn. In fact, Golang won the best programming language title in the year 2017.

Many big companies like Facebook, Twitter, IBM, The New York Times, BBC, Dropbox, Apple, and Google are using Golang in some of their apps.

Golang has become the choice for cross-platform app development by a large number of developers because of its simplicity of the code and safety.

2.   Faster and cheaper

Golang has simple structures and syntax, it is free of type inheritance and classes’ i.e. Golang does not support classes so inheritance takes place through struct embedding.

Also, the language is easy to learn as it is based on functions. There are many characteristics that make Golang faster and cheaper.

It is becoming the choice of many forms because, with Golang, apps can be planned, developed, and launched in the market in a short time.

Its resources are affordable in comparison to those offered by Python threads. Features that supplement its performance are the Concurrency model and enhanced CPU scalability.

Its concurrency is as efficient as of Java, C++, and C, Its concurrent nature helps in saving time as it allows us to run multiple models simultaneously. Golang offers a fast and efficient formatting tool called Gofmt that helps in saving time in the process.

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3.   Efficient use of allocated memory

Since Golang is a compiled language, it does not need interpretation. It helps the app to ensure better performance by freeing up power.

The user gets the best possible experience as the allocated memory is used correctly. Apps developed with Go show better performance as the app remains less demanding when it comes to system requirements which results in increased scalability. Also, the chances of Go-powered apps getting crashed remains lesser because of its non-system thread nature.

4.   Secured framework

Golang is a strongly and statically typed language so the entire framework remains secured. Developers are recommended to be straightforward about the type of data that needs to be passed through.

5.   Rich library

It comes with built-in functions and a rich library so that developers do not require third-party widgets. It offers packages that can help in handling cryptography, I/O, web server, and more. Also, there is large community support from 1.63 million dedicated and expert developers.

6.   GoDoc tool

Golang offers the GoDoc tool that helps in analyzing code for creating documentation pages. With Golang, it is not required to use any other language like JSDoc, PHPDoc, and JavaDoc, it can extract information from code to create structure, outline, and format documentation.

It becomes more easy and comfortable to get links from version control repositories, cross-referencing, and code examples because of formatted and structured technical documentation from GoDoc.


Golang was built with an objective to make lives easier for programmers rather than creating a language for academic pursuits.

It is largely appreciated by developers worldwide because it is concurrent, maintainable, easy to learn, and has built-in testing tools.

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Also, most of the cloud providers offer SDKs that can work with Go-powered apps. Google is embracing the potential of Golang. Recently, Google released a bunch of Go-powered apps that include Google Go, YouTube Go, Files Go, Maps Go, Google Assistance Go, Gboard Go, and Gmail Go.

There is a huge potential for Golang in the upcoming time. According to the TIOBE index for Go, Go has shown tremendous growth in recent years gaining 13th position in 2017 from 54th position in 2013. by providing a wide variety of activities and services Golang is all set to become one of the most preferred languages in the future.

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Under his leadership, Simpalm has delivered 300+ mobile apps and web solutions to clients in startups, enterprises, and the federal sector.

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