10 Hair Care Tips for Healthy Smiles

Introduction to Hair Care Tips

 Hair Care is one of our daily thought. Still, are we worrying about the hair?

Actually no, we think and let the thought to come back some other day. However, there is a need to rethink the losing strands. Diet is the primary step for a healthy lifestyle and so for the hair. Protein and iron are one of the essential nutrients required for hair growth and strength, that we should include in our balanced diet. If you recently got those flawed extensions, then you need to ensure that you are taking care of your hair correctly. Even you can go for lace font wigs to cover up the damage to your hair by heat and chemical treatments you went under in curiosity of trying something new. Despite, there are some pro tips which one must know to handle those stresses without any worry:-

  • Be Stress-free: In a day, losing 100-150 strands of hair is expected; therefore, there is no issue of concern when your tiled floor has few bunches of hair. Therefore do not take Stress; it might affect your strands.
  • Hair brushing or combing: Wet hair is weak and can break easily when combed without proper care. Never brush your hair when wet, or semi-dry, instead of that, let them get dry and then move your fingers from the roots down to the tips. Also, you can Comb your hair with a broad toothed comb, it easily detangles your hair, and there will be no further hair breakage. According to the hair type, consult your hairdresser to know the correct technique. Use a brush with soft bristles and comb twice a day thoroughly.
  • Hair Care: Trimming is significant if done every 6 to 8 weeks as it can stop the growth of split ends. Cut down one-fourth inch of those brown and rough hair. And you will never have to get worried about the dryness of hair.
  • Hair washing: Wash your hair twice a week and be gentle on the bonds by keeping head up while washing as it is the most appropriate method. Avoid washing hair daily, if necessary, then use the shampoo and conditioner. Moreover, apply conditioner at ends daily; it makes them smooth and shiny. Always use the conditioner after shampooing and that too of the same brand. Check the ingredients of both before buying as it should not contain the quantity of alcohol in it. Rinse off the conditioner from your hair with cold water only because it enhances the strength and maintains the shine of the hair. Warm water might disturb the production of the natural oil of the scalp. Sulfate in shampoos strip off the essential oils of the hair. Therefore, be careful with the labels on the shampoos and try to buys sulfate-free shampoos that are available in abundance in the market.
  • Hair Drying: Rubbing is not meant for wet hair, instead, squeeze your damp hair gently. It is advisable to allow hair to air dry but if you are using a blow-dry then ensure that you start from the roots of the bonds, further moving towards the shaft and the tips.
  • Dying and coloring: Dying or coloring both affect the quality of hair as it contains chemicals like ammonia, which may affect the roots of your hair and further the growth of hair. Do not try coloring your hair at home as you do not know the quantity to apply on hair. Extensions also withstand the styling methods but let it done by the professionals. And Avoidcolouring if hair gets dry. If you can’t resist yourself then for the solutions, take expert help as there are some alternatives that prevent the damage to hair after applying so many chemicals on hair.
  • Bedtime Tips: It is advisable to braid your hair before going to bed to get tangle-free hair in the morning. At night open tresses may get tangled, resulting in breakage.
  • Oiling Tips: Though our scalp has natural oil, still we should apply oil once a week to give some extra nourishment to the skin. As natural oils are not enough to provide moisturization to your strands in pollution and winter season. Just like your skin, your tangles need nourishment to look healthy and clean. Oiling also improves the blood circulation in the scalp, which is beneficial for the proper growth of your hair.
  • Sun Protection: As your skin needs protection from harmful UV rays of the sun, so is your hair. We might not ever think of anything like this, but UV radiation of the sun can indeed damage your tresses also. Therefore, always protect your hair either with a hat or with a cloth. Fortunately, there are various serums available to protect your hair from the scorching heat of the sun.
  • Heat and spray treatment: Avoid styling your hair using a heating rod and styling tools. Even though it enhances your charm at the party, but it damages the hair; making it look rough and dry in the long run affecting the growth of the hair. Setting spray or styling spray also affects the texture of your hair. If necessary, use heat damage preventing serums before using heat treatments or using setting sprays.
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Earlier, the styling was done on natural hair resulting in breakage and sometimes losing all strands. But, now with the advancement of technology, you can go for wigs and extensions that can give you a new look and will not affect your hair.

If you want to show off your tresses in the festive season extensions are all you need to get. But, again do not try to put those extensions at home, as you might end up detangling your hair.

Wigs are much more comfortable to wear than extensions, and also they are available in various colors that give a look of natural hair color. Opt for one that suits your skin tone to provide an extra brightness to your face.

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