How To Install Selenium IDE In FireFox

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In my last post I have shown how to down load Firefox ,FirePath,Firebug here.

In this post we will see how to download Selenium IDE for Firefox.
With Selenium IDE you will be able to automate the browser(FireFox).

Let us check out the steps..
Open Mozilla Firefox
Go to Selenium download link,here.
Check out the selenium IDE section.

selenium download step-2

Click on the latest released version 1.10.0 as per image. It will ask you to allow download.

Step-3 download selenium IDE

Click on allow.A new window will open up .It will look like below image..

Window for installing Selenium IDE

Click on Install now. Red color button.

Click on Install Now to install Selenium IDE

It will ask you restart. After restart. You can get the IDE installed on you Firefox.

selenium IDE installed

You are done!!! You have successfully configured Selenium IDE in Mozilla FireFox!!!.

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