6 Best Cities and Hotels to Stay in Goa

Introduction to Hotels to Stay in Goa

Goa is a part of India, long known as a beach destination, first for fearless backpackers, and now for tourists from all over the world, that feels nearly unIndian: laid back and liberal with characteristics in their language, in their cuisine, and in the population of their colonial history.

For 450 years, from 1510 to 1961, Goa was owned and controlled by Portugal when a new-independent India took military action and annexed all Portuguese territories of the subcontinent.

The picturesque capital of Panaji, complete with the Latin Quarter, and also the City of Margao, with its colonial architecture, and the historic Old Goa, has become the capital of the eastern empire of Portugal (abandoned in the 17th century).


Calangute is one of the most popular resorts in Goa, drawing both domestic and foreign tourists in the north.

The Calangute is composed of a long stretch of sand and landscaped, shady palm trees and wooden beach huts. Calanguten’s popularity — especially during the high season on Christmas — means that the Indian charisma is somewhat lacking, but a wide range of accommodation is provided, ranging from budget to luxury hotels.

Away from the beach, there are many restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, and travel agencies on the winding streets of the area.

The charming St. Alex church with whitewashed walls and opulent interiors dates back to 1841. There are also a variety of cultural attractions to visit.

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One of the most common places in Goa is Candolim, which overlaps with the beach in southern Calangute. Candolim has its own long beach, curving to the smaller Sinquerim in the area around the headland. More of a tourist town experience with various shops and restaurants can be found here.

You can find clear evidence of the colonial Portuguese rule in Goa in Candolim. There is a fortress of Aguada, built in the early 1600s, with its 1864 lighthouse (and never captured), and the former jail of Aguada and the white-washed church of St. Lawrence.

Backpackers do not have the inexpensive choices to stay here but hotels continue to be affordable – which means visitors can enjoy it so. A variety of serviced apartments, suitable for families and groups are given.


The original Bohemian Goa hangout for hippies is quirky and cool and still has a great part to play today. Goa’s wild, full moon parties had become an iconic beach, in which barfoot beach people covered in luminous paint would be dancing the evening on the sand to the sound of psychedelic trance music.

The dance party goers have only moved on after the music prohibition which was placed in effect here in 2000. Low-key travelers are left in Anjuna, who visit the weekly flea market for the opportunity to buy sarongs; the boho atmosphere has led to an Anjuna evolving over the days of its party.

The city is a small, large area and has many places to stay in. It is easy to find a budget hotel, but it also has a variety of elegant villas and apartments with swimming pools on sale.

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The original Goa Haygout from Bohemia for hippies is weird and fun, and today it is still a lot to play. Goa’s wild full moon parties became an emblematic beach in which people from the barefoot beach covered by luminous paint dance to the sound of psychedelic trance music the evening on the sand.

Only since the music ban that was enforced here in 2000 have dance parties gone. Small tourists stay in Anjuna, who visit the weekly flea market for the chance to sarongs; the boho atmosphere has resulted in the growth of an Anjuna during his parties’ days.

The town is a large, compact area with plenty to stay. A budget hotel is easy to find, but it also has a wide range of luxurious villas and apartments with on-sale swimming pools.

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Baga is also said in the same breath as Calangute on the northern shore of Goa. While Baga is surrounded by rocky cliffs with natural surroundings, the two neighboring resort towns almost merge together.

It may be popular with many tourist groups, but if you like, this is the place to go. The popularity of tourists also means high-end hotels and budget bed and breakfasts.

Staying in Baga means you’ll be in close proximity to lively nightlife, many stores, and numerous bars and restaurants – and the busy weekly markets.

Baga is a perfect place to try everything from parasailing to Windsurfing to jet skiing, or simply laze on the beach to see others go. One of the major attractions is water sports in this part of Goa.

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Palolem is undoubtedly one of Goa’s most stunning beaches. The simple white sand curve is bordered by palm trees, which makes the days calm and the sunset like a mail. It is also popular for nightlife, naturally in the form of a silent disco.

The beach is lining with numerous restaurants and bars, some of which have to be purchased (and other drinks and drinks) on the road that runs to the beach.

Crossing the tiny bay of Colomb Beach to walk south through a seasoned local district, you will find Patnem Beach chilled out. It’s much better than Palolem, which can be really busy. If you want to get away for a day, take a walk here.

Back at Palolem, everyone is lodged, from very cheap and simple shacks to upmarket, air-conditioned villas with concrete.

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