9 Effective Tips to Get a Healthy Spine

Introduction to Healthy Spine

It is good to ask yourself whether you have a healthy spine? Are you experiencing back pains regularly or occasionally? If you have encountered such an issue, some tips come in handy such that you can easily maintain a healthy spine.

Below are tips on how to maintain a healthy spine:

1. Proper Lifting

If you engage in weight lifting, you are supposed to lift the weights properly such that you will not compromise the lower back muscles and sustain a back injury afterward. You might also experience painful muscle strains.

If your body is not positioned well, you can lock the spinal joint as you lift weights. The spinal joints can also rupture as you lift heavy items. Proper lifting doesn’t only entail bending the knees.

As you lift a heavy object, ensure the hips are leading instead of the back. You are supposed to rely on the abdomen muscles as you also put the chest forward. Such tips will ensure you won’t pull a muscle in your spine.

2. Treat the Body Through Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is quite beneficial to your spine health. Massage therapy can help to treat back pain and injuries.

Some of the advantages of massage therapy include stimulating blood circulation while alleviating sore muscles and raising the endorphin levels that usually permeate the spine. Massage therapy also ensures you can sleep well at night.

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3. Taking Water

Besides walking in water, swimming is suitable for treating back pains. Enroll in a water therapy program to decrease the pressure on the bones while avoiding the risk of a spine injury while you’re in the water.

The buoyancy of the water usually helps to support the spinal column. As you exercise in a pool, the viscosity of the water will create some resistance from the friction, and the spine will incur less stress.

Warm water is generally used in therapy programs to soothe the muscles. Some of the common water therapy programs include low-impact aerobics.

4. How to Sleep Right

Ensure you have come up with a sleeping strategy that suits your body as a way of ensuring you have a healthy spine. Purchase a comfortable pillow that will support the natural curve of the neck.

The natural curve is different for each person. A pillow might work for you, but it might fail to work for another person. The position that you sleep in will also help to determine the type of pillow you need.

For instance, if you sleep on the side, you need a thick pillow that will ensure the neck and the head will be positioned at the center of the shoulders.

The width and height of the shoulders usually help to determine the type of pillow you should purchase. For instance, a small person should acquire a thinner pillow compared to a person whose shoulders are broad.

5. Maintain a Healthy Weight and Eat Right

Proper nutrition plays a significant role in ensuring you have a healthy spine. Consume foods containing high amounts of calcium, vitamins, and essential nutrients that will help prevent spinal disorders, including osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

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6. Have a Proper Exercise Regimen and Examine It

A proper exercise regimen will ensure you have a healthy spine. For those who have injuries on their spine, regular exercise can help in rehabilitating the injuries.

There is no need for an exercise plan that is complex to have a healthy spine. You should come up with an exercise routine that is simply such that you will stretch and strengthen your back. Hamstrings come in handy.

Some of these simple exercises ensure the nutrients are directed into the spinal discs and soft tissues. The muscles, spinal discs, ligaments, and joints are kept healthy at all times. Strengthening and stretching also ensure the spinal injuries will heal within a limited period.

7. Check the Posture

People usually have poor postures that may prove to be detrimental to spine health. The spine normally forms a natural curve. It is good to ensure that you’re aware of the sitting posture that normally supports the spine’s natural curves.

If your sitting posture usually works against the spine’s natural curvature, the spinal nerves will be damaged, and they are sensitive. For starters, you are supposed to stretch and also walk every time you have a chance to do so.

The office chair and desk should also be set up in such a manner that the spine can be supported ergonomically. Most offices are currently acquiring ergonomic chairs for the employees.

You can look for a stand-up desk which you can use to work for a few hours. You can also sit on an exercise ball for a better part of the day. Some of these options are suitable for people who are working from home.

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8. Regular Walking Ensures You Have a Healthy Spine

Walking regularly has numerous advantages. Walking helps to strengthen the core while also nourishing the spine. Also, you should ensure the body is kept in an upright position. Also, it helps to solidify the bone structure and promote flexibility.

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Ensure you have liaised with a chiropractor or spine surgeon in Mission Viejo CA, before you start that walking regimen.

A professional will enlighten you about the amount of time you should spend walking. You should minimize the pressure inflicted on the spine. By minimizing the pressure on the spine, you can walk in an ocean or a pool.

9. Use Heat Therapy to Soothe the Pain

Heat normally helps to soothe the pain in the muscles. When you apply heat to the muscles, it promotes blood flow. It will also provide the muscles with essential nutrients needed by the spine.

Heat therapy will also reduce the pain you’re experiencing around the muscles and joints near the spine. You can opt for a heating pad or a warm bath as one of your heat therapy options.

Final Thoughts

You should maintain a healthy weight as a way of ensuring the spine doesn’t incur a significant amount of pressure. A healthy weight and regular exercise will reduce your chances of incurring a back injury.

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