8 Great Ways to Propose: Take Your Relation to a New Dimention

Introduction to Great ways to Propose

Back in time, it was only men who used to propose. But now, many things have changed. Women also propose these days. It has become possible due to the equality between men and women.

But at the same time, with this, pressure has also increased. Owing to the growing dominance of social media, people feel like they have to do something extraordinary to be worthy of posting on social media.

People like to publicize these moments on their Instagram handles. The proposal is an emotional and faithful experience for people and frames the big moment of their life.

If one defines a proposal, then it is a promise made to someone to stay by their side always. The problem is that everyone knows about their feelings and wants to propose and confess to their partner but what they don’t know is how to propose to their loved one.

It is a big question, and one should not take it lightly. We will help you in your journey towards love. We have shortlisted some of the great ways to propose to make your proposal the best.

Great ways to Propose
Great ways to Propose

Great ways to propose

Plan an adventure-

The first thing which both of you should realize is that love is an adventure. If you and your girl are adventure lovers, then you should plan an adventure proposal. You can schedule a picnic and ask your partner under the constellations and stars.

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Propose under stars-

If your girl is a nature lover, you opt for the sunrise and sunset scenes to make your proposal the best and most outstanding.

It will be a perfect backdrop for your proposal. You can propose to her by saying that you are the sunshine of my life. She will love this super cheesy line of yours and will say yes.

Take her to Disneyland- 

If you want your proposal to be like a fairy tale, then you can go to a Disney park. Get the Disney magic into your life. Another way is to write on the snow- I love you, will you marry me?

Write on the sand-

Take her to her favorite beach and propose there. Make use of the sand in the most creative way. For instance, write on the sand- I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you be mine forever? It will take her heart away.

Decorate a room- 

There are numerous great ways to propose to your loved ones. Another one is that you can book a room for the two of you in a hotel. Just booking the room isn’t enough.

It would help if you decorated it too. Think something creative for this. Like you can take pictures of both of you over all the years which you have spent together and paste it there. She will go crazy over this idea of yours and will burst into tears after getting such a proposal from your side.

Plan a riddle-

When it’s about a proposal, then games are the best option. Plan a carnival night for her and in that let it be her favorite game. And keep the ring as the prize.

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Along with the ring, propose to her and ask for her love. Love hunt is also an excellent option to choose from. What you need to do in this is plan a riddle for her. Give her clues until she finally gets it that you love her.

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Write poetry-

You know her better, like what she likes and what she dislikes. If she likes poetry or Shayari, then write for her. Don’t copy someone else’s poetry. Think from the heart and express your feelings to her by way of poetry.

Get a customized shirt- 

These days, a lot of things can get customized. You can also think of something along these lines. If your girl is a bit filmy, then plan something of this sort for her.

Get a customized shirt for yourself with words written- will you marry me? And wear that shirt when you meet her. It’s impressive, right.

Movie date-

What about a movie date? Sounds interesting, right. You can incorporate a movie date and propose to her amidst the movie.

Hold her hand during the movie, plant a soft kiss on her hand, and say those magical words. She will not be able to resist herself and will say yes to your proposal.

Go to Paris-

Take her on vacation to the city of love. I mean Paris. Paris is a beautiful place when it comes to romance. You can purchase a beautiful heart pendant for her and propose to her. Make sure to go in the winter season as it is incredibly romantic in winters.

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Dedicate a song- 

Lastly, sing a song for her and express your feelings with a piece of music. Dedicate a love song to her, which will convey your feelings towards her. Besides this, remember that girls love pampering. Pamper her and confess your love.


The proposal ideas mentioned above are some of the great ways to propose. These proposal ideas will make your love beautiful. She will cherish this forever in her heart and will say yes.

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