How To Start With Web Testing With Selenium

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Web Testing is growing popular day by day.Being an open source,Selenium is becoming hot cake. It helps automation test engineer no doubt. It also helps the developer. developers can also create Unit Test cases and execute.

Selenium can work on any browsers. The only condition is that the browser needs to support Javascript.

Selenium is created using javascript hence to work with Selenium the underlying browser has to support javascript.

To start with Selenium the first step is to download Mozilla Firefox.
Click here to download Mozilla Web browser Firefox.

Download the Mozilla Firefox Installation File

 Click on Save File and Double click on the .Exe.

Once you have downloaded Firefox and installed Firefox, go to Tools–>Add ons

Search for Firepath

you will get the firepath, Please install the same.This is to xpath.

Install Firepath in Mozilla

Again search for Firebug and Install the same.
By this Firebug you can check the CSS,HTML,edit and debug

Search Firebug and install Firebug in Mozilla

Now we are good to start with Selenium Web Testing.
If you are using IE then please use IE Developer Tools to find out the locator information…
This is built into IE7, IE8 and IE9 that you can launch by pressing F12. 

If you are using Chrome, then install chrome developer tool to get locator information to work with Chrome.

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