What is Google Discover And 7 Ways To Benefit From It

Introduction to Google Discover

Technology is an ever-growing and changing aspect of our society. Google has always proved to be ahead of the curve in terms of next-generation technology applications.

The recent feature Google Discover is a unique step and may prove to be a revolutionizing one in search engine history. It’s common that Google started with a search engine, and now it is transforming what it had founded.

Google Discover is a new google search platform, which lets you experience the search query. Let it be about current affairs, sports, entertainment, and whatnot.

According to your search history, Google will automatically provide you with suggestions of what you might be looking to search. Now you don’t need to type and search; Google is ready with pages you might be seeking.

The idea behind this feature is to have a software in which the user doesn’t even need to make the searching efforts, but engaging and necessary suggestions will already be there for him.

Now, this is a real opportunity for digital marketers, especially in the specialization of SEO and content. To even increase its usability and satisfaction, the software is specifically optimized for mobile phones.

How Does It Work?

As per the product announcement, Google Discover has two primary mechanisms to determine the content to filter for each user’s preference.

  1. First is to leverage the Google News AI/ML to let the system know about the user’s perception over various topics that may interest them, whether too much or too low. This enables the system to draw the opinion of the user.
  2. Secondly, they’ll use the Topic Layer in the Knowledge Graph to understand the specific interests of users and their nature over time.

These two processes are the basis of Google’s promise to query less search. The fundamental part of this change is understanding the individual user, which will replace the ongoing concept of understanding a single query.

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With time, the queries have also gotten complex, and now individuals type in different and bit complex ways. Also, there’s a personalization and customization trend in consumers.

Google Discover will also cater to the need for personalized and customized feed for users, which will be based on their perception. Other aspects that will also play a vital role in this are the user’s search history, browser history, and app activity.

How Google Discover Can Help Your Business to Grow?

Google Discover has a distinct feature for users, which is called ‘Collections’ Basically being a search engine platform, Google Discover offers the user a space to organize the content they find interesting.

Users can also add pages of news, products, launches, and other vital content pieces. Also, the user can invite others to contribute to your collections.

From the business point of you, this application also functions as an analytic tool that helps users measure the traffic they are getting from the Discover platform.

This allows you to view and assess web traffic that is explicitly resulting from Google Discover. This data helps businesses know the content that is performing best, and further, the non-performing one can be driven out.

Other than driving-out, the underperforming data can be updated as per the company’s data, which is performing well.

Google discover also has provided users with helpful information that can provide them with answers to pressing options. This will be done through Google Search Console. Google Discover report includes:

  • Traffic to the site by Discover.
  • Your well-performing and underperforming content on Google Discover.
  • How often your website appears on Discover.
  • Performance of your content on Discover over traditional search results

Such information will enable a business to enhance its content strategy and Google rankings. Like every search engine platform, you’ll have to optimize your content for Google Discover as well.

Ways To Optimize Your Website For Google Discover

  1. Content Quality

The aspect that impacts digital marketing the most is content. A digital marketer shall know, quality over quantity is the main thing.

The articles, blogs, and web pages shall answer the readers’ queries. You shall also look at how your competitors’ content is performing on Discover.

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This feature has also increased the standards of quality. Now your content needs to be relevant, engaging, attractive and appealing to the readers.

Using the trending data, updated statistics, and marketing strategies to magnify your content is a good option. Use long-tail keywords, grammatical and vocabulary wise rich phrases, high-quality and relevant images, and illustrative graphics on your post. The better you understand the user’s mind frame for the search, the more your content seems optimized.

  1. Using High-quality Visuals

The primary difference between Discover and other search engine options is visual search queries, including high visuals in your content.

This way, you can ensure high visibility on the platform. Also, Google has hinted that Discover’s content can rank on searches based on the quality of material and the link between the viewer’s interest and the content.

For this, a digital marketer shall make sure that they keep publishing content that engages the readers, and they use high-quality visuals, including videos, photos, infographics, and graphics.

  1. Create Exciting Videos

Many businesses lack in terms of creating and sharing videos. They can be footage of the site, workplace, advertisement, animation, or more.

Discover will make your content more irresistible to consumers if it includes high-quality visuals. On top of it, videos have also gained more prominence in recent times.

Therefore, marketers shall have different types of videos that will keep the target market engaged. Videos can also ensure increased social media engagement and ranking on Google.

  1. Get Followers on Google Discover

It’s not followers actually, but like many social media platforms, even on Google Discover, you need to be added by people to view your content.

Discover software is a remarkable one with many fascinating capabilities. As it allows the users to add a topic to their collections, so when your pages are added in many collections, it ranks up your website as well.

Make your audience aware of the fact that they can add you to know about your content more. When Google will select your blog or post for showing it on Discover, the users who have added you will get notified.

  1. Have Optimized Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

The AMPs are the next big deal in digital marketing. They enhance the user experience of the website when they visit it through their mobile.

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Today most users access websites and other data through their phones only. This has become a considerate factor for increasing your Google ranking factor.

A web page that loads faster inevitably increases consumer satisfaction. When it doesn’t, the consumer is likely to jump to the next website, decreasing your search ranking.

  1. Publish Long-lasting and Trendy Content

Google Discover purely works on quality. The more your content is long-lasting and trending, and the better are its chances of being accepted by Google Discover.

It helps users keep up to date with what is trending in the industry. Discover selects both the trending content and long-lasting materials.

The content should be relevant enough to engage, solve a problem, and entertain the reader. Luckily, this is a win-win marketing strategy for Google as well as the business.

Quality content is more beneficial to a business than just for Google Discover. Such content will surely increase your site traffic, improve brand awareness, generate leads, and make more sales.

  1. Conduct Competitor Research

Underestimating your competitor is the worst thing you can do. Competitors also have a professional digital marketing team and experts.

If your post doesn’t get selected on discover and your competitor has, you can surely learn from them. Competitor analysis also gives you an idea of the trend and what’s going on in the market.

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