How Can You Secure Your Jiofi Router Easily: Know Just In 5 Minutes

Introduction to How Can You Secure Your Jiofi Router

Internet restriction is one of the general questions asked by most individuals.

We want our JioFi router to secure, we do want to restrict unauthorized access to our internet. And you’re here for these answers that how can you prevent other people from accessing your router.

There are many ways through which you can prevent other people from accessing your internet you can hide your SSID, or seeing any authorized access you can just block them. These things also protect your router from hackers and save your router.

First, we will figure out what is a jiofi router.

What is a jiofi router?

It is a portable device that comes at a size of a 3cm by 2cm. It provides 4G internet speed powered by LYF and it comes under the brand of reliance digital.

These devices allow multiple users to get connected and access the internet. As it is powered by LYF minimum of 10 devices can be connected with the same device simultaneously.

However, there is an issue information leakage through jiofi router occurs more often due to this it drains out the battery and also creates an issue with the connectivity range. And in the worst-case scenario battery is heavily damaged due to heavy power usage.

The thing is setting up some kind of password or to block some user is easier in the case jiofi router. The instruction provided by the company is easy to handle and you don’t have to take professional help.

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The thing is router provides a hotspot so it can get connected to any device so it can be accessed by any unauthorized person.

The solution to this is to hide your hotspot or try changing the JioFi password or the user name. This ensures that your router is secure enough.

In this article, we will guide you on how to protect your router from unauthorized users by a step-by-step procedure other than we also going to provide some of the general insight for protecting your router.

Limitation on accessing on your password 

You need to add the devices which can access your jiofi router. You can limit the no of users who can access your router by following some of the steps you can achieve this thing.

You need to change your password more often

This can be sometimes annoying you to memorize a new password again and again but doing this will specifically protect your router from hackers. You can change the password by following a certain given below. You should consider changing your password as a monthly routine this will help you to protect your router from the unwanted user.

Change your network name

This is a great feature which is provided by the reliance company. Here you can change the name of the network. Each network comes with a unique name known as SSID.

Changing this SSID more often will make your router invisible for some time. You might consider changing the SSID which can by following easy steps.

Steps to prevent unauthorized people to access your jiofi router

Most of the Jiofi router owners had to grow to the same kind of anxiety. It has been seen that the routers are more vulnerable to hacking.

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The thing is it became more frequent if information gets leaked from your router. Someone had to follow some of the steps to ensure that information doesn’t get leaked from your router. In this section, we will discuss how we can stop other unauthorized users from accessing your router.

  • At first, pick your jiofi router and then connect your router to your computer or PC or the other available smart device in which you will do your work in which you will open a site and do other steps.
  • Open a web browser on your PC and click the link which has been provided.
  • local.html/index.htm
  • or you can sign in using an IP address the thing is you can access this thing through any web browser but google chrome is preferred over any other browser. After clicking the link you should press enter.
  • After that, a homepage pops up on your screen which asks you to enter username and the password. Take note to make sure that all the entered words are in small letters.
  • After you enter the required page you need to go setting where you will find the MAC filter address.
  • Other than this there is another option too like enabling and disabling which will allow others to stop using or allow using respectively.

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How can you block other users from accessing your internet?

Blocking and hiding is another tool for accessing unauthorized people from accessing the internet. This thing is very useful for the small business owner. Follow this step to enable this feature in your jiofi router.

  • Enter the link: local.html/index.htm
  • This will land you on a homepage where you need to enter your password and username.
  • After that go to the setting option.
  • On the page, you will get a MAC filter either you have to enable it or disable it.
  • After continuing select the available option i.e. “ add option”
  • In that section, you can select who can access your router and who cannot.
  • Make sure to click the apply option and save that thing.
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In this, we have provided you with what are the important aspects of how can you protect your jiofi router. Here we provided you some general information about what is jiofi router and how unauthorized users get access to your internet.

So far we have considered many aspects but the most important thing for you to follow this article carefully and follow the above-mentioned steps.

How can you ensure the secureness of your router through password change or other means? Other than that we have mentioned steps that will guide in doing this stuff.

At last, we want to conclude that consider changing your password more often this will help you to secure your jiofi router. Hope the insights we have provided you will guide you on your decision.

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