How to Perform Guest Posting on Techtravelhub?

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Submit Guest Post- Guidelines for

We are accepting guest posting. If you want to contribute to the booming blogging community. This is the right place for you.

Topic Selection

If you are really interested to post your content please send your ideas to the email ([email protected]). If we pick you, one of another community member will guide you about the topic.

Alternatively, you can come up with articles, ideas or improvement points.

There is no writing slot concept, you can actually post as many articles as possible.

The topics I love to cover-

  1. Technical language (C, C++, Java, VPs, VB script, etc)
  2. Technical Tutorial/ How to guide.
  3. Concepts of DevOps, No Ops, Traditional process, models- Agile, V, XP, Waterfall etc.
  4. Cryptocurrency, BitCoin, Blockchain- concepts, How to guide, case studies.
  5. Testing (Manual, Automation, Security, Performance)- Concepts, How to guide, Case studies.
  6. Tools review, How to guide (upcoming, New  Discover, new arrival).
  7. General “How To’s” related to development and testing domain.
  8. Startup technologies.
  9. Home decor as part of the lifestyle.
  10. General lifestyle.
  11. Travel (Guide, How to, Quick Guide).
  12. Motor parts (Gadgets for car & bike).
  13. How to guide or motor parts.

The article should fall one of the below categories-

  • Lists like examples, ways, tools, tactics, methods, tips.
  • Your opinion post.
  • Round up posts.
  • Why, what, how, who kind of explainer posts.
  • How-to guide.

 Bit details

  • Quality- Articles must be 800 words or more. It must cover the topic in depth. Put your own wordings. Post must be 100% original.It signifies the following-
    • No plagiarism (use Copyscape, dupe checker etc. to check content)
    • No self-plagiarism- Do not copy contents from your own but already published content.
  • Screenshots, picture, video- I prefer to take your own created picture or video. If not possible use some free sites to obtain the image. Try to give credit if you have taken from someone’s creativity.
  • Backlink- We will surely provide you backlink on a genuine contribution. In general great community upgrade articles may get 2-5 backlinks. But I do not support business promotion on techtravelhub. The author group is the final authority to take a decision on the backlinks(count/position/keyword etc)
  • Ownership of Content- If you are providing content to techtravelhub and we accept the same for publishing, the ownership of copyright is transferred to techtravelhub (us).
  • We may update the content from time to time but it will not affect your backlink.
  • Only one backlink (do follow or no follow) is allowed per past.
  • Techtravelhub does not accept process release, gambling, porn or any other content that is not suited for Mankind.
  • Techtravelhub accepts MS word format only.
  • The Turn around time to publish an article is 7 days.
  • Techtravelhub may edit/ update the heading.
  • Content should be given with suitable keywords (Max-5).
  • Once the Content is selected and published, we will notify you with an email along with the link.
  • We expect some action item for the readers in the conclusion part.
  • we want to hear your opinion, experience, your test results. Try to provide original research data or actual data and try to provide the original source of such data.
  • Author Bio- while submitting articles- you are free to give links to FB, linked in, Facebook, company URL.

Linking policy-

  1. We do not accept linking to any site’s homepage. However, we are happy to link back the author bio (FB, linked in etc.)
  2. In general, free posts get one backlink. I do not encourage more than that.
  3. I give 2 or more backlink or other links if you are not promoting some business and your article helps the community.
  4. No linking to pills, porn, gambling, vaping, casinos or payday loans.
  5. We do not accept any articles on pills, porn, gambling, vaping, casinos, payday loans, abuse etc.
  6. We do not accept promotional links.
  7. We strictly prohibit trading, selling links from techtravelhub.

Image policy

  1. You need to submit a copyright-free image
  2. The image should be (600*800px)
  3. If you are using an image in the content, align them in the Centre (middle)
  4. The image should not talk about any promotion.
  5. Do not use memo, GIFs.

What we do not accept?

  • Articles related to cross-selling products recommendation etc. are strictly not allowed.
  • Articles related to vaping, casino, CBD, drugs, pills, abusive content, hardcore politics are also not allowed.

Content Merge policy

We value our readers. So we want to provide them with the best value from the posts. As a result, we or our author group has full rights to alter/delete or modify and finally merge the articles. These mergers are based on the same contents spread over multiple posts.

Note: We put redirections, to point to the correct resources so that your valuable efforts do not get wasted. This may also help Google to point the correct resource for many search queries.

Content update policy

The blogging market is dominated by resellers. It is often not direct. In between Clicnt the actual author to the publisher, there exists a lot of middle persons. On top of this, we have dedicated author groups who decided what works well for the content. They perform lots of operations like free image inclusion, keywords finding, update content time to time to make the best available resource for the viewers.

As there are many brains working towards a single article, there may be perception changes. One author group seeing the article decides what is best, that, may not the intent of the real author. To cope up with this issue we have a set of rules to follow:

If it is your article

  • just submit proof that it is your article. Maybe you can request from the same email id from where you have submitted the article.
  • A formal email about the changes you want.

If it is your article and landed to us via a reseller or middle person

  1. Chat/email transcript about the request to change the already published document with the reseller you worked with. This should match our database though.
  2. A formal email about the changes you want.
  3. A chat/email transcript from the client stating that it is their document.

However note, our author team is the final deciding factor to update/upgrade anything of the article.

Article Deletion Policy

You may be requesting a free posting. We agree with you as you want to promote your website and provide us with a great article. But many of you do not include an image, SEO keywords, tags, headers etc. I have a dedicated author group who does it for you while you sit back and relax. It costs me a lot. They do not work for free!!

Now It may so happen that you want to delete the post. Yes, I got it, You may have got some other place to post or some other reason. I agree and I am always with you.

The rules for this-

  1. You can request a deletion request before posting or within 24 hours of posting. I won’t charge anything.
  2. In case you cross 48 hours, all syndication, social sharing which promotes our articles got updated. Now it is very tough to delete.
  3. Now there will be a ticketing system for the deletion and the finance and audit (QA) team will look after this ticket. The completion is not in the author group’s hand.
  4. Definitely, the core team will be talking to the actual author for understanding the concern.
  5. If it not your article, you need to provide me with the actual author or their concern over email.
  6. The total process may take 5 working days to 30 working days.
  7. In this period the article will be marked as disputed.
  8. All links will be suspended.
  9. There may be a penalty applied to you to recover our cost if no valid justification found.
  10. Note our objective is not to harass you or not to put blame on my group for your false move.
  11. Finally, once the dispute is resolved, you will be notified over email or phone.
  12. In between you may enquire, we will try to give you the best possible status of the ticket.

Rejection policy

  • Our author panel will take the final decision on publishing the articles.
  • The link validity is subject to the author panel’s decision. Author panel decision will be final.
  • All duplicate contents will be rejected. We will try to notify you via email in case your article is rejected.

For any Queries and Guest posting request please feel free to contact on-

  1. [email protected]
  2. [email protected]

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