9 Excellent Ways to Use Hair Styling Products Properly

Introduction to Hair Styling Products

A ‘good hair day’ can make a person look stunning. The business of Hair experts and the hairstylist is burgeoning because everyone wants to keep up with the secret to quick hair growth.

Your hair quality can be improved by using Biotin capsules along with accurately using the Hair treatment products. Hair vitamin with biotin is effective as it stimulates hair growth.

Hairstyling products and how to use them:


To apply properly, start by taking the gel and then distribute it equally in your hands. Apply it evenly and crunch your hair. Apply heat to help gel sink in your hair.

Hair conditioner:

Firstly apply a good shampoo and rinse your hair properly. Take the hair conditioner and apply it for the given time, which is usually 1-2 minutes. Avoid the crown area and run it evenly on the mid-section and end of the hair.

Hair/ smoothening cream:

If you want to add moisture to your hair, then you can apply a hair smoothening cream. When you haven’t washed your hair for a while, a smoothening cream gives shine to your hair and rules out the possibility of greasiness. Do not apply on the roots as it can weigh your hair down.

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Hair Spray:

A good hairstyle that stays in its place will only seek praise, but what if it loses its beauty because of the humidity and wind? Hair sprays come into play when you want to hold your hair in a particular look.

A word of caution: Always apply it from a distance of 8-12 inches because applying it from a super close distance can result in a greasy-look.

Hair Serum:

It will help in detangling your hair and makes it look shiny. For best results apply it on wet hair by taking 1-2 drops in your hand. Do not apply on the scalp, but distribute onto the rest of the area.

Hot oil treatment:

Apply the oil equally throughout your hair. Give yourself a massage so the oil can penetrate the roots. After 15-20 minutes, rinse your hair with a shampoo. You can wash your hair twice to make sure oil has completely washed off.

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To get healthy and lustrous hair, adopt these golden ways in your day to day routine:

Watch the quantity

If you have voluminous hair, you will require more product than the ones with fine hair. Even the length of your hair makes a difference because a small hair cut will require little product.

Apply the product on damp hair or towel-dried hair

Do not apply the product on wet hair because you do not want the product getting wasted because of the two possibilities:

1) The product gets dripped along with the water.

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2) The product doesn’t show useful results.

Hair Styling Products
Hair Styling Products

Comb after applying

To ensure each strand gets covered equally, first apply the product and then comb the hair. This will help in spreading the remaining product on the rest of the hair.

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