13 Points- Buy Colorful Home Restoration Products For Upcoming Halloween

Introduction to Home Restoration Products

Festivals give you a suitable reason to deep-clean, repair, restore, and beautify your houses. Festivals are lovely occasions when you not only feel like dressing up yourselves but also your homes.

With Halloween lurking around the corner, we have a list of the best home restoration products you should buy to help you clean and restore your homes easily.

Best Home Restoration Products for Halloween

Your Halloween home restoration can be divided according to the different areas in your home. When you divide and work systematically, it will help you proceed in an efficient way.

Let this festival see your homes in a restored condition. We will elaborate on how you should clean and restore the two main areas of your house.


Your Halloween DIY projects should kick-start from the shower. Showers are attacked by hard water splashes, stains, dust, dirt, soap scum. As they are constantly damp, mold formation takes place often.

Tile and Grout Cleaners

Buy our incredible tile and grout cleaner – Imperia Deep Clean to eliminate all kinds of germs, mold, and stains from your natural stone floorings, walls, and grout.

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This deep penetrating cleaner is capable of removing all signs of mold and stains from your porous tile and grout, without harming the surface.

Tile and Grout Crack Repair/Caulk Removal

Centura from pFOkUS is the perfect adhesive for repairing cracks and damages in tile and grout. This two-part pigmented flexible titanium-based epoxy resin adhesive is a perfect alternative to caulking.

So, this festive season, get rid of your old, dirty, and moldy caulk and seal your shower corners with Centura instead.

Grout Sealer

Caponi is our grout sealer that makes your grout water-proof and protected. It is our star product – a strong titanium-based epoxy resin adhesive that is available in more than 40 shades.

You can shade it with Sentura to seal your grout in the desired shade. Do not ignore sealing grout before sealing your tile, as if there is moisture present on the grout surface, it may lead to mold formation again.

Shower Glass Door Cleaner

Benz is our powerful glass surface cleaner that we recommend to buy to clean your shower doors. It removes hard water stains, soap scum, and etching, revealing a sparkling surface beneath.

Shower Glass Door Sealer

Only cleaning your glass doors will not provide long-term benefits as the glass surfaces will get dirty again on the next use.

The ideal way is to clean them first and then seal the surface with Valore – our glass sealer. Valore forms a protective barrier on the glass, thereby making the water sheet off from the surface.

Glass Enclosures

Shower restoration is complete only when you also ensure that your glass doors do not leak. Check for the kind of leaks from your shower glass doors, and accordingly buy from our wide range of glass enclosures.

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We have framed and frameless seals, sweeps, thresholds, and drip rails to seal the gaps or corners. These enclosures close the gaps, prevent leaks, and direct the cascading water straight to the drains. These help in keeping your surfaces dry and clean.

Home Restoration Products
Home Restoration Products


The products that we recommended above to buy for your shower restoration can be used for your kitchen restorations too. Kitchens have floors and countertops that need the most cleaning and care.

Countertops and Flooring Cleaners

Imperia Deep Clean – our deep penetrating cleaner can help you get rid of oil stains, grease, etching and mold from your countertops as well as flooring.

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Grout Sealers

Seal grout on countertops and floorings using Caponi after you have thoroughly cleaned it, so that it remains intact and stain-free for long

Surface Sealers

After cleaning, do not forget to seal your countertops and floorings using Celine – our clear topical solvent to add a lovely sheen and a waterproof layer on your stone, to prevent further damage and staining.

Repair Cracks and Chips

Use Sentura to repair cracks and chips on your grout and tile. It gives seamless repair jobs and also never pops off from the surface.

Polish floorings and countertops

If you want to impart a lovely sheen to your surfaces this fall season, then grab our fall deals to save big on our polishing products. Use Celine to polish your natural stone surfaces to restore them to their original sheen.

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Similarly, you can include your halls, driveways, and living rooms also in your Halloween home improvement projects.

You can also clean your natural stone patios and foyers before Halloween to restore every area of your house. Once restored with our products, you will not have to worry about any deep-rooted damage for long. pFOkUS brings you the best home restoration products to beautify your homes like before.

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