Guide to a Healthy Heart Beyond 2021

Introduction to Guide to a Healthy Heart

Heart health is very crucial for everyone, be it young or old or men or women. No matter the age or gender, heart health needs to be given utmost importance and taking good care of your heart need not necessarily stem from heart ailments.

Even if you are young and healthy and have no heart conditions at present, it is still a good practice to take care of your heart. Even the best heart surgery hospitals in Bangalore or Delhi or Mumbai or even abroad would recommend taking good care of your heart from the start so that you do not end up with life-threatening conditions such as heart attacks, heart failures or cholesterol.

The Human Heart

The Human Heart is capable of pumping out blood 3 billion times throughout the entire life, and that roughly comes up to 60 to 80 times per minute. Each pump carries around 6 litres of blood to various parts of the body. The heart’s job is the most pivotal of all as it involves pumping out fresh oxygenated blood to every single cell and carrying the used blood back to the heart.

The Valves, the arteries and the various chambers inside the heart form the most important parts of the heart. The sinoatrial valve is responsible for the electrical pulse that we often hear and chart out using various scanning technologies such as ECG and EEG.

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A healthy heart requires all its arteries and valves functioning effectively. The pulse needs to stay in the same systematic rhythm. When one or more of these processes are disturbed, a person may go into, what is called a heart attack, a heart failure or a cardiac arrest. Although all these terms refer to the stopping of the heart’s functions, medically speaking, they all carry different meanings.

Taking care of Your Heart

The key thing to prevent heart attacks and heart failures is to start young. Start when it comes to taking care of your heart as this does so much in creating a good lifestyle and makes the other parts of your body as well to follow suit. Below are some of the tips for taking good care of your heart.

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Healthy Diet

It is said that a healthy body is 80% healthy diet, 10% exercise and 10% commitment to good health. When it comes to heart health, everything lies in what you eat, more than what you don’t eat. Include plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, pulses and cereals, whole foods and nuts.

These are the basics of your regular diet, and one must strive to inculcate all of these in their daily diet for a perfect lifestyle. Salads and Soups, foods that are easily digested and well absorbed are preferred when it comes to heart health. Consuming healthy oils such as olive oil is also recommended.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is vital to get your heart pumping. Doing cardio once or twice a week is excellent for your heart as it works the heart muscles and keeps it away from ailments. Cardio workouts such as swimming, walking, jogging, running or even dancing are great for improving blood circulation in the body and keeps the heart in good shape. Yoga and meditation can help relieve mental stress and therefore helps in calming the heart. Stress plays a vital role in disturbing the heart’s health.

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Avoiding the ‘Slow Poisons’

Fast foods, foods laid with sugar, salt, spice and grease are considered slow poison for the heart and the body. Junk food can ruin your body by accumulating fat and increasing the cholesterol in the blood. Alcohol and cigarettes are also very bad for your heart’s health as they impair bodily functions and put stress on the heart.

All these things tend to increase the bad cholesterol in the body and accumulate fat which leads to weight gain. This makes it difficult for the heart to stay in good shape and perform its functions.

Regular check-up is crucial if you are someone above the age of 40. Maintaining a good heart also depends upon your other health conditions, therefore visit your doctor regularly If you do suspect any symptoms relating to the heart such as chest pain, fatigue, dizziness and pain in the left arm.

Do visit the best heart surgery hospitals in Bangalore and seek a good cardiologist. A yearly check-up and conducting all the essential scans for the heart is quite useful to avoid any uncertainty and keeping a tab on your heart’s health.


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