How to Get List Name of a SharePoint link in UFT ?

How to Get List Name of a SharePoint link in UFT ?
How to Get List Name of a SharePoint link in UFT ?

How to Get List Name of a SharePoint link in UFT ?

SharePoint is the webApp designed by Microsoft. But as per HP passport site SharePoint is compatible with UFT. Also While browsing through advancedqtp site  I got an idea how to automate sharePoint using UFT’s descriptive Programming.  Now getting list name from a sharePoint link is tricky. Here is an example how to do that:

msgbox getListName("your_SharePoint_URL")

The implementation will be as follows:

Function getListName("your_SharePoint_URL")
// this is to close the all open IE
SystemUtil.CloseProcessByName "IEEXPLORE.exe"
// open the sharePoint url "iexplore.exe",your_SharePoint_URL
// This piece of code to navigate to the list settings
Browser("MicClass:=Browser").Page("MicClass:=Page").Link("html tag:=A","text:=LisList Tools Group").click
Browser("MicClass:=Browser").Page("MicClass:=Page").Link("html tag:=A","text:=LisSettings").click
//now the trick is to click on the address bar to get the url having List Name Until and unless we 
//click on the address bar sharepoint will not display the modified url with list name.
//The below code will click on the address bar
Browser("MicClass:=Browser").Page("MicClass:=Page").WinObject("name:=AddressDisplay Control").click
wait 2
// now the url will look like= sharepoint link along with listname=some encoded string
//In order to get the list name we need to split the url with "List=" 
//afterCut(0) will contain remaining part
//afterCut(1) will contain encoded list name. To get the actual name of the list,we can create our own 
//decoder or the easiest way to get that is to open bing's url decoder.
//I have coded to go to the bing decoder
//It will open the url decoder 
//setting the encoded list name in the text 
Browser("MicClass:=Browser").Page("MicClass:=Page").Frame("micClass:=Frame","html id:=third5302","html 
tag:=IFRAME").WebEdit("micClass:=WebEdit","html id:=text","name:=WebEdit").set afterCut(1)
//Click on the button
Browser("MicClass:=Browser").Page("MicClass:=Page").Frame("micClass:=Frame","html id:=third5302",
"html tag:=IFRAME").WebButton("miClass:=WebButton","html id:=decode",
"html tag:=Button","name:=Decode").Click
//get the decoded List name
LisName=Browser("MicClass:=Browser").Page("MicClass:=Page").Frame("micClass:=Frame","html id:=third5302",
"html tag:=IFRAME").WebEdit("micClass:=WebEdit","html id:=text","name:=WebEdit").getROProperty("value")
// this is to close the all open IE
SystemUtil.CloseProcessByName "IEEXPLORE.exe"
End Function

This is how we should be able to get the list name from a sharePoint.

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