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How to Drive Safely in Indian Road
How to Drive Safely in Indian Road

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We really cannot control other drivers but if we take safety measures, we can avoid many fatal dangers.While on long drive, remember you are not on a small race. It is a journey of miles. There will be always miles left in front of you even you over speed for a small span.

How to Drive Safely in Indian Road

In India lot of things depends on how the other driver is driving. Anticipation and watching closely on the other driver will surely avoid lot more dangers.

A safe driver is a confident driver but over confidence causes accidents. The below article talks about How to Drive Safely in Indian Road or how to drive in safe mode step by step.

Tips and tricks on How to Drive Safely in Indian Road

Learn the basic

You need  not be an expert mechanic but you must know about basic parts like

  • Learn how to top up air with your pumper.
  • Guide on how to change headlight bulb
  • How to change tires
  • How to fix a tubeless tyre puncture.

It will boost your confidence and tell how to Drive Safely in Indian Road. I struggled almost 3 months before I gone for Kolkata drive. These are the basic Safety rules for driving safe.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

How to Drive Safely in Indian Road -Travel Safety Guide Line:

Indian roads can be divided into 4 different segments. How to Drive Safely in Indian Road should cover the below areas.

  1. Indian Expressway
  2. Indian Highway
  3. Urban Roads
  4. Highways during the night.

I have compiled this article while traveling to different parts of India. Every part of India follows a different driving style. Regardless of how good a driver you are, maintaining safety tips in mind is necessary to ensure you or your loved one’s safety. This does not mean that we doubt your driving skills, we’re just considering over the significance of employing safety tips during your driving.

These suggestions will assist you to drive safely and arrive securely and you must consider them in order to know how to drive in safe mode.

Indian Expressways:

Indian Expressways are generally 8 to 10 lanes high ways. 4-5  lanes are dedicated to upward journey and 4-5 lanes are dedicated to downwards journey. Each lane corresponds to the speed limit. It is obvious that the extreme right is highspeed lane where we can drive at the permissible limit.(80KM/hr to 120KM/hr). These roads are well guarded against sudden issues. The stretches are great but mostly covering cities.How to Drive Safely in Indian Road specially in Expressway is something the basic need to know while driving on the Expressway.

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Indian Highways:

Indian Highways play a vital role in transportation and also play a vital role in our day to day life. They vary from often 1 lane to 2-4 lanes. As we travel mostly via Indian highways, this post mostly talks about safety and securities and precautions need to be taken while traveling in Indian Highways.

Highway Driving Safety Tips

How to Drive Safely in Indian Road -highways is covered step by step in the subsequent sections.The possibility of getting behind the wheel and cruising about your neighborhood could be daunting and thrilling. The increased traffic and speed of a major highway a completely different challenge entirely.

With that said, a highway is normally the simplest and most effective path to get from one stage to another. With the proper know-how and a few constant exercises, it could be safe and fun to push on an expressway. These easy-to-follow hints can minimize the possible risk of highway driving. Give it a fast read, and write down them as a reminder. Then get in, buckle up, fix your mirrors, and relish the ride.

Below are the basic Safety rules for driving safe.

Keep Your Distance

As you understand the particulars of driving, you may discover that something drivers could agree on: traffic may be a real bummer. Main highways have a reputation for traffic. Drivers must adapt to keep a watch out for sudden starts and stops to avoid colliding with the vehicle in front of them.

In accord with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one or more 4th of vehicle accidents are accidents. To prevent unnecessary damages, expenses and harm, keep two to 3 car lengths between you and the vehicle before you. This gives you lots of time to respond if the driver before you unexpectedly comes to a halt, even in inclement weather.’

Keeping distance is one of the basic thing to know on how to drive in safe mode.

Check Those Mirrors

Even before a driver ventures on the road, drivers must adjust the vehicles rearview and side cushions for maximum visibility of vehicles that might approach from either side. Vehicles mirrors are with regards to changing lanes when there could be up to four lanes of vehicles vying to get at the head of the pack. Each side mirror should be positioned in order that you could easily see along the whole side of your car without having to crane your neck. The rearview mirror should provide a clear perspective of what’s behind the car.

The mirrors are the first basic part to know on how to Drive Safely in Indian Road.

When used together, the side and rearview cushions should offer a view of almost anything that surrounds your vehicle. Occasionally, an approaching vehicle might wind up on your blind spot, which may cause a collision whenever you change lanes. Before hopping over to the next lane, check your mirrors, turn in your signal, and look on your left shoulder and behind you to see whether any vehicles are approaching. Maintain a constant speed – As a rule, its best to cope with the stream of traffic, just moving into the leftmost lane to pass another vehicle.

Obviously, this is not always how it happens in practice. On the highway, you are likely to encounter prevent and-go traffic, and also to see vehicles and semis darting in and out of lanes.

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Defensive driver wins

Be defensive driver, tortoise always win. Being defensive does not mean you are a bad driver. It only implies that you are not in the Death Race. Aggressive drivers are often considered as dangerous to road. Being defensive and slow is the first chapter on how to Drive Safely in Indian Road. Slow but steady will  follow the basic Safety rules for driving safe.

Tyre pressure

India being a mixed country in terms of temperature may make the road hot or cool during various stretches or times of the day. Tyre pressure is another safety tool that needs to maintain during a long drive.Buy a tire pressure checker. Do not cross the recommended settings provided by your car maker.If your tire pressure is in lower side, the grip will be higher. It will help you breaking but will consume more diesel/ petrol.If your tire pressure is in higher side, the grip will be laser, it will give better mileage but inefficient breaking. Keeping tyre pressure correct is one of the basic thing to know on how to drive in safe mode.

Tyre Size

There is a common practice among us to up size the Tyre. Some does for look,some for fancy some does it for better traction. When company recommended Tyre are best for us but based on safety needs we can make one size up. I did it with my ford-figo.

Just remember, as the surface area increases when you up size a tyre, the engine needs to generate extra power to pull the car with those loads. This may increase stability but but put pressure on engine. Engine intern takes lots of fuel which is directly proportional to the hole on your purse.

when a new good threaded tyre can give you more grip. A wired and tired; balded tyre can reduce the grip. Take proper care of your tire.

Tyre burst or a sudden puncture.

This is  very uncommon incident but can happen to us.They are guidelines too in these situations. They are as follows-

  • Do not panic.
  • Of course lowest speed will help to stop the car and highest speed will reduce the chance of the survival. So you need to slow down.
  • If you sense a tyre burst or a sudden puncture , do not engage the break immediately.
  • Slowly disengage the accelerated Patel.
  • Head straight do not turn your steering.
  • The car will eventually stop.
  • Use both hand to stabilize the car.

Why tyre burst happens?

If you do not inflate your tyre as per company specification. The tires gets larger traction area and gets heated. This increases the chance to burst. I generally check tyre pressure on every 150 kilometre during my long drive.

How to prevent tyre burst?

The best possible way to prevent it is to upgrade to a tubeless tyre and use nitrogen gas to fill instead of air. Nitrogen can take higher heat.

check regularly about the thread depth. The guy who pours air or nitrogen to your tire can tell you about the condition of the tire.

I generally do not prefer to go on a long drive while my tires are not in good shape.Keeping tyres are in good shape is one of the basic thing to know on how to drive in safe mode.

Avoid using old, wireout ,retreated,second hand tyres. They may look good after resellers makeover but very dangerous during long drive.

We, driver must take care of the tyres and that shows how to Drive Safely in Indian Road.These are the basic Safety rules for driving safe in terms of take care of the tyres.

Avoid heavy breaking

Drained oil issue

Indian roads are famous for drained oils on the road. These oils mostly come from the trucks who maintains their vehicle on the road. They generally drops the used oil on the side of the road.( sometimes on the road itself). The rain makes the oil to flow on the road surface. The oil and water mixture create a thin layer of the oil that reduce the grip of the car. If we brake to Sudden or steer to quick, it creates issues.

Driving in rain and driving under sunlight are two different things, we need to adjust our driving habit in rain.All weather pores and soft rubber tyres are best while driving in rain.These are the basic Safety rules for driving safe on highway and basic thing to know on how to drive in safe mode.

Avoid multitasking

This is the basic Safety rule for driving safe.Avoid multitasking during driving. Don’t get distract with phone calls. Do not watch movie, texts, eat during driving. avoiding multitasking is one of the basic thing to know on how to drive in safe mode.

Avoid handling gadgets

Have you ever think critically over the stage that why the use of mobile cellphones is prohibited in most of the nations. The answer is quite simple. You don’t focus on the road whilst talking on a telephone and your concentration degree fall that lead to severe disasters.

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Never attempt using hand-free gadgets too. If it’s significant to take the call, better quit your vehicle carefully along the side of the street and take the call. Never try to take calls while driving.Keeping multitasking at the bay is one of the basic thing to know on how to drive in safe mode.

Over speed a bad habit

Over speeding also put strain on your car in terms of petrol or diesel consumption.So while on long drive, stay focused on the road, not over speeding.Keeping speed in check is one of the basic thing to know on how to drive in safe mode.

Check your windshield and topup shampoo water.

Before the journey starts, make sure your glasses are clear and there should not be any problem in your visibility. You can carry a good quality glass cleaning liquid.Also, top up, the windshield water along with a pack of shampoo.

During journey, I carry 10 packs of normal shampoo with two bottles of purified water.

Overtaking rules in India

How to over take a big sized vehicle?

The big sized  trucks are often seen as dangerous to drive with and to overtake. It is not these drivers are drunk or sleeping. It is the amount of blind-spot they have. They need bigger  space in order to turn or while changing Lane.

The trollars also has unique characteristics.If they want to go left ,they go right first and then slowly move left.Use your honk (if it is delivered) or use your hibeam that the truck driver notices you.Wait for his signal(by light or hand)If he agrees to give you side ,proceed with care.My experience with such drivers were very good. Atleast it is good till now.

They will give you respect, if you respect them.Remember they have a heavy metal machine with huge power.Compared to them we are nothing. knowing correct rule on how to overtake is the basic thing to know on how to drive in safe mode.

Night Drive Safety Tips

People drive more during the night in summertime and spring than in winter season. Here some rules to defend yourself and individuals around you. Headlights. In case your vehicle does not have an automatic alteration of headlamp you need to correct it by yourself before driving. Don’t blind opposite drivers.Knowing headlight rule is one of the basic thing to know on how to drive in safe mode.

Turn off space light in front of other cars. Windscreen. Attempt to wash and wash your windscreen more frequently. Oil stains and grime which are undetectable from the mid-day can refract the light of reverse cars. Therefore sometimes you can lose vision. Twilight. Do not forget to flip on dim lighting prior tonight came.

A driver without turning on lights is hazardous. Passing by the opposite. You and opposite driveway have change onto the light. It is not possible to avoid blinding on the narrow road. You’ll lose vision for some seconds anyway. So put your leg brake pedal. Therefore you’ll lower time to react. One Headlight.

If you see one light it’ll motorcycle or car with one headlight. Be patient and attentive. Keep right side of the road until that car you passed. Boors. Some driver doesn’t turn off distance light. So look inside of the street passing by. Moving upwards and downwards. Keep in mind that if you’re in the bottom the vehicle which is above you’ll blind you even with dim light.

Be ready for this. And analyze that you’ll blind another driver if you’ll drive downwards. Unknown road. If you drive on the unknown road during the night you’ll be able to think about every turn being dangerous.

Night reduce visibility and perception. So keep average speed so as to respond to changing scenario. Trucks. Be cautious whenever you see a truck opposite you. You’ll not be capable to see real dimensions of the truck during the night.

It could to long or too wide. Something can jut out of semitrailer. Driver. Our forefathers hadn’t been a night animal. Nighttime is alien to us and your eyesight. To the stage, some people put a bit of lemon under their tongue.These are the basic Safety rules for driving safe while driving in the night..

Headlight Modification

Aftermarket projector headlamp is favored by car enthusiasts as the first modification on their vehicle. The reason is that most automobile producers do not come armed with pellets and it generally available in regular reflective headlights.

In addition, aftermarket headlamp features custom styling with Halo and Light-emitting diode lighting. Aftermarket projector headlamp is popular by offering a distinctive appearance and custom styling that suits your vehicle or truck nicely. Many aftermarket projector headlamps are offered in various style and housing color you could select from.

A couple of the most famous and favored housing is chrome or black. The chrome housing projector headlamp provides the overall vehicle a distinct look adding the glowing chrome feel to the signature of the headlights.

In the other hand, the black housing projector headlamp is popular in Japanese trucks and vehicles due to the JDM look that’s not available in the Indian market from the vehicle maker. Most of aftermarket projector headlamp require some modification to your car headlamp harness to work with the integrated Halo Rings and LED.

You’ll have to splice cables with the low beam or position lights to lead electricity to lights up their Halo Ring or LED. What’s more, if one hasn’t any knowledge or experience with the automotive electrical system. We extremely recommend profession install the headlamp for you.

you must check with your state transport authority to know about the light modification. This is one of the basic thing to know on how to drive in safe mode.

Setting up Projectors

Here are several hints on how to set up a set of aftermarket projector headlamp if you do choose to install the headlamp yourself. You’ll have to locate both different exposed halo cables, typically comes in two distinct colors.

Among the wires is the earth that normally comes in white or black. Once you locate the ground and power cables from the Halo, you will have to splice each cable with the parking lights exploit that are shown below.

You splice the cable with the parking lights since you need the Halo to light with the parking lights, and it’ll also light up whenever you turn on the low beam.

We also recommend utilizing a cable clamp or tap comparable to the pictures shown below. That is the simplest, safer, and most secure way to connect two wires together.

You’ll then test the light to make sure they work correctly by turning on the parking lights that will also light up their Halo Rings. In case the Halo Ring doesn’t light up, you’ll have to double check the wiring if you’ve connected it incorrectly.These are the basic Safety rules for driving safe in the night under headlight.

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Driving in the Ghat(Hill Area) and Mud roads viz Urban roads

Most Jeep/big car owners drive the iconic vehicles because of their celebrated off-road capacities, allowing drivers to speed through mud, whip round turns, roll over rough terrain, and do it all when remaining safe.

With regards to operating a bigger machine, like a Jeep, realize that you are at the wheel of something very heavy, strong, and possibly fatal. Consequently, always treat the big engine cars with the esteem car of its size and power deserves.

This implies constantly understanding that upkeep and routine checkups are a necessity of driving. Before you reach the trail, check the battery to be sure it is firmly in place, be sure all hoses are attached closely, check the oil and fluid levels, such as gas for longer trips, and check all the tires for holes and pressure.

When driving in the mud, it is often a wise idea to use the 4WD system in order that you’ve maximum control over your vehicle. Some Jeeps/big cars, mechanically adapt to inland conditions. Throughout the drive, be sure you’re in the appropriate equipment for the momentum which you choose, even when it means avoiding downshifting.

Be knowledgeable as to the over spin affects that may occur whenever you rev your engine. In case you lose control of your vehicle while driving throughout the mud, proceed to all the steering wheel back and forth until all the wheels get traction on the terrain.

Stop the car if you can’t gain traction. The very best and safest way to climb slopes on your Jeep would be to go up or down on all the slope – not side to side as the car may roll. Apply more power at all the base of all the hill if moving upwards and less power at all the top for optimal control of the vehicle.

When descending all the hill, lower all the gear, but keep all the clutch engaged in order that your car doesn’t coast. Use all the brakes to control your speed, but rely first on all the lower gears.

Driving a big car is a hobby which numerous people enjoy. Nevertheless, it may be hazardous if done incorrectly. Always read every roadside care and familiarize yourself with all the workings of your big cars prior to hitting all the trails. Safe practices will keep you coming back for more year after year.

Ghat driving is explained in these posts:

Mud road and Urban trips:

These are the basic Safety rules for driving safe while driving on the ghat section.

Driving down from hill

Driving down from hill requires even more driving sense than climbing up.

It is often seen drivers opt to put the car on neutral gear. In order to drive down. Don’t do that. Choose first or second gear. Do not speed up.

Honk and signal light( daring night) if you are going to a  blind curve.slow down as much as possible. While you are entering the curve in the hill.Do not go extreme either side of the road. It is often advisable to switch off the AC while climbing on the hill.

Use of ABS and alternative to ABS?

It is often said drive so smooth that the passenger seating in backseat should not feel any jarking  and if the person having a cup of  tea ,the tea should not spill at all.These are the basic Safety rules for driving safe while using or not using ABS.


In case you do not have ABS

In case of front wheel skid, mostly in the case of mud or water or oiled water mix on the road ) the front wheel skids. Do not apply immediate break. Just leave your foot from accelerator pedal. If your tires are in good condition, the front wheel will gain fraction within  seconds. Drive towards safety . In the case of front wheel skid the car may take a wider Arc. Support your car.

In case of beck wheel skid it is little tricky. You need to steer your steering wheel in the same direction. if the tires are in good condition, they will gain fraction within seconds. Do not apply brake in this condition as well.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

In case you have anti lock  braking system (ABS)

ABS is a lifesaver in many occasions. I prefer you buy a car which at least have ABS.
In ABS during skid or heavy breaking, even if you pushed break hard by instinct the micro processor in the ABS computer will do the rest.

It will calculate and apply brake on the wheel. The only thing it needs to steer towards safety. So if you have ABS in your car raise the brake( don’t leave) and keep stretching towards safety.


They’re  could be heavy vibration when ABS gets activated. Don’t panic or leave the brake pedal.
All-wheel drive

All wheel drive is a surely another costly technology as all your wheels gets traction in 4d drive. But be careful on how to use them, in flood ,slippery mud or showy skid they don’t help match.( I do not own a 4w drive car cannot comment Much on that)

Driving in the Rain or water:

Driving while it is raining presents a number of challenges that you do not encounter while driving on dry roads. Most drivers realize that water lessens the amount of friction between the tires along with the road, along with the slow down in reaction to reduced grip.One should know how to drive in safe mode in rain.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

Rain causes slippery brakes that makes slips and slides in Indian roads. So be slow during rain. If it rains cats and dogs and you cannot proceed any further, look for a safe shelter like roadside hotels or Dhaba. Do not stop your car on highway.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

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During rain visibility goes down. During night drive, it became more problematic. I suggest to switch on fog light or  any other yellow light instead of headlight projector or white light.
Headlight projector( having bulb> 4200 Kelvin) or white light (6,000 K) will give more glare then visibility.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

Driving in mild rain

It is always better to follow a car/ bus/ truck during rain but maintain a safe distance. You can increase distance from the other vehicle.You must know how to drive in safe mode during mild rain.

Nonetheless, a lot of rain may lead to what each driver dreads the most: hydroplaning.In this case also you must follow safety rules for driving safe.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

What’s Hydroplaning and How Do You Prevent It?

While driving while it’s raining, you to tackle wet roads, standing puddles or transferring sheets of water. Tire tread was designed to enhance wet road grip by directing water into the sides of the tire.

Hydroplaning happens when the tires cannot channel water away fast enough. At the stage, the tire is no longer connected with the road and no touch means no grip! – Three main factors cause hydroplaning, based upon the connection between street conditions, tire health, and your rate. This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

They’re Water depth. When a street is merely wet, your grip is reduced, hydroplaning happens when a quantifiable pool of water is present on the road. The deeper the water, the greater your own tires have to channel out to keep contact with the road.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

Consequently, the more plain water on the road, the lower you need to drive. Tread depth. The deeper your own tire tread is, the more distance there is for plain water to channel out into the sides.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

As tires wear out, tread thickness decreases, leaving room for water steering. The quicker you drive, the quicker the distances between the tread blocks on your own tires fill up and the greater chance there is that hydroplaning can happen.These are the basic Safety rules for driving safe during rain.

Drivers attitude-Safety rules for driving safe

You don’t have to be in white colored shirt, and pant with a captain’s cap while you start driving in a highway but any of your dress should not impact on driving.Try to avoid slippery chappals and use  a good quality sneaker. You can drive in bare hands but preferred to wear a thin gloves.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

Drivers seat and the area below to driver seat should absolutely free. No water bottles or any other things should be placed here. Water bottle can go down towards paddles and may cause accidents. You must keep in mind these points on how to drive in safe mode.

If your car is overloaded, be careful about momentum. As over loading impacts car dynamics. The car need more breaking distance. Be careful while traveling a lot of materials along with you.Rear passengers should also wear seat belts .

SUVs are more prone to roll over in high speed. Avoid high-speed and heavy breaking.
during long drive do not be put on air condition all the time, roll down window to get fresh air or run the air condition on fresh air mode. It will not only boost oxygen level but also increase your stamina during long drive.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

I prefer 1.30 hrs drive in a/c mode while we have only two occupants and 15 minutes fresh air mode. If the occupants are  higher you can adjust to 45 minutes/ 1 hour in AC with 15 minutes fresh air. This is another how to drive in safe mode.

I like to put my hello lights on during daytime driving and at least  one auxiliary (fog) during night drive. Being seen is equally important and this shows how to drive in safe mode.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

Avoid any sudden things on Indian highway. Sudden turn, sudden break, sudden overtake increase the risk of accident.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

The roads that dips and ups  suddenly, be slow( Durgapur Expressway, some some patches to Nagarjuna sagar, some patches of kuntala, some patches of Goa etc) there could be cars approaching avoid overtaking if you are not seeing the road.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

Urban area driving is tiring. Slow down a little bit. Indian urbans are  notorious as they have speed breaker, schools, animals and few careless drivers. They also offer unmarked speed breakers.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

I am not a big fan of sunglasses. But if you are comfortable you can wear one. But when the sudden tunnels, forest area approaching. Remove the sunglass. However natural eye can give better visibility all the time. You can choose as per your need as long as safety rules for driving safe are followed.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

Just remember, you are just sharing a road along with fellow drivers. Be sensitive to pedestrians and motorists.Share with great care is another aspect of how to drive in safe mode.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

Do not allow tailgater or follower to follow you. It may cause accident in case of major breaking.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

Urban India does not care about rules. Just drive on in case you happen to experience some rule breaking incidents. This does not imply to you. You try to stick to rules.These are the basic Safety rules for driving safe while exhibiting driver’s attitude. This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

How Do You Recover From Hydroplaning?

Depending upon the situation, it might be challenging to tell that you’re hydroplaning in the first place. While driving in a straight line, you might feel a sudden looseness in steering as if the back end of the vehicle is moving around freely. The vehicle will slow down in its own along with recover traction.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

Ease in the brake to further slow the car. Gently turn the steering wheel in the direction you would like to go. Though a hydroplaning event might last less than a second, keeping a cool head along with a steady hand will assist you to maintain vehicle control. Once you have gotten out from the hydroplaning event, keep your rate down till its safe to speed up again. Once you get home, check your own tires into seeing if they need air or replacement.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

Water splash from the other car and trucks can be fatal. As you can not see anything in front of you while the slash happened, hurriedly you will slow down. This will have a two-way impact. The car behind you may not slow down and collide with you. Secondly, as you can not see anything, you may collide with something. In order to avoid this, I prefer to slow down while other vehicles are crossing or be ready with wiper switch while overtaking another vehicle.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

Is your car Hydroplanes or  you look control due to clogged water. Avoid braking. Rather steer car for safety.Avoid using cruise control if you are on semi or automatic car. Avoid sudden terms and heavy breaking.Avoid driving in single hand. Both hands will give more control than single hand.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

Use defogger and AC combined to compact with internal or  external fogs that accumulates on windshield.In case if you do not have a defogger facility keep a piece of dry cloth handy.
In case if you do not have air condition or you cannot run air condition roll the door window a little bit.The golden rule is to wait until the weather improves. Start the emergency light on back driving on rain.During day time you can turn on lights to get your car noticed by other driver.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

Flooded area driving

it is a strictly no to drive. A running water or a water having got it can pull your car from the road. Even I would suggest do not go near the flowing water. Do not walk in the flowing water to understand the depth.With for local help in order to avoid any danger.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

you must checkout the Srisailam drive on a rainy day.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india or how to drive safe on highway.

Driving in strong wind in India

This section is compiled from an experience while I was travelling to Dapoli. We experienced heavy winds during night. It was so strong I was compelled to stop the car at some point of time. Here are by advice while experiencing heavy winds during driving and you must follow for safety rules for driving safe.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

I was travelling through ghat sections( srisailam, dapoli, and while travelling to Kuntala waterfall).I found that there was a strong wind that was not only slowing me down but also my car was fighting heavily to keep us grounded. From these experience, I am writing the guide or how to drive in an area where strong wind is present.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

  • Mostly the funnel shaped roads surrounded by mountains creates heavy wind, if you notice this shapes, slow down.
  • Avoid overtaking other vehicles.
  • Use both hands for a steady grip on wheel.
  • Try to cover the stretch in a slow but steady mode/ speed.
  • Strong wind can bring trees to the ground, hence watch out for trees.
  • If some foreign element( dust ,sand etc) falls on your windshield, do not operate wiper, sand can destroy the glass. Wait for wind to clear it out. If at all you need to clear them, stop the car with hazard lights on to the extreme left and use dry cloth to dust out. Do not rush.
  • Do not Park your vehicle behind a tree or do not stay inside if the wind is too heavy. Park it at the hotels or dhabas parking lot and go inside of the Dhaba.
  • If the wind is side wise, look to stop. A regular Indian( jugard)( workaround is to roll the window down a little bit or completely. This will give you stability. This tips is highly applicable if you have a tall profile car or narrow profile car.

This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

Driving in Jungle

Driving in a jungle India time and nighttime are breeze. As you cross the lash green landscape but you must follow safety rules for driving safe.Keep attention to the following points.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

  1. Be prepare for a sudden break. Hence wear seatbelt. Drive slowly.
  2. Need to pay great attention to the crossing animals.
  3. Do not stop and chips ,kurkure or any other things to the animals.
  4. You need to stay alert if you Spot an animal.
  5. In case of an unintentional accident, report to the forest officer.
  6. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol.

I have experienced some of these incidents during my journey in the night in Srisailam dam and forest and Orissa forest range.How to Drive Safely in Indian Road should cover this basic part as well.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

Take rest and power snap

we’re human beings and frequently get tired of driving. If you’re going on a long trip, it’s best to take breaks. This may keep you active and fresh. Continuous driving can cause tiredness and dizziness that may be crucial. At any time you feel tired or feel sleepy, better to get a rest and when possible sleep for some time. Keep a substantial distance from another vehicle.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

Use seatBelts and safety gears

Therefore, look after you or your family members. Keep a considerable distance from an automobile ahead you. This may lessen the possible the speed of the vehicle ahead sufficient time to adjust in accordance with the speed of the car ahead.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

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Seat belts are provided in all kinds of vehicles for your protection. Nobody is likely to put on a benefit from them except you. Therefore, always wear your seat belt the fact that driving quickly cause you more fuel and create more tension. A good driver drives neither too quick nor too slow.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

If you are travelling with kids, never leave them in the backseat. Do not also allow them to climb on the car. Always bucked them with seat belt.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

Follows traffic rules

How to Drive Safely in Indian Road talks about abide by the traffic rules.General advise following the traffic rules and traffic signals. Apart from these, you must be known as not always the street signs and rules show us the best route or guide. Therefore, not always the street signs and rules which you follow will be able to ensure your safety. While driving on a road, focus on the signs for animals heading out. This is another how to drive in safe mode.

Prepare your Car

Your vehicle ought to also be in perfect condition as well. Proper tire pressure, braking system, lights, and emergency flashers all need to be in good working conditions. This is another how to drive in safe mode.

Common advice in all the roads

  • As per times of India, 90% of accidents happen in India when we over speed. So Overspeeding is not an option in the Indian road. Prepare to plan early and travel smoothly.
  • Driving under the influence of Alchohol is the second largest reason for accidents in India. Avoid the same.
  • Blind curves the third death traps in Indian roads. Even tough State governments put up a signboard in most of the roads. But we need to be careful while crossing blind curves.
  • Uncontrolled overtakes causes accidents too on the highway. I am not against overtaking a slow moving vehicle, but we need to overtake when we can see the next path clear under sunlight or headlamp.
  • Use the upper beam of the headlamp judiciously. Driving always on the upper beam may illuminate the road but may blind the oncoming traffic. It may also cause accidents.
  • Lock the car and wear seat belt, think of think of your safety fast.
  • Avoid any altercation with other driver. The sudden adrenaline rush does not make you cool.
  • Always be on you speed limit or maintain the road speed limit. This will not only make you safe but also you will not be penalized by road safety cameras in terms of fine.
  • While on long drive, you need to have at least two alternative escape routes ready with you. These will come handy is the regular route is blocked due to any circumstances.
  • Do not drive other’s vehicle if you have never driven that car before. Being a car owner, we should also not give our car to  a new person who is not a regular driver of the car we own. Do not put your life to other persons hand. Do not take risk!!This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.
  •  If you are a motorist, do not go suddenly to the middle of the road. Do not drive crazy.
  •  Do not follow if four wheeler or a truck. They tend to avoid potholes in between of their wheels. This pothole come directly to you.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.
  • Always maintain a gap of minimum 30 feet to avoid any sudden brake or potholes.
  • Adjust your seat, mirror,AC and music system before you start journey.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.
  • Always use indicator beforehand while changing lanes or if you are going down from main road.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.
  • Always stop if police is asking you to stop. Co-operate with them to avoid any penalty.
  • Never leave your kids in the car unattended in case you are travelling with kids.

Drowsy driving

Are you feeling tired during driving? Feeling sleepy? Or you drowsy? Avoid driving in these conditions at any cost. Put water on your face. Place the AC vents directly towards you. If you still do not feel good. Stop. Take out the road plan. Check for the safety area to stop and take a power nap. This is another how to drive in safe mode.

How to Drive Safely in Indian Road is against the Drowsy driving. I mean to drive safe avoid drowsiness.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

You are far from a safety spot, you can try chewing something( I prefer normal pan)or chilly or lemon. This will surely  keep you to go near the safety point.
Once reached take a power nap of 1 to 2 hours.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.
This circumstance can be avoided if you plan to adjust your body clock, understand when you are pick at your energy and when you are low on energy. Plan your trip accordingly.

Power of power nap

The best setting for long drive

I customized it as per my need.You can do as per yours.There should be a bed,a battery operated fan to cool you,while you take power nap.How to Drive Safely in Indian Road should also have this tool.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

power nap is great while you are on long drive. We must take advantage of this tool. This does not delay our schedule to a great extent but  provides a great energy to drive. Do not push your limit on Drowsy condition.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

Best Place to Stop

This section can be divided into two parts. The stoppage at daylight and stoppage during night travel.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

Best Places to stop at day time

Day time is the best while traveling with family and ladies. Broad daylight reduces robbery and snatching. Be careful about the road though. Since during day time all shops are opened, Google app can help you to find the best place to help. You can inquire about the hotels, their services etc. Decide and stop where you feel like good.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

Best places to stop at night time

How to Drive Safely in Indian Road should cover this point as well.While day time provides adequate sunlight, but it also attracts natural speed breakers like cycle, cows, dogs etc. Night travel is a breeze in that aspect. 90% of my travel happened at night time. At night we have to be extra careful about the Volvos, trucks and sudden turns. While Google can help you to find a hotel and reviews, I urge you to be extra careful here too.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

  • I generally prefer to stop at the toll booths. They have securities and pay to use toilets. I generally take rest in these areas.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.
  • Second best spots are the big outlets like CCDs, KFCs etc. they are generally attached to a petrol bunk.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.
  • The third alternative could be the petrol bunk itself. Take permission from them to spot your car. Park it and use their facilities.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.
  • While choosing hotels, I am a bit skeptical. Definitely, I see Google about what other visitors are speaking about the hotel. Then I see the surroundings. If there are other cars stopping by like a Volvo or state bus, I must venture. Otherwise, If I see only people are around, I avoid the place. check out my Medak trip.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.
  • In the same note, please do not stop to an isolated tea shop or a hotel during the night.
  • Carry enough dry food, water, and tea with you.This is how to drive safe on highway or how to drive car in india.

Emergency Kit what you must have

Your emergency kitty should have(This is another how to drive in safe mode.)

  • Emergency contact number
  • Cars emergency makers contact number.
  • Touring vans number
  • Blood group details
  • Authorized service center number
  • police station number of the area you are traveling( ask Google)

How to Drive Safely in Indian Road is not only driving but also the accessories we are putting to safe guard ourselves. This is another how to drive in safe mode.

What to do if you met with an accident?

Just after an accident, try to be calm. Check if you and other passengers are safe. Try to call local police for road safety team. If the accident is fatal try to call ambulance.
After the accident do not leave the car. Stay inside(it is applicable if the car is still in shape to be seated). This is another how to drive in safe mode.Try to calm yourself.

Next things to do-

  • Call local police.
  • Call insurance provider.
  • Take help of the locals (be careful, I have read many incidents of snatching while helping from this great forum) .

What to do if you met a hit and run accident?

It is often seen in the Indian Highway. Drivers hit-and-run. They run for their own safety in order to get rid of mob.This is another how to drive in safe mode. In case if you face such  incident immediately record the following

  • Color of the car.
  • Number plate
  • Model,make of the car.
  • Time and location of accident.
  • That direction information where the driver fled.
  • If possible take snap.
  • If there are any eyewitness, collect contact numbers.
  • Now check if all passengers  are fine or not,Take proper care of them.
  • Report the incident along with the information to the local police.
  • Talk to your authorized service center and insurance provider.

What to do in case of fatal accident?

  • Check for injuries for all passengers  including other driver.Call ambulance if necessary.
  • Do not start hitting the other driver.( I mean do not take the law in your own hand)
  • Contact local police or highway protection force.
  • Collect information  about the other car.
    c)Number plate information.
    d)Policy details
    e)Name of the owner
    f)Name of the driver.
    g)Address of both.
  • Look for eye witness .Collect their information  as well.
  • Place a FIR to police.
  • Report the same to your authorized service providers and insurance provider.

Final words-Have a fun mind instead of race

Driving long is a fun activity. In an air condition ,hearing music, driving with the loved one surely a fun. Enjoy it instead of go for a race with a fellow driver.Avoid driving if you are upset,tense or morally down or in high stress level. Handle calm if you are irritated with other driver.In all cases you must follow safety rules for driving safe.

Do not leave your vehicle to confront other driver or do not leave your key.Watch out for stopped vehicle (specially the trucks).In India the stopped vehicle near the road claimed as many as lives as in accident .Judge the stopping vehicle and change the lane.

Do take enough rest before a long drive .Do not take heavy meal before long drive.Survive with snacks,energy bar and water.If you are felling drowsy, take some rest .Take some energy bars,Take plenty of water ,walk around,Take nap.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

If you are driving a rental vehicle,get familiar with the car before hand for at least 2 days before you hit the road.(Zoom car,Zipcar etc).This is another how to drive in safe mode.

Travelling with kids ? stop often.This will fill energy to them.They can also complete potty break and Tiffin break.Do not forget the duplicate key. Keep it always with you in your book pocket.While driving on urban area or an highway keep plenty of cash, cash is the king as the absence of ATM.This is another how to drive in safe mode.

If you are guy who uses spectacle, always carry one or two pieces extra along with you.
Keep a tow rope just in case you need some help. Carry extra spanner.A screwdriver/ a multi purpose swiss knife/ electrical tape/2/3 extra fuses/ headlight bulb etc. These are the safety rules for driving safe.

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