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How To Solve “Java SE Platform binary stopped working” Problem in Selenium?

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Last few days, when I was trying to learn how to work with ANT with selenium. I found this problem.

Whenever I tried to launch ANT from cmd prompt. I am getting a popup saying   “Java SE Platform binary stopped working “.

It was coming again again. I tried almost everything  ..

  • Uninstall and re Installing JDK latest version.
  • Uninstall and re Installing ANT latest version.
  • Deleting environment variables and after restart put them back.
  •  Opening command prompt to check the version of ANT and Java

Lastly being frustrated  I started googling with this problem. There exist a thread of a forum which said graphics driver can be a culprit here.

Oho..I remember few days back I got BSE bios error and Admin loaded 3 years old driver for my work. Since then I never updated my graphics driver!!!!.

  • I downloaded the latest graphics driver
  • Install them and restarted my machine to take effect.

It worked!!!!.

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