How to Make Study Notes for an Exam: Complete Facts in Just 5 Minutes

Introduction to How to Make Study Notes

Nowadays the education system has been changed. Study-notes play a vital role in preparation for the exam in a short span of time.

From the very first day, students start preparing for the exam by studying books and taking daily classes. Good study notes help to learn quickly.

During the last days of preparation for each paper or subject study notes makes it handy for the student’s study notes contain all the important points for revision before the exam.

Study notes based on daily lectures given in the classes primarily. Being a student, everyone should have knowledge about how to prepare a study note for an exam or class.

How to Make Study Notes
How to Make Study Notes

 How to prepare study notes?

To make good study notes students need two essential things which are lectures and some reference books. Students should collect ideas while listening to lectures in the classroom and studying books. If the students primarily focus on listening to the lectures then all the collected points during the classroom or studying books could be given a proper shape.

If a study note contains paragraphs, having headlines, individual points, or diagrams it should be easy for the students to understand and learn.

The notes should be in a proper sequence according to the exam schedule. To save time, study notes should have collective extracts from different books. So, students need some tips for making good notes for an exam or classes.

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 Some tips to prepare study notes for class/exam: –

  • Firstly, a student needs paper and pen and also good listening power to note down the ideas collected during the class lecture.
  • The student should be attentive in the class while the lecture is giving lectures because the latter may share information that may not be mentioned in the coursebook.
  • The student should write down important definitions and their meanings, terminologies for a quick recommendation.
  • When the students complete their study on coursebooks, guide, or even on the internet, they first understand the concept and write important facts learned from it in different notebooks to prepare the study notes.
  • A study note should be comprehensive for quick learning with the use of paragraphs, points, and tables.
  • Handwritten study notes should be clear and brief to make it easily readable in the future.
  • Before coming to the next class, a student should make sure to review the notes made by them from the last class.
  • The review of the notes brings them fully up to speed and ready to pick up the topic where they left off.
  • Before preparing the study notes a good idea for the students would be to outline the chapters, sections, and articles beforehand.
  • Students should make an effort to understand the topic and focus on what being said so that they can raise the questions if they don’t understand.
  • Mostly the students take notes by laptop and do the mistake of writing down every word which they can’t figure out. They should make sure in understanding the meaning of what’s being said.
  • Students must not be afraid to ask a question if something confuses them especially on the topic which they feel like particularly to be important.

    How to Make Study Notes
    How to Make Study Notes

 How a study material should be written?

  • It is better to make a separate notebook for each subject with proper labeling.
  • If a student prepares the study note on loose paper, they should have a file to keep it. Moreover, they should mention page numbers on each page so that it may not get mixed.
  • Most of the students nowadays write and save their notes on a laptop or desktop. In that case, a separate folder should be made so that it may not be get deleted by mistake.
  • Students should use a marker for writing, headings, topics, and subtopic for long paragraphs.
  • Facts and data should be written in the exact order or form.
  • Students should not provide unnecessary ideas and topics on the notes.
  • Notes should be related to the nature of the questions asked in the exam.

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Learning how to draw out better study notes for the exam for class help a student to improve their writing skills and recall what they have learned because it ensures that they are active during the class and it provides the knowledge of what they are writing and also helps to make concentration between the topics.

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