Host Your Events Online Best Step By Step Guide In 2020

Introduction to Host Your Events Online

As COVID-19 came into the frame in 2020, organizations around the world have been adversely affected by the same. Almost every nation has faced the wrath of a global pandemic, resulting in a massive hit on businesses around the globe.

Unfortunately, the event industry has been struck by the unforecasted coronavirus resulting in the cancellation and rescheduling of various events.

The cancellation of physical events for the upcoming months is a must to ensure public safety. The health ministry has regulated orders of social distancing and bans on traveling have been imposed to protect the nation.

Many organizations have experienced heavy losses due to sudden abruptions of events. To alleviate the losses, organizations have started shifting their in-person events on virtual events platforms in a digital environment. Companies that have never thought about going virtual are now heavily relying on it to keep the business running.

Virtual events came as an alternative to on-ground events to connect with audiences in a digital space. Right from hosting virtual conferences & meetings, virtual exhibitions, virtual trade shows, virtual career fairs, virtual concerts, and so on, you can move every event online seamlessly.

Today, virtual events have become an integral part of every sector. Selecting the right virtual conference platform is a must to connect with the audience in real-time.

The internet is flooded with a variety of 3d virtual events platforms that offer 3d virtual event setup. Selecting the best out of it to host your virtual event is a difficult task to accomplish. Choose a virtual event platform that offers comprehensive engagement tools to keep the audience hooked throughout the entire event.

Converting your face-to-face events into a virtual format is a bit of a daunting task. In-person interactions hold their own significance, but virtual events have closely replicated the same and deliver immersive event experiences.

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Some organizations are well aware of virtual events and are hosting virtual conferences and virtual career fairs for a very long time. Whereas some organizations are completely new to the virtual event format.

In this article, we have shared a brief step by step guide that allows organizers to move their events online seamlessly. Before going through a guide, understanding what virtual events are is a must. To know more read on:

Host Your Events Online
Host Your Events Online

What are virtual events?

The definition of virtual events may vary from person to person. In general, an event that is organized over the web on a virtual event platform to connect with attendees, organizers, speakers, and exhibitors remotely is known as a virtual event.

It is a gathering of people from various geographic locations to connect in real-time via comments and live audio and video chats instead of gathering in a physical location.

There are various virtual event platforms and service providers available nowadays, that offer the best-in-class features and tools. The best virtual event platform enables you to host any type of virtual hybrid event with the most amazing engagement features.


A step by step guide to moving your events online

  1. Make your audience aware about your virtual event

When you decide to move your events online, the first step you need to follow is to make your audience aware. Your decision of hosting a virtual event should be timely conveyed to your audience to reduce any fallouts and uncertainty.

It helps in saving your audience from booking travel tickets or canceling and claiming refunds. You need to address your audience on time that you have shifted your physical event to a virtual format.

The audience should be clear that due to restrictions imposed on public gatherings the event is shifted online & not canceled. The date and time of the virtual event along with a brief that how a virtual event holds the same value of a physical event should be communicated to registered attendees.

You can promote it through social media channels, direct mails, public relations, integrated marketing, adding banners on companies’ websites, customer support, and so on.

  1. Start doing registrations online

Once you make your audience aware of the shift, moving the registrations online is the next step in line. Work closely with the virtual events service provider to launch a landing page.

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It must consist of benefits, features, registration process, schedule of speakers, list of exhibitors who are attending an event, and date and time of the virtual event.

The registration policy of the event can be of three types, open entry, registered members, and invitation only. Select the best suiting on the requirement of your event.

The landing page acts as a facade to communicate the visitors with the latest news about the virtual event. If your virtual event includes sponsors and exhibitors virtual booths, you can ask your virtual event platform service provider to customize separate pages for the same.

  1. Approach the speakers you have lined up for physical events

You can request the same speakers to be the part of your virtual event whom you have approached for a physical event. All they need is a strong internet connection and a device to tune-in from their remote locations and talk.

Make a call to your guest speakers and inform them that you have shifted your physical event to a virtual format. Explain to them it’s beneficial for them as well as now they do not have to spend a penny on traveling to attend an event.

Right from the comfort of their own space, they can connect with attendees remotely in real-time. Showcase them the arrangements made for them in a virtual event set up.

  1. Customize a virtual booth

Once you decide to host an event online on a 3d virtual event platform, setting up a virtual booth comes next. If your physical event has a plan to feature booths for exhibitors, the same can be replicated online on a virtual events platform.

Whether you are planning to host a virtual exhibition or a virtual career fair, set up & customize virtual booths for exhibitors & sponsors. The virtual event platform enables you to create a branding experience by allowing you to upload logos, videos, and documents.

  1. Enable networking options

The best virtual conference platform compiles of interactive features that allow attendees to interact and network in real-time. Live audio/video private and group chats boost networking between attendees, speakers & organizers.

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Apart from it, live polls, surveys, gamification, Q & A sessions, etc. are some of the most engaging features offered by the virtual event platform to keep the audience engaged throughout.

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  1. Run a trial to verify experience

Once you are all set with the landing page, virtual event walkthrough, virtual booths, networking options, running a trial comes next. It helps in verifying user experience and fix any technical glitches before the actual event.

  1. Promote and launch

Before launching the virtual event, marketing and promoting it is a must to ensure maximum attendance and participation. Promote it through various channels such as social media, direct mails, public relations, and so on.

You are now all set to launch, hit the button, and go LIVE. Address your attendees in a timely manner and answer the most relevant questions asked by them to make your virtual event successful.

Once the event gets over, analyze the performance metrics to measure the success of the event. Do not forget to follow up on the attendees to nurture leads. Send a thank-you note along as a token of appreciation.

We have entailed all the steps above that helps you in hosting a successful virtual event. Switch your events online and deliver immersive event experiences to attendees globally.

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