Know The Possible Reasons For Heart Attack You Need To Know In 2020

Introduction to Heart Attack

A heart attack occurs suddenly but it does not come without any symptom. It is just important that we can understand these gestures of the body or not Because even a slight omission can be overshadowed.  Learn here how the Heart Attack Symptoms are seen in the body

Several months or several weeks before the heart attack our body starts giving us some signs that everything inside the body is not right so we need to pay attention to it But due to lack of information we ignore these signs of the body This carelessness falls on us after some time and then we have to face a fatal situation like a heart attack or Cardiac arrest

• What is a heart attack

The attack occurs suddenly whether it is an attack of the heart or of the brain But several months or a few weeks before some such changes start to appear in the body which interferes with us in our daily life In medical parlance heart attack is called MI (Myocardial Infarction).

• Angina Pain

There is a heaviness in the chest while working on walking Which recovers after stopping work so it is Called angina pain It is a common symptom of heart disease and is seen in most cases

• Breathlessness

Breathing becomes problematic Like if you suddenly feel that every day you used to go to the office or somewhere by walking to floors or long distance but now you start to breathe as soon as you descend or climb one floor If this is happening for a long time and there is no other problem in your health then you should not ignore this problem

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• Mimic symptoms

Many times it feels burning sensation in the throat after eating foods and this can be felt even after a day when you eat something While this often happens after eating food so It can also be a symptom of a sudden heart attack and It is not necessary that this should happen to everyone or it may be just any other symptom of a heart attack but also it can be involved in pre-empties of a heart attack.

• Postprandial Angina

Postprandial angina is a sharp pain in the chest that arises after eating food That is if you start walking immediately after eating food then you start having problems.

During this, there is severe pain with a burning sensation in the chest, In this situation when the person stops and rests then this pain is cured If this condition persists with someone for a long time it can also be a symptom of heart disease

• Feeling dizzy and nervousness

There are some symptoms associated with heart problems which are also seen in many other diseases, For this reason, it is difficult to understand that it is a symptom of a heart attack without examining them on the basis of symptoms Because these symptoms are also found in many other diseases.

These include dizziness and vomiting or feeling like vomiting may also be symptoms of heart disease, However, these symptoms can also be felt in the case of stomach disease brain problems, or reduced sugar In case of heart, at times you may feel dizzy

• Must pay attention to this pain

Apart from the symptoms mentioned above, some people start having problems in their left hand, left-hand pane. This pain goes to the jawline While some people may have pain in both left and right hands this pain also goes to the jawline

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Usually, this pain is felt when we walk or while doing any work But it is good to stop and rest In such a situation it is often ignored as a pain because of fatigue or weakness Because it can also happen in these situations or a heart attacks can also be another symptom.

• To be tired

Whenever we are tired we consider it as a sign of weakness Getting tired while doing any work or weakness But sometimes this weakness can also be a symptom of heart disease It may be that there is a problem of swelling or infection in a tube of the heart Also this fatigue can also be a symptom of a weakened heart.

• Fast sweating and heartbeats

Sudden sweating without any particular reason That is, when you have not done any physical exertion or you have not come from the heat and suddenly you sweat and sweat then it can also be a symptom of heart weakness Many times the heartbeat becomes too fast or too slow also indicates the weakness of heart During this time many people feel as if the heart is shrinking There may also be severe nervousness If this condition is occurring again and again then please do not take it lightly.

• Different symptoms in women and men

There may be some differences in the symptoms of a heart attack in women and men The symptoms mentioned above are seen in everyone but some different systems in women also point towards the heart problem

Like, feeling bad or nauseous (Nozia) feeling a burning sensation in the throat and chest accompanied by pain (heartburn) indigestion problems, etc If these problems start happening to you often then you must talk to your doctor

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• Traditional risk factor

Smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, or family history These are some of the factors that are seen in most patients of heart attack Therefore it is important to keep your lifestyle good

If we talk about family history first-degree relative is known First-degree relatives means your parents or siblings You should pay special attention if any of these have had a heart attack at an early age or have other heart diseases

Because people who have a case of a heart attack in the family history they are more likely to fall prey to this disease In such a situation you should keep checking your routine as a precaution

The special thing is that people who have heart disease in the family history are at risk of heart disease as well as especially those whose family members have been attacked before the age of 50 They need to take more care of themselves

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