5 Beautiful Information About Himalayan Cats

Introduction to Himalayan Cats

Hey! So are you looking for a Himalayan cat? Indeed, they are one of the cutest cat breeds that can keep you busy throughout the day. Having a kitten of this breed can be the best choice as they are both energetic when you play and quiet as a companion. They are probably the friendliest breed available in the market.

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The Himalayan cat breed is generally the medium-sized cats even when it looks heavily boned and massive structure. Due to her long growing fur, it appears larger than it actually is.

This breed is considered as the breed that possesses an extreme appearance. It has a thick and short body accompanied by short and thin legs and a thick neck. With the heavy boning that is there in the cat, it gets its extreme look. However, the ears are much smaller and the tail is shorter compared to its body.

The Himalayan cats have rounded heads and round large eyes. If you have a closer look, you can find them having a flat face with a nose different as it has a colored skin above the nose. This makes its nose seem like a nose leather.

They have full, thick, and long fur, and which is what makes it look fluffy and adorable. It has fine yet appears glossy and lustrous.

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Let us have a detailed look about the Himalayan kittens for sale:

Weight of Himalayan Cats:

Undoubtedly, Himalayan cats are one of the cutest and adorable breeds available in the market that can keep you going but maintenance is much needed. Coming to the weight of these kittens, both male and female possess different weights.

It has been seen that the females have a medium weight that varies from 8 to 12lbs and the males are however larger than females as they weight 12lbs. They generally have a life expectancy of 8 to 11 years


The Himalayan cat is one of those unique breeds that are placid in nature which makes them show the kitten-like activities. You will be finding them sleeping under the sun and then she will suddenly explode. This is when you can find it running and rolling across the room.

You will see them stretching just next to you, sit on the lap, and sleep on your bed when she has the mood. She does not have many mood fluctuations and therefore she is mostly friendly with anyone coming to your place.

Colors of Himalayan Cats:

The Himalayan cat breeds are available in the light-colored body combined with the darker ears, tail, and facial mask like that of the Siamese cat breed. They are available in a wide range of colors which ranges from lilac to chocolate and every other color that comes in between. Unlike the Persian ancestor that she is believed to have, the Himalayan cats have blue eyes that add to their appeal.

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Since Himalayan cats are from the furry breeds, they are believed to shed even more compared to the other breeds. Therefore, when you are taking these at your home, you should be aware that daily grooming is a part of their life. You need to invest time in combing and brushing just to untangle the hairs and keep the mats free from loose hair.

Shedding is pretty common among the furry breeds therefore you should have a clear perception about this breed before you take them home. Make sure you have the time and money to invest in them before you buy online cat.

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Just like any other pedigreed cats, the Himalayan cats are believed to inherit some health issues. This might be a genetic problem but there has not been any evidence so far. The facial structure that they have in particular will show health troubles. Their unique facial structure has common health issues like:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Breathing problems
  • Excessive watering from the eye that results in arising other problems like progressive retinal atrophy and entropies

Apart from these, the breed also has some of the most common health issues like:

  • Heat sensitivity
  • Feline hyperesthesia syndrome
  • Polycystic kidney problems
  • Seborrhea oleosa is a skin problem that causes red and itchy skin
  • Long coats result in getting ringworms

Bottom Line:

Undoubtedly the Himalayans are one of the most adorable cats available in the market but then again there is a need for having in-depth knowledge about them. Hopefully, the above-mentioned points have helped you gain some knowledge of them. If you are ready to take the responsibilities, you can go ahead to buy Himalayan kittens for sale by Mummy Cat.

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