Comprehensive Guide In 5 Minutes -How Secure Is a VPN?

Introduction to How Secure Is a VPN

VPN or Virtual Private Network is something that allows you to access the internet privately and discreetly even on the public internet.

If you are on your private network and want to secure your identity, mask your IP address or even just want no one to follow you then VPN is the most sought after a solution that individuals, businesses, organizations, and even IT experts prefer and suggest.

Basically, you will be anonymous while surfing the internet and safe from hackers and people with malicious intent.

In recent years, you may have heard about it and may have even read it in various articles about the increasing need for VPN and why one should have it.

Maintaining online security is important but as the technology is getting advanced it is also getting tough to battle against people who want to steal your data.

So in this article, we will go over the basics of how much the VPN is secure and what is it that makes it safe enough to entrust our data. Have a look:

Should you trust it?

Virtual Private Networks are quite used around the world and are preferred for their ease of use and security they provide.

A VPN service is capable enough to secure your information like location, IP address, what websites you are visiting, and what activities you are doing.

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It can encrypt your connection and can hide you from anyone capable of tracing you, from criminals, organizations to even your own ISP is not able to determine what you are up to online.

Using VPN for gaming is also very helpful.  If you are worried about VPN services collecting your data then too don’t worry.

The best service providers are very open and boast about their no logs policy. It means that right after a session is over all the data on the customer a company’s server will be deleted immediately.

VPN providers have designed their applications to jump in and connect your device, router, and all the equipment with the VPN’s server.

This way your own ISP is not able to detect or even track you. The traffic from your system is also included in between the traffic generated by the server so that you can’t be tracked specifically. Even the IP address is provided by VPN providers and hence can’t be located back to you.

Is it really important?

If you are someone who works online, performs transactions of digital nature, and has important information to hide then yes, it is really important to make your connection secure.

If you think that you don’t have any kind of such information that can be valuable to others then think again. You have your bank accounts, identities, personal information, documents, photos, credit card information, passwords, etc. that no one wants to share.

So you see it’s not only the big organizations that need to protect their data also people are using vpn for Netflix to accessing streaming content

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Over recent years there have been a lot of incidents that have shaken people’s faith in online privacy. Leaks from various social media sites, hacking attacks, computer virus attacks, etc.

A lot of people have outraged over it and questioned the whole process which is quite necessary especially when the technology is getting more and more closely knitted with our lives.

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What makes VPN safe?

Well if we dive down a bit we will see that there are many factors that make a good VPN service stand out from the rest. Some of these factors are:

No Logs Policy

As discussed above, a good VPN service should strictly adhere to the no logs policy and should not hold the data or sell the data of their users, ever. For the same purpose, using free VPN services is discouraged.

Kill Switch

Kill Switch is a great feature to be included in any VPN service. It can end your connection instantly if you ever feel that your network is being compromised. It gives the user complete control and authority over the process.


Encryption is one of the most important factors in deciding which

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