Hotel Modez in Arnhem,Netherland Created QR Code Filled Room, An Erotic Way To Welcome Honeymoon Couple

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Yet another display of technology…Yes In deed. A hotel called Hotel Modez in Arnhem,Netherland created QR code filled room. If you enter into the room it may look like a geeky interior design.But if you scan through QR code scanner App from your smartphone, it reveals its erotic side.

The average cost for this room is 119 euro,designed by fashion designer Antoine Peter. It is said to be “a complementary version of patchwork”.Can make you busy for hours and give re freshness.

The first glance of the room looks extremly abstract,all black and white spots on the wall.The two-dimensional bar code can be read with a QR code scanner that converts the code into a URL, text or a number.

The QR codes decorating the room lead to URLs of pornographic text, images and movies.
Why such a move-as the designer puts it, “Aren’t we surrounded by porn everywhere nowadays?” “The room seems as abstract as it can be, but secretly you are surrounded by porn,” says Peters

are the travel industry and honeymoon couple moving to this direction?Or the interior design is going in this height?What do you say?? Let me know.

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