10 Hardwood Flooring Ideas That Would Uplift The Beauty Of Your Home

Introduction to Hardwood Flooring Ideas

Wood flooring is a traditional choice, and even with the penetration of wood-look flooring choices, there will forever be a demand for solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring.

If you believe that there are only limited ways one can select from flooring options for your house, we’re here to provide you a list of ten fantastic hardwood flooring ideas for your home.

1.  Greige Wood Floor

Hardwood Flooring Ideas
Hardwood Flooring Ideas

Greige has a subtle touch of gray with the bottom of beige. The greige wood floor shade goes nicely with nearly any other style in your home decor, filling out modern white looks or country browns and contrasting more bold shades of the house.

The Greige floor goes well with any space in the house. The unique color puts in a neat look to rooms and offers living rooms and entryways a luxury impression.

One thing is prominent; greige wood floors are the right choice if you’re searching for the finest flooring for resale.

2.  Grey wood Floor

Gray flooring, especially gray wood, has evolved abruptly over the last decade and has promptly become the most notable trend, not just for flooring but for houses in particular.

In addition to looking vogue and trendy, gray floors form the expression of a cool, modern home. They offer you a fair background for decorating in almost any color.

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Aquas, bright, bold shades, or even black and white – they will all suit with your smooth gray flooring.

3.  Whiteoak Wood Flooring

White oak flooring is exceptionally workable and trendy. It has character and a neat grain than your regular hardwood, establishing beautiful variation and a stylish aesthetic.

Despite keeping the term “white” in the title, this variety of wood has a versatile pigment palette, as it is darker than maple or red oak.

So you can get the tenderness of medium-toned wood flooring and the character of the white oak wood type.

4.  Bespoke Pattern

Hardwood Flooring Ideas
Hardwood Flooring Ideas

A home decorated with antiques, impressive artwork and treasures bought from around the globe deserves a unique flooring to fit your one-of-a-kind style.

Install the bespoke flooring. Here a basket weave pattern placed in tiles emerges as a welcoming entryway.

5.  Distressed Wood Floors

Hardwood Flooring Ideas
Hardwood Flooring Ideas

Distressed wood offers your flooring value, which develops a sensation in every area of the house it’s installed.

The whole concept behind distressed wood is that it seems like it shows up with a backstory. This flooring creates your house warm and homey. Also, the wood looks unique than any other hardwood flooring.

Mostly, the distressing carried out with the machines in the industry. Though, if you see a genuine aged lumbar that has driven through distress and buy it for your house, that will look just as incredible.

6.  Herringbone Pattern

Hardwood Flooring Ideas
Hardwood Flooring Ideas

First, let me clear up a small misunderstanding. Chevron and herringbone are very identical, but each has its significance.

While chevron floors need the wood planks to be flexed and come together to a notch, Herringbone attains an identical look by binding two planks at a 90-degree angle.

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This structure can provide your floor a focal point and create the area look more extensive, as the Herringbone angles are leaner.

Longer herringbone patterns will become super sensual over the next year, mainly among young homeowners.

Whether it’s in a small space, like a hallway, or a standard room like the kitchen, herringbone gives your floor a custom and unique look on a budget.

7.  Hand-Scraped Wood Floor

Hardwood Flooring Ideas
Hardwood Flooring Ideas

One of the more distinctive flooring finishes is the hand-scraped look. This skill is useful to make the floors look jagged while still looking dashing. With scrapes and knots, your floor will seem like it has been in your house for a long while.

Virtually, the wood grain is more vulnerable, giving your floors a rustic feeling that still looks valuable and unique.

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Because hand-scraped floors seem genuinely finished, they are stylish not only with younger homeowners but with more traditional homeowners, as well. The hand-scraped wood floor sensation is nearly approved to boost your home value.

8.  Painted Hardwood

Hardwood Flooring Ideas
Hardwood Flooring Ideas

Warm-up your house and give it a cozy feel, a cherished country cottage with painted floors. Not clear where to begin?

Select from one of the most favorite shades ( whites, greens, and grays) for a foundation that will fill out any home decor style.

9.  Various Plank sizes

Hardwood Flooring Ideas
Hardwood Flooring Ideas

Whether you’re renovating and repairing your busted floors or putting redeemed planks to utilize in the area, mixing and fitting several sizes is a must-try.

It’s both a cost-effective choice and a simple solution for spaces missing pieces of wood or planks.

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10.  Rustic Hardwood Flooring

Amongst the numerous floor decoration suggestions, one of those that hardly goes out of trend is hardwood flooring.

This flooring instantly makes your home look ancient and smart, bringing a feeling of a place that has housed families for time immortal.


When getting your home ready, the floor is the basis on which you lay plenty of your home’s interiors.

Straight from the surface for your living room to distinct bathroom flooring choices, the concepts are a dime a dozen.

A little productive consideration and practical proficiency can not only make your home functional but facilitate it to have a distinct character in itself as well.

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