How to get Day Date and Year in javascript

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In allmost every project I have incorporated this piece of code. Everywhere people want to display day date and year in the page.
I have tried to incorporate the code here..

<TITLE> Date validations </TITLE>
var monthNames = new Array(12);
monthNames[0]= “January”;
monthNames[1]= “February”;
monthNames[2]= “March”;
monthNames[3]= “April”;
monthNames[4]= “May”;
monthNames[5]= “June”;
monthNames[6]= “July”;
monthNames[7]= “August”;
monthNames[8]= “September”;
monthNames[9]= “October”;
monthNames[10]= “November”;
monthNames[11]= “December”;

var dayNames = new Array(7);
dayNames[0]= “Sunday”;
dayNames[1]= “Monday”;
dayNames[2]= “Tuesday”;
dayNames[3]= “Wednesday”;
dayNames[4]= “Thursday”;
dayNames[5]= “Friday”;
dayNames[6]= “Saturday”;

function customDateString (m_date)

var daywords = dayNames[m_date.getDay()];
var theday = m_date.getDate();
var themonth = monthNames[m_date.getMonth()];
var theyear = m_date.getYear();
return daywords + “,  ” + themonth + ” ” + theday + “, ” + theyear;

document.write(customDateString( new Date()))

this will give the output as —(IE View).

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