5 Easy Home Exercise Technique in Corona Virus Pandemic

Introduction to Home Exercise Technique

After the Covid19, the world isn’t the same anymore. People are facing a lot of restrictions and regulations in their life.

If you stay at home, you’ll slow the spread of Coronavirus, and if you maintain social distance from other people, you’ll save yourself from getting the infection.

Though gyms and exercise studios are temporarily closed due to the lockdown process, there are always some other ways to maintain your fitness at home. In this article, we’ll discuss 5 techniques through which you can stretch and sweat at home.

Yoga Is Very Important

Yoga is considered one of the most important homes exercising techniques. Not only yoga helps you to gain breathing control, and also cure your anxiety and physical tension.

There are various kinds of yoga asana to get started with. However, Tadasana, Vrikshaana, Trikonasana, Naukasana, and Bhujangasana are some basic yoga asana that you’ll find helpful.

Many people assume that yoga is only for adults, which is completely wrong. You can do yoga asana at any age. Even children can start their yoga training when they’re 8 years old.

Mike Giannulis Suggests To Practice More Free Hand Exercises

Freehand exercise is another important technique. Even the people, who go to the gym daily, use freehand exercise to warm up their body. Freehand exercise doesn’t require any gym instrument, so you can sweat anywhere you like.

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A push up is the most popular freehand exercise. Not only do they help you gain chest muscle but also make your body more durable.

For beginners, straight your arms and legs, lower the upper portion of the body until the chest touches the floor. Then pause for a second and push yourself up.

You can also do squats, but this technique will gain muscle to your leg. Though squat is far harder than push up, once you master it, it’ll be beneficial for you.

Another thing you can try is a plank. If you do that right, it’ll be a huge benefit for your abs.

You Can Practice Gardening

After spending weeks or months locked in the home, people may want to work on self-sufficiency.

For those who are fortunate enough to have a garden, gardening is an impressive way to create a healthful and positive vibe.

From watering your plants to clearing the ground, there are tons of options to workout. Also, consider what you to plant.

You can choose anything such as a flower garden, vegetable garden, or herb garden. Mike Giannulis advises the beginner to go with the easy option, such as tomato, sunflower, or herb.

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Family Walks Are Great

You can go for a walk during these days to freshen up your mind. As long as you maintain at least 6 feet distance from others, you don’t need to worry about safety. But remember; avoid crowded places at any cost, where social distancing isn’t possible.

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The best way to have a great walk during these days is to plan a hiking trip. But you have to choose the quiet hours like morning or evening when fewer people are out.

Also, you can take your dog or kids for a small walk, as long as the local government permits you to do that.

Cycling Is a Great Exercise

Cycling is also considered a great exercise. Many people love to ride a bicycle, sees this as an opportunity to relax and ease their anxiety caused by a coronavirus.


These are the 5 exercise tips that will help you to stay fit. Remember, fitness doesn’t require any gym instruments or special skills. There exist plenty of other things, which will help you to get some exercise.

If you practice these exercise sets consistently, then you’ll find that they are helping you both physically and mentally.

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