How to Pick the Right International School for Your Kids Beyond 2020

Introduction to How to Pick the Right International School for Your Kids

The education you give your children should prepare them for the future. But with so many options out there, it can be hard to decide. If you’re relocating to Singapore for work and you’re bringing along the rest of your family, then you’ll need to consider a few important factors, too. Make sure you pick the school that suits your kids the most and that will help them develop and grow, ready to take on the world.

When you check out options, go over the international schools in Singapore. If you want the best education for your kids, this is a good place to start.

Check Out the Curriculum 

That’s often first on the list. Find out more about the class structure as well as the teaching style and the subject they cover. Does the curriculum provide a holistic education or is it skewed towards STEM subjects? Does it promote emotional and social growth and development? Does it teach the use of technology? What about practical skills? Also, find out if the school follows the same program that you have in your home country. That will make the transition easier for your kids.

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Learn of Its Reputation 

Parents always check the academic standing of the schools before they pick one for their kids. That’s a good practice. One way to get to know more about the school is to check its reputation. Go over the feedback from parents and former students. Check on these online. Reach out to others in your circle who might know more. Their insights can help you determine which schools should be crossed off or added to your list.

Know the Teachers

The teachers have a huge impact on the kids. Find out more about what their credentials and qualifications are. What kind of teaching backgrounds do they have? Are they experts in their field? Are the teachers passionate about their work? Are they committed to their role as educators? Do they invest in every child? Are they kind and compassionate? Are they patient? These questions will help you figure out if your kids have excellent teachers. If the school has a reputation for rigid teaching methods and styles; if the teachers seem the type to insist on complete and unquestioned obedience rather than encouraging inquiry, then look elsewhere.

Observe the Environment

A visit to the facilities can help. While these days, classes have moved to virtual classrooms, that setup’s not going to stay forever. Kids will eventually go back to school, and checking the facilities is an excellent way to get a read on the school. Is it fully equipped with libraries and laboratories? Does the school have grounds where the kids can play sports or do their P.E. classes? What other recreational facilities are in school? Are the facilities well maintained and in excellent condition?

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Take Note of the Atmosphere

As soon as you enter the school, you’ll have a sense of the atmosphere in the facility. Does it seem friendly and supportive? Or does it seem cold and impersonal? You want a warm and supportive learning environment for your kids. If that’s not the case, don’t hesitate to move on to the other options on your shortlist of prospective schools.

Look at the Opportunities 

Many international schools offer to learn programs and electives that offer kids the chance to explore their interests. If your kids don’t have any strong interests yet, then the school’s programs can help them discover where their talents lie, what they excel at, and more. By offering these learning opportunities, your kids find out more about what they are capable of and that discovery contributes to their growth and personal development.

Ask About Language Learning 

Some of the schools also offer language learning courses. That’s a huge plus. With a curriculum that helps kids become bilingual or even trilingual, they give your kids a definite advantage in the future. Knowing more than one language opens up a lot of career prospects for the kids. This doesn’t take into account the many practical benefits of knowing Japanese or French or Tamil, for instance.

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If they plan to work in major industries around the globe, their knowledge of these languages will facilitate easier communication. If they wish to pursue college, they have the freedom to look beyond universities that offer English-taught programs. That gifts them with a lot of freedom later in life. If that’s the future you want for your kids, if you want them to have better choices when they grow up, then this is the kind of education you want for them.

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Check if you and the school have the same values and philosophy? What kind of people do you want your kids to become? The school you choose will impact the emotional, mental, social, and physical development of your child. Make sure the school will teach your kids the same values and philosophies that you hold dear.


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