How To Negotiate with a Customer Over Phone

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     Assume you are working as an operator at a call center in India and are receiving irate calls from Americans and Londoners.How would you handle such calls?Imagine a situation and state you response.
     There is a framework to handle such inbound calls:-

    The starting will be a greeting one says good afternoon,good evening,good morning etc.
    Learn accept what is said-so with due respect I will accept what he/she is telling except sex/sexual conversation.
    Have to be cool all the time and have to understand what exactly he/she is looking for.
    If he/she doesnot want to listen to me then and want to talk to my boss in,US/London then again I will try to understand the problem.
    I will not try to ask any personal question but costly handle the situation and will try to nullify the scenario.

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    ring ring ring—–

    Me: Good afternoon,sir/madam.This is XY calling from xyz company.How can I help you?
    ABC: The product sold to me,is a worse one.I am going to consumer forum.However I want to  talk to the business manager.
    Me: I am really sorry for the fact,may I know who is calling ?The product code?
    ABC: will talk to your manager only!!connect quickly.
    Me: Sir/madam,again appologise an the fact that happened with you.But we value our  customer and customer is given highest priority however.
    ABC: I wanna talk to the manager , Your quality  is downing day by day.
    Me: sir/madam can you please cool down a bit.Let me tell you we operate 6 sigma in our business.It means we are 99.996% correct while making 100 product.The fact that  happened with you (again saying sorry to you),I guess its a small technical  defect/problem.It will solved within 24hrs service.That’s a promise from our side (hours can vary depending on critically). Please take down the service request no-1245.the respective  person will be contacting you within a short while.Please tell me the product code.
    ABC: x1y2z3
    Me: Fine sir(on seeing the details on the screen)the respective mechanic will be rang and will  be available within 24 hrs.
    ABC: Fine else will go to customer care.
    Me: That is ok sir/madam.Have a great day.Bye.

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