11 Proven Tips to Hire Android Developers for Your Startup

Introduction to Hire Android Developers

Android applications have taken the world by storm. At present, the Google Play store is accommodating approximately 3 million applications from gaming, sports, fashion, health, education, travel, food, OTT, social networking, and other categories. These applications have changed the way businesses used to work and reach their targeted audience.

Need groceries? Download an online grocery ordering app and order the same at the touch of your fingertips. Want to travel abroad?

Get a travel booking app and book your flight tickets in minutes. Considering the popularity and growing usage of mobile apps among users, it would be wrong to say that having a mobile app has become necessary for every business.

So, if you want to develop an android application and looking out to hire Android developers, then this article is for you. Here, we have provided eleven tips that will help you hire the best android developers:

  1. Check their portfolio

The portfolio of any developer reveals a lot about their work quality, skills, and capabilities. Therefore, it is advised not to forget to check the same.

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You can check their Git profile for the same; and if someone doesn’t have the same, then ask them without any hesitation.

  1. Don’t forget to check their experience

Ask the developer about their experience in android app development. It would be better if the developer has the experience of developing an application like the one you want.

They would be able to understand your requirements clearly. Please note more the experience of the developer, the higher he might charge for the project.

  1. Check the feedback submitted by their previous clients

While you check the portfolio of the developer, look into the reviews and ratings submitted by their clients. With this, you can have an idea of how they work, whether they would be to handle your project, whether they complete the project within the given deadline and other details.

  1. Ask about the tools and technologies they have worked on

Technology never remains constant; what’s new today might get outdated tomorrow. Therefore, it is recommended to choose an android developer who not only has a knack for the popular tools and technology but also know how to learn and implement new technologies to make your app stand out and reach the targeted audiences.

  1. Check what approach they follow for the android app development

When you communicate with the android developer, ask for their way of working. Also, check what process and approach they follow to develop an android application. Make sure they follow a stepwise and agile work approach.

  1. Ask them about their communication medium and working hours

Medium or means of communication maintains transparency between the developer and the client. Therefore, don’t forget to ask what communication medium they have for communicating with their clients and keeping them updated with the progress of the project.

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Also, check how many hours they spend on the development; this would give you an idea if the developer would be able to finish your project within the given timeline.

  1. Check if they provide post-deployment support and maintenance services

Designing, developing, testing, and launching the app is not the end of the Android app development process. Regular support and maintenance are needed to ensure that the users use the app without any difficulty. It is also required to add new features to the app in the future.

  1. Look for cost-effective not inexpensive android app development services

Choose a developer that offers you a good combination of quality and cost; not the one who offers you mobile app development services at a low price.

  1. Don’t compromise with the quality

Quality should be a prime concern for you. Therefore, don’t comprise with it. Besides quality, look for the flawlessness of the app.

Check with the developer what measures they opt for developing a bug-free application. What type of testing do they perform to ensure that the app is being developed without any error?

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  1. Get a non-disclosure agreement signed beforehand

An NDA is something you should never forget even if you are not developing a unique mobile application. Don’t forget to ask your developer to sign the agreement; this would ensure you about the security and privacy of your data.

  1. Choose a reliable source to hire an android developer

It is advised to look for reliable sources to hire android developers. You can either choose a trusted freelancing portal or contact a trustworthy android app development services company for the same.

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Yes, many app development companies offer “hire android developers” services. You can hire the developers at an hourly or fixed monthly price.

When you shortlist one or more than one android developer, provide them with your detailed app requirements to avoid any confusion or miscommunication. Also, ask them for regular updates on the progress of your project. Hope the information was useful!

Final Words

Want to hire android developers for your startup? Give this article a read to know the points you should consider before hiring android app developers for your project or company.

It is advised not to fall for the low-cost trap; moreover, don’t forget to check their previous work and contact previous clients for getting feedback on their work. Read the full article to know these two and other nine points in detail.

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