How Popular Are Mobile Apps In The Arab World Beyond 2020?

Introduction To How Popular Are Mobile Apps

How Is Arab Embracing The Era Of Smart-Phones?

Smartphones have changed the way people interact with the world. According to a report, 9 out of 10 people of the Gulf countries including Qatar use smartphones.

It states that the age of CDs, DVDs, Radio, etc., are gone now. And they are happy to embrace these technological advances for a breezy life.

Arab countries are welcoming digital trends gracefully. They understand that tools like smartphones, notebooks, laptops, wearables, etc., covers a huge market. Therefore, the technology industry is developing quicker than ever.

But this development is nothing new for the humans of such gulf lands. Since the dawn of civilization, humans have been busy creating technology that can help them in fulfilling their goals. Such moves also help in making huge changes in the social structures and the way people make important contributions to society.

To carry forward this tradition, the people of Qatar are loving technological advancements like mobile apps that are bringing major changes in their lifestyle. There are several areas that are affected by such advances. To know more about these applications, have a closer look!

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What Are Some Popular Apps Categories?

1. Lifestyle Apps

To provide the finest shopping experience to the users, the business owners are turning towards smartphones. It is an inexpensive way that cuts down the cost of rent of the pricey showrooms, the maintenance of the space, the salary of the salespersons, and many more.

So, if you have a business idea, why not develop the mobile site and the app along with the desktop website to go global?

2. Mobile Gaming Apps

The app store is filled with 5.2 million apps, out of which 23% consists of gaming apps. With such statistics, the app store is known to be the most popular and largest revenue driver of the app stores ever.

Such apps provide the easiest and entertaining way to pass the time. Also, the growing popularity of these games is inspiring old and popular gaming studios to make a shift online.

3. Social Networking Apps

How Popular Are Mobile Apps
How Popular Are Mobile Apps

Social Networking apps are not limited to making friends or initiating chats with family and friends anymore. The purpose behind them has grown wider and even better. Their mentors have developed them into powerful channels. Such social channels are helping businesses around the world to enhance revenue and also increase its popularity.

4. Medical And Pharma Apps

Looking at the current medical situation throughout the world, medical and pharma-based applications have seen a sudden rise in their downloads. Given the boom in e-commerce and the changing consumer preferences, this change in medical-based applications was inevitable. The idea was simple, just like daily necessities are now available on our fingertips, medicines should be too.

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5. Video Conferencing Apps

Be it Google Meet, Zoom, or Skype, video conferencing applications have, only recently, seen a rise in their usage. You could say it is because of a series of lockdown consequential of the COVID-19 pandemic. And as we know, the world may slow-down in its function, but it will never stop. Thank God For Video Conferencing Applications, communicating with sales prospects, colleagues, or business associates has never been easier!

How Can Mobile Development Agencies Use This To Their Advantage?

Middle east might seem to be just developing in the technological arena, but it is mushrooming at an exponential rate. Be it learning new techniques or implementing them in their development process – its developers are not afraid of their curiosity.

The inquisitive Qatari populace is also a great consumer base to try new and coming applications. And this allows the mobile development agencies to roll out exciting apps and closely monitor the reactions.

One of the advantages of launching something in the digital age is that you can garner the reactions and take necessary actions before it is too late.

For mobile applications as well, once you roll out the software, you’re niche will immediately react to it. You may have a pool of positive and negative responses from which you can find the final response.

It is no secret that a lot of development companies outsource their requirements to achieve their goals. In fact, there are various categories available; you could either hire a team or an individual from a turn-key IT company like ZealousWeb Qatar, to meet your project’s requirements.

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What Is The Next Step?

If you’re reading this article, it is either because you are contemplating the popularity of mobile apps marketing in the Arab, which could mean that you’re looking to create a similar one. Various sources will you the same things we have, and we may be the tipping point that leads you to create that application.

Before you begin working on your application, you must understand its requirements. You don’t want to be overwhelmed and leave it mid-way.

It is always better to have a few people helping you in the process, which could also help you create a better version of the application as opposed to you working alone.

Outsourcing could be a way to complete your development-related needs.

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