5 Minutes Guide To Mussorie – A Historical Agony

Introduction to Guide To Mussorie

Wonder how one hill station can provide you with historical glory along with the agony of people rushing to save their lives? What if we tell you how a hill station became home for the invaders and overseas for the native Indians.

Yes, we are talking about the queen of hills and the loner’s wonderland Mussorie.

Once home to the Britishers, Mussorie stands at an altitude of 6758 ft in the Shivalik ranges. India being a diverse country has its geographical boundaries starting from the Great Himalayas also known as the ‘Himadri’ followed by Himachal and the Shivalik.

No other country such as India is this beautiful to own lands like Mussorie in the Shiwaliks or the lower Himalayas.

Mansur, a shrub grown in the undeniable land of Mussoorie brought Mussoorie its name and glory. once very less populated hill town now stands at over 35000 people.

Residing in the district of Dehradun, once conquered by the Great Umer Singh Thapa in the 1800s led to the establishment of Mussorie often referred to as Mansuri by Native Indians.

The beautiful wonder of nature was captured by the British once war broke out between the Thapa Regime and Britishers which made Mussorie the home for the British.

Digging out the history of the Invaders it is believed that Britishers must have destroyed the beautiful Mussoorie and brought down its glory but in fact, it was the British who brought Electricity to the hill town nearly 120 years ago.

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During a recent interview with a British Indian family, Indiapost found how the Family forefathers resided in a posh bungalow in Uttarakhand and sang their beautiful anthem ‘God Save The Queen’ while seeing Electricity in the hill town for the very first time!

As quoted by Jones Arrow Macualy his great grandfather loved how Indians in Mussoorie were fascinated about street lights being brought up by the Britishers to lit up the beautiful markets situated in Mussorie.

One such place where the War Veteran himself Mr. Adam Benedict Macualy remembers as the place to where electricity was considered hostile to the household environments among Indians – The Gandhi Chowk.

They were scared of the devastating effects of electricity.

Moving towards the Establishment it was none other than the Britishers who Commissioned the power station to bring up electricity and water to the land of wonders – Mussorie.

Then what made the town overseas for Indians and home for Britishers? the setting up of place of racial discrimination the white towns and the black towns along with the Great Loot.

Racial discrimination is not new to the world and the United Kingdom had been the root of this problem by considering themselves as a superiorly dominating white race.

Not only discrimination but loot led by the Britishers particularly the English East India Company made it clear to the Mansurians about how they’ve arrived to take over what was already ours.

Remembering one such incident with ‘Mrs. Anita Thapa Macaulay’ it was a Socially boycotting move if one married the British or the Invaders married the Natives.

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Mr. Maculay during the Interview describes how the then political Activist B.R. Ambedkar had a great Influence over the Dalits and the downtrodden and marrying a lady from the same caste brought him closer to Bhim Rao.

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With closer ties to Bhim Rao, Britishers were able to convey it to the people of Mussoorie especially Dalits how they found Mussorie as Mini Europe and could relate them as their own people.

although all of this was suggested by the EEIC to hail support of the native Indians and dig up their wells of fortune.

Since we all know how The British at several times looted the natives and destroyed their fortunes, but during this interview, we were able to know how the Macaulay family found the spark out of a wildfire which led to the establishment of their family and several other constructions in the Great Victorian style.

Wrapping up, and In order to support the Manurians or the people of Mussorie during this pandemic, we urge you to travel with all the SOP’s and precautions in place.

You may simply register at the official website and visit the place made by the love and blood of both British and Indians.

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